Sun Basket Diabetes-Friendly Plan Review

Sun Basket Diabetes-Friendly Meals
Sun Basket Diabetes-Friendly Meals

There are more than 20 million Americans who have diabetes, including type 1 diabetes and type 2. This article about the Sun Basket diabetes-friendly plan review is for you if you are one of them.

Founded in 2014 in San Francisco and managed by CEO Adam Zbar, Sun Basket is widely regarded as the innovator leader in the industry of healthy organic meal kit delivery service. It has taken another significant step towards harmonious living and ensuring customers of all diets and preferences.

Sun Basket provides a wide range of meal kit delivery plans and strives to offer numerous meal options, including, among others, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, paleo, lean & clean, gluten-free, and more. The company uses fresh, organic, and well-measured recipes that are easy to cook and delivers weekly meals to your doorstep.

Sun Basket has partnered with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) to support people with diabetes by introducing a diabetes-friendly meal plan as a part of its healthy individual option platform.

This program is a low-carbon option with strict specifications for added sugar and sodium content. However, nutrition is always delicious, with a wide range of choices and options to choose from. 

The recipes emphasize nutrient-rich and high in fiber meals such as healthy vegetables, and fresh fruits have shown that dietary fiber can help people with diabetes better manage blood glucose levels without sacrificing flavor.

Sun Basket helps you save time with preparation and shopping. Therefore, you can concentrate on the enjoyable part of cooking and enjoying creative and exciting meals. Most Sun basket diabetic meals are all under 700 calories. 

Sun Basket Meal Experience

Sun Basket food gives you the feeling of a home-cooked dinner without the hassle of hard work, presenting a fresh and delicious healthy meal kit delivered experience to arrive straight to your door.

The company employs only natural, non-GMO ingredients and foods free of antitoxins and hormones. Thus, you can feel safe about what you put into your body.

The Sun Basket diabetes-friendly meals are planned to encourage a healthy lifestyle. In addition to its traditional, nutritious menu, Sun Basket delivers at least one meal per week and is approved by the American Heart Association.

Sun Basket promotes high-quality, natural ingredients and reports that 99% of the products shipped are organic. Your order arrives cold-packed at your doorstep.

The food kit comes in a compostable cardboard box filled with individually numbered paper bags for each meal. You can find the ingredients either in their plastic containers or loosely but securely packaged within each case. 

Sun Basket Diabetes-Friendly Meal Kits

Sun Basket Diabetes-Friendly Meal Kits

Sun Basket offers a comprehensive list of healthy meals to add to your selection. Here are just a few highly recommended and popular diabetes-friendly meals:

  • Lettuce-wrapped turkey sliders with basil mayo and black bean salad
  • Seared pork with blueberry-apricot sauce and sautéed greens
  • Braised chicken with mushrooms, artichokes, and almond-olive relish
  • Chicken breasts and parsley-pecan pesto with roasted beet and orange
  • Spicy harissa tofu and quinoa bowls with carrots and chickpeas

Sun Basket Diabetic Meals We Tried:

  • Sole in parchment with the warm date and apricot salad – This fresh diabetes-friendly recipe is filled with lean protein and good fats while also bursting with other nutrients and North African tastes. The mixture of spinach, almonds, dates, and apricots offers a lightly sweet, subtle crunch and beautiful color.
  • Chicken larb lettuce cups with carrots and fresh mint – Known as Laos’ national dish, larb is a minced meat salad often paired with raw vegetables and fresh mint. Larb, when translated, means “luck” or “fortune.” This low-carb meal was just tasty and super easy to cook!
  • Turkey meatballs and wilted greens in lemongrass broth – This recipe is healthy, incredibly flavorful, and should make you want to lick the pot. Sun Basket paired lean ground turkey and almonds with elegantly sweet light meatballs, a satisfying anchor for the Northern Thailand-inspired lemongrass broth.

Key Benefits of Using Sun Basket Diabetes-friendly Meal Plan

  • Reduce your food waste by getting pre-measured ingredients for your recipe.
  • Discover various cultures and cuisines, with different ingredients and spices, in the comfort of your own home.
  • Prepare tasty 15 to 30 minutes—recipes with choices for many balanced lifestyles.
  • Decrease time spent on grocery shopping and eliminate the guesswork in choosing the highest quality ingredients available.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by adopting a service with 100% compostable and recyclable material.
  • Easy & delicious creative recipes: Choose any recipe you like from the weekly options.
  • Enjoy the best seasonal ingredients at their peak flavor and discover new products and flavors that are difficult to find on your own.
  • Flexibility to change the meal’s proteins to what you like.
  • Portion-controlled and with less saturated fats, for healthy eating and less food waste.

Do We Recommend Sun Basket Diabetes-Friendly Meal Plan?

We would strongly recommend Sun Basket’s diabetes-friendly plan!

The company provides quality through every aspect of their services, from their food sourcing to their sustainability policies, to their dietary and allergen information, minimizing frustration and trouble with weekly meal planning.

And most importantly – the meals are simply delicious!

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