Home Chef Lunch Review

Home Chef Lunch Review

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Preparing weekly meals for yourself or your family can be a challenging task for anyone. The job is more challenging when you’re trying to make your meal plan nutritious and delicious. Companies like Home Chef have made it simple to have a tasty meal ready whenever you want.

This review will examine one the most hyped up meal kit delivery services, Home Chef. Our staff at the Meal Kit Review couldn’t wait to see if Home Chef lived up to expectations.

The Home Chef Lunch Meals

Every week, Home Chef will send out an email with fifteen meal options. Customers have until Friday of that week to make their selections. They offer a variety of options, including Home Chef 5-min-lunch meals that require no-cooking.

This meal kit delivery service’s options are varied and are sure to provide a great meal choice for any food preference. Additionally, every week the menu changes so that customers never get bored or tired of their options.

The meal experience consists of four easy steps:

  • Join to specify delivery times, dates, and skip meals when you want to.
  • Select from the diverse menu options to design up to twenty-six weekly Home Chef no-cooking lunch meals
  • Receive your environmentally-friendly box filled with fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe guides.

Prepare and cook your delicious Home Chef lunch meal in an average of thirty minutes.

Home Chef Chicken

Benefits of Ordering Home Chef Lunch Meals

The most significant benefit of joining the Home Chef and their lunch meal plan is the delicious food. There are several extra benefits that customers discover after they’ve become members.

For example, Home Chef makes it simple for you or your family to make nutritious and tasty choices based on your favorite recipes. Each daily menu has several options. So, you’ll never have to worry about a lack of opportunities for picky eaters or people with dietary restrictions.

As with other meal kit delivery services, home chef lunch meals are going to save you loads of time. With a subscription to Home Chef lunch meals, you can say goodbye to needing to make frequent visits to the grocery store. When the delivery box arrives, customers always notice the preparation that has been put into each box.

Once the delivery arrives, you’ll need to mix all the ingredients before your delicious meal is complete. The meal preparation time for these awesome lunch meals ranges between ten and forty minutes.

Finally, This meal kit delivery service helps customers eat environmentally friendly food. Each Home Chef delivery box is produced with recyclable, biodegradable materials. Additionally, there are ice packs in each box to ensure that your ingredients stay crisp and fresh.

Home Chef Lunch Experience

Our reviewers at the Meal Kit Review ordered the Home Chef lunch meals and couldn’t wait for the delivery to arrive. As advertised, the delivery pulled up right on time with a beautifully packed box.

As we unpacked the box, our reviewers were astounded by Home Chef’s devotion to the environment and sustainability. Furthermore, every instruction and aspect of the recipe was simple to follow. After a few minutes for each Home Chef lunch meal, everything was unpacked and ready to be cooked.


At the Meal Kit Review, we were ecstatic to try this dish because several of our reviewers love tacos. The best part about this Home Chef no-cooking lunch meal option is that we barely had to do anything to prepare it!

The ingredients and meal were thrown together as quickly as advertised. We timed the preparation of this Home Chef 5-min-lunch meal, and it did only take five minutes to prepare. About the flavor of the tacos, they tasted outstanding. The steak and guacamole compliment each other magnificently. The cheese and crispy jalapenos made the flavor of this dish incredible. The most exciting aspect of this menu option is that it only contains 560 calories.  


We chose our next from Home Chef to be the Chipotle Chicken Grain Bowl. The online image of this Home Chef 5-min-lunch meal made it irresistible for us to try.

The Home Chef 5-min lunch meal was as advertised for ease of preparation. In five minutes, we were throwing together baby spinach, Roma tomatoes, brown rice, guacamole, chipotle ranch dressing, and roasted chicken breast to make this delicious menu item.

After about five minutes of prep and cooking, the dish was served. The chicken breast was tasty and full of flavor, and the vegetables were roasted to perfection. In summary, the meal was excellent and constituted a mere 571 calories, which fit into most of our reviewer’s diets.


Finally, the Meal Kit Review staff selected the mouthwatering and fresh appearing Chicken Potato Straw and Ranch Wrap meal. We were thrilled to try this Home Chef no-cooking lunch meal because it offers a compellingly different take on a trendy dish: the ranch wrap.

As with the other dishes, this one came together as quickly as lightning. The meal was prepared and served within ten minutes, which was a delight for our reviewers.

We were surprised by this fascinating and delectable combination, and we would recommend it to any customers. One last added benefit to this outstanding dish was that it only contained 614 calories, which fits all our reviewer’s dietary preferences.


Bottom Line

Meal kit delivery services like Home Chef make it effortless to prepare and serve home-cooked meals in almost no time. As an added benefit, this meal kit delivery service provides a wide variety of options for customers that have specific dietary preferences and requirements.


These lunch meals that we sampled were all savory, and are highly recommended. Here at the Meal Kit Review, we will be thinking about and waiting for our next box to arrive as soon as possible.

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