Sun Basket Pescatarian Menu Review

sun basket pesctarian

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sun basket pesctarian

If you follow a pescatarian diet or are considering it, a meal kit service can do so much to improve the quality and diversity of your meals.

Sun Basket offers healthy meal options for people looking for the convenience of meal kit delivery services. The Sun Basket menu caters to a range of dietary preferences, including Paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free, pescatarian, diabetes-friendly, and Mediterranean diets

The Sun Basket meal delivery service brings organic meal ingredients right to your door for easy cooking and incredible convenience.

Our Ordering Experience

Ordering the Sun Basket pescatarian meal plan was easy to do. Once we selected the Pescatarian Meal Plan from the options list, we were directed to the sign-up page to enter necessary personal information and payment methods to checkout.

After we registered, we customized our order from the vast menu selection, which included a few vegetarian meals and a few fish and seafood meals, rich with omega-3 fatty acids.

Our meal box arrived a few days later, perfectly packaged in a box. All the ingredients were cold-packed, and cooking or heating instructions were included in the recipe cards.

We noticed the high-quality of the ingredients and the attention to detail in the packaging. It showed the warmth and commitment to its mission that this company has. 

Our Experience with the Sun Basket Pescatarian Menu 

Sun Basket offers so many delicious-sounding meals on the pescatarian menu. We ordered three meals to find out for ourselves just how good they are. These included two seafood meals and one vegetarian meal.

Here is our experience preparing and tasting each of the meals:

The first meal we tried was the braised cod with tomatoes, chard, and artichokes. This bright and tasty dish was a quick preparation of under 20 minutes. Each serving is 390 calories, making it a perfect choice for lunch or a light dinner.

Besides being an excellent pescatarian choice, the meal is also Paleo, Mediterranean, gluten-free, and dairy-free. The preparation involved cooking the vegetables in tomato sauce, followed by cooking the fish. The meal was easy to whip up quickly, and the taste was impressive.

Next, we prepared the surfer-style fish tacos dish. This included lime yogurt and cabbage slaw. It took us about 25 minutes to get the dish ready, and by then, we were used to the style of the recipe card instructions. They are easy enough to follow, so you don’t have to be a master chef to use Sun Basket.

Each serving of this dish is 640 calories. To prepare the meal, we had to mix up all the veggies to make the cabbage slaw. Next, we made the lime yogurt, got the tortillas ready, cooked the sole, and prepared the rest of the garnishing.

The Shakshuka meal was the vegetarian option we tried. This dish is made with eggs in tomato sauce. The other main ingredients include sauteéd peppers, feta, and pita. Each serving is 590 calories. The preparation time for this dish was roughly 40 minutes, as estimated.

The recipe card was easy enough to follow – We sautéed the onion and each red pepper, made the sauce, then poached the egg. There were some delicious whole-wheat pitas included in the ingredients. The meal was delicious, and we enjoyed the excellent spice mix in this one-dish North-African meal. 

sun basket fish dish

Other Recommended Sun Basket Pescatarian Recipes 

As a home chef, you might want to get help with picking and cooking delicious pescatarian meals.

Sun Basket offers many great options on the menu. Here are just some of them:

  • Albacore tuna poached with lemon and rosemary over white bean salad
  • Braised cod with tomatoes, chard, and artichokes
  • Hakka noodles with stir-fried vegetables and soft-cooked eggs
  • Creamy mushroom penne with baby kale and almonds
  • Tofu burger pita pockets with Greek salad, tzatziki, and potato hash
  • Shakshuka made with eggs in tomato sauce with sauteéd peppers, feta, and pita.
  • Tex-Mex black bean and veggies quinoa bowl with guacamole

Benefits of Using Sun Basket Pescatarian Meal Kits

There are so many benefits of Sun Basket meals for the pescatarian:

  • Sun Basket uses high-quality clean, and organic ingredients.
  • Delicious chef-designed recipes, including unique spice blends and Sun Basket house sauces.
  • Meal ingredients are delivered pre-portioned to your door. Portion-Control allows you to eat healthily, monitor how much you eat, and waste less food.
  • You save time because you don’t have to do grocery shopping.
  • Meals can be prepared quickly, with most taking about 15- 30 minutes.
  • Meals are easy to cook using the step-by-step recipe card.
  • There is a diverse pescatarian menu to choose from.
  • Meal plans are flexible, so you can choose the number of meals you want to receive.
  • Change It Up – Choose any recipe on the menu, pescatarian or otherwise, and you can change the protein and make them fit pescatarian needs.
  • Many add-on options – healthy vegetarian snacks, seafood proteins like wild-caught salmon, scallops, etc., fresh pasta, and more.
  • Sun Basket caters to many other dietary needs like a vegetarian diet, a carb-conscious diet, a gluten-free diet, and more.

Bottom Line – Do We Recommend It?

Overall, we had an exciting experience with the Sun Basket pescatarian menu and we highly recommend it!

The ingredients were of high quality, and the meals were easy to prepare. You can have a lot of fun learning to cook their tasty meal options, even as a novice. Whether you are a seasoned pescatarian or just starting, you can save a lot of time with this high-quality meal kit plan.

To save even more when you sign up, be sure to make use of our great beginner’s promotions.

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