Hello Fresh Dinner to Lunch Meal Review

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The Hello Fresh Dinner to Lunch Meals concept is one of the most practical meal kit ideas we have come across.

Once again, Hello Fresh is not only providing you with a hassle-free and easy meal plan, they have taken it one step further to offer those cooking for one with a new 2-in-1 option. Let’s explore a little more.

Let’s be honest; having to cook a meal for one can get tedious and tiring. More often than not we resort to takeaways or endless snacking because cooking for one isn’t fun.

Hello Fresh have come up with an innovative new idea that is perfect for you if you’re cooking for one. In a nutshell, you cook once, but you get two meals. And the second meal comes with a few added extras, so it’s almost like a whole new meal.

The Hello Fresh Dinner to Lunch Meals

Imagine being able to cook your dinner and then having enough leftovers every time for lunch the next day. Keep in mind though that lunch the next day gets a bit of an upgrade; it’s the same but a little different.

Hello Fresh has brought a brand new innovative idea to the table. The meal for one cooks two meals; the first one is dinner, and the leftovers get a little something extra for the next day to make lunch.

All this is achieved by adding a few extras to change things up a bit, giving you a meal for dinner and a feast for lunch the next day. Cooking for one is time-consuming, and all too often we don’t do it. While all this cooking is not only time-consuming, it can start to eat away at the bank balance too.

This smart offer allows you to order meals for one, but it’s faster and more cost-effective at the same time. All the ingredients are seasonally sourced and true to Hello Fresh’s meal kits, healthy and fresh too. The meal plans are simple and tasty, and for your convenience, the extras for the next day is in the meal kit.

The meal kit comes with all the ingredients in separate measured out packs, giving you the flexibility to take anything that doesn’t appeal to your taste buds out. If that doesn’t work, why not try adding one of your favorite ingredients from your fridge. Not only are you not wasting, but you will be the envy of all your colleagues. Imagine being able to arrive at work each day with a healthy cooked meal. And all packaging materials Hello Fresh make use of are 100% recyclable.

Hello Fresh Recycling

Benefits of Ordering Hello Fresh Dinner to Lunch Meals

With a variety of delicious and tasty options to choose from, you will be looking forward to your evenings preparing your meals from the Hello Fresh Dinner to Lunch Meals kits. Hello Fresh have designed all their meals to make your experience a memorable and fun one. You will be amazed by the different ingredients you get to experiment and cook with; you will get to broaden your cooking horizons in no time and be the envy of your family and friends.

You can’t put a price tag on this time-saving, convenient, and healthy meal kit. With Hello Fresh all the ingredients get delivered to your home. They have thought of everything, which means there is no need for you to plan, shop or stress about what to cook. That means no having to rush to the store after a long day at the office either.

Hello Fresh Dinner to Lunch Meals Experience


A tangy chicken, coupled with carrots glazed in a sweet and juice fig sauce and served on a bed of creamy mash will leave your taste buds inspired. Re-heating these leftovers the next day for lunch would be more than enough; but Hello Fresh got creative and decided to throw in a warm tortilla with some grated slaw and a hint of something spicy to keep you on your toes.

It is something you can throw together in a matter of minutes, and for a few minutes of preparation you are guaranteed an experience of flavors that you won’t easily forget.


A full and wholesome rice bowl, filled with tender Italian chicken sausage will bring a burst of intense flavor to your mouth. This easy to prepare and hearty meal will not disappoint. The flavors of the onions and the green peppers, coupled with the dash of hot sauce will transport you to another place.

When you wake up the next morning, you get the enormous joy of being able to tell yourself that you get to relive the experience all over again. Lunchtime allows you to heat your rice bowl ingredients and fill up a warm tortilla, so it’s like a whole new meal. Whether you decide to top your tortilla with sour cream or some of Hello Fresh’s hot sauce, this meal will be one that you tell your friends about.

Bottom Line

We cannot fault the convenience of this 2-in-1 approach. It can’t get simpler. Hello Fresh has raised the bar by modifying night-time dinners a little to include a delicious and hassle-free creation of a lunch meal. This fresh and wholesome approach to eating for one is something you need to try to believe.

The creativity of the different menu options and the ease of putting these pre-packed ingredients together seems almost too easy. It takes away the need in having to get up early in the morning to make a healthy lunch for yourself for the day ahead. When it comes down to the final say, who will say no to getting a little extra sleep in the mornings instead of having to wake up to prepare a healthy lunch for the day?

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