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Home chef express

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Time is one of the most essential things in life! With many of us working from home or managing a hectic life, taking trips to the grocery store or spending long hours in the kitchen can be a significant burden.

Thankfully, meal kit services have come around to help reduce the time you spend buying ingredients and cooking so that you can get right on to eat and move on with your day.

Home chef express

In this review, we’re going to talk about Home Chef Express Meals so that you have a better idea of how their Fresh and Easy meal plan can help you with your daily cooking.

What is Home Chef Express?

Home Chef is a meal subscription service supplying great chef-designed meal kits for a busy lifestyle. As the name “express” implies, Home Chef Express Meals are fully portioned and designed to be cooked in 15 minutes or less, using easy step-by-step instructions!

The express meals are part of the Fresh and Easy plan, which offers few more great time-saving meal options like oven-ready dinners that are ready-to-heat, entree salads, grill ready meals, and protein packs.

From our hands-on experience – the same as with all of Home Chef meal kits – the ingredients used for the express meals are high-quality only! The ingredients you are promised to get are fresh and in great shape. 

Our Home Chef Express Meals Review

Ordering meal kits from Home Chef was extremely easy. To get started, you need to select a meal plan option that fits both your schedule and your diet (in this case, we chose the Fresh and Easy meal plan).

After completing the registration process and making the first order, you’re allowed to choose your recipes, with an option to customize the meal kit by hanging the proteins, if you wish.

As for the delivery process, you can pick a specific delivery day, depending on your needs and location. We choose Fridays since we could prepare better for the following week. We received our first meal kit delivery box on the day we requested, and all the ingredients were super fresh and adequately cold.

Here are the Home Chef 15 min meals we tried:

  • Thai Pork Spring Roll in a Bowl-
    • This dish will take you on a trip all the way to the beaches of Thailand. The nutty aroma of delicious satay sauce was a pure delight for us! If you love peanuts, this dish is for you. Plus, it also has the benefit of being low-calorie, with only 558 calories per serving! It’s also very light on mess and cooking time.
      The recipe is designed to be prepared in a snap. All we had to do was just to chop the green onion and garlic and cook it with all the rest of the ingredients in one pan. It was hard to believe, but dinner was indeed ready, as promised, in 15 minutes – like all the rest of the express meals we got.
    • Hoisin Pulled Pork With Jasmine Rice: The beauty of this meal comes in the pulled pork since it brings a subtle but perfect touch of sweetness along with the hoisin sauce. We believe that the tamari soy sauce was also a nice element combined with the jasmine rice and the green snow peas. Another great Asian-style hit!
    • Apple Cider-Glazed Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Apples and Brussels Sprouts: If you love apples, this one takes the prize. In this recipe, the apple is combined with a fantastic maple seasoning and fresh Brussels. To top it all off, Home Chef chefs added a small touch of apple cider and Dijon mustard to get an outstanding result with a twist.

    Other Recommended Home Chef Express Meal Kits:

    • Argentinean Steak and Potato Tacos with Chimichurri and Queso Fresco
    • Chicken, Mushroom, and Ancient Grain Risotto
    • Pulled Pork Enchilada Skillet with Lime Crema
    • Creamy Truffle Steak Penne with Cheese and Garlic Croutons
    • Mojo Pork Tacos with Queso Fresco and Sour Cream

    Benefits of Home Chef Meal Kit Service

    • You’re getting delicious and easy-to-prepare ingredients delivered to your doorstep.
    • Every ingredient comes pre-portioned.
    • There’s a wide variety of menu options changing every week.
    • Best quality of ingredients, using many local farms for seasonal veggies.
    • Customization options – You can change the proteins in most offered meals.
    • You can better control your calorie intake.
    • Flexibility to skip weeks or cancel your subscription at any time.
    • Support a few dietary needs like calorie-conscious, low-carb, vegetarian meals, and more.

    Bottom Line – Do We Recommend The Home Chef Express meals?

    Overall, Home Chef Express Recipes are the perfect option for people looking to save up some time and looking for effortless and fast meals to cook at home. The fresh ingredients are properly packaged and sent to your home weekly, the recipes are easy to cook, and there’s a wide variety of exciting and delicious meals to choose from.

    We recommend Home Chef as your meal delivery service also since it provides excellent customer service and a broad range of customization options and flexibility.

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