Paleo Diet Benefits

Benefits of a paleo Diet
Benefits of a paleo Diet

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The paleo diet is a relatively new eating plan, despite its origins in stone-age times. And while there’s a lot to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of adopting the eating habits of cave people, there are plenty of positive things to like about it. Here’s more about the paleo diet, its origins, what’s good and bad about it, and which meal kit services cater to this diet.

What is a Paleo Diet?

The name “paleo” comes from the term Paleolithic, meaning a prehistoric “caveman” period. Therefore, the paleo diet mimics what modern people think was the diet of stone-age people. It’s rich in naturally-sourced foods, such as those things that would have been available to cave dwellers.

In general, the paleo diet excludes grains, beans and legumes, dairy, and processed foods. Therefore, people following a paleo diet consume meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, nuts, and seeds. The menu is naturally low-carb as it bans grains like rice, bread, cereal, and more.

Along with banning dairy and grains, the paleo diet also bans processed and prepackaged foods. Essentially, if cave people couldn’t grow and prepare it, it’s not something that should be on your paleo plate.

Some modern foods, such as natural peanut butter, for example, may be acceptable in the paleo diet, too. People who consume a paleo diet will eat lots of protein, very few carbs, and see high fat intake. However, since they’re not eating any convenience foods or processed items, the fat is high-quality and healthy.

Paleo diets also leave out sugar, coffee, salt, processed oils, and many other “convenience” items as well. Of course, that leaves many prospective dieters to wonder what they can eat. Fortunately, it’s easy to stick with the diet’s guidelines by using a meal kit service.

Benefits of a Paleo Diet

Because the paleo diet is low-carb in general, the same benefits of other low carb diets apply. But the paleo diet also has unique benefits due to the specific foods it encourages and bans. Here are a handful of benefits to the paleo diet:

  • Eat cleaner
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Higher iron intake (with red meat)
  • High protein
  • Low carb
  • Free of processed foods

Consuming a high-protein and low-carb diet can also help you eliminate sugar and junk food cravings. This translates into even better weight loss and optimal overall health.

Cons of a Paleo Diet

In general, a paleo diet is an acceptable and even healthy option. However, there are some cons to the diet, including:

  • Excludes some healthy foods (dairy, legumes, grains)
  • Extremely low carbohydrate intake

Although a well-balanced paleo diet is healthy, an imbalanced diet can result in carbohydrate deficiency. And while ketosis, the state in which your body begins burning fat for lack of carbs, is a natural state and can be healthy, excessive carb cutting can make you feel foggy, irritable, and have other negative side effects.

Also, the paleo diet eliminates some food groups—dairy, legumes, and grains—that often make up the bulk of the average American’s diet. This can make it tough to stick with the eating plan.

How Can a Meal Kit Service Help You Get on Track with a Paleo Diet?

Because a paleo diet can be very limiting, it’s helpful to have a guideline for what is acceptable to eat. This is where meal kit services come in. With a meal kit that follows the paleo diet standards, you can successfully prepare healthy meals that stick with your diet’s guidelines.

And because each meal kit delivers fresh and refrigerated items, you don’t have to worry about running out for fresh produce or meat. Instead, the kit delivers those items, along with everything else you need to cook them, straight to your front door.

Delivery service eliminates the need for visiting multiple stores for healthy beef, chicken, fish, and other items. Many meal kit services also ensure their ingredients are organic, which isn’t mandated by the paleo diet, but which is always a welcome addition to any eating plan.

Best Meal Kit Services for a Paleo Diet

Because it can be challenging to stick with the paleo diet due to all its restrictions, our experts have tried all the best options for meal kit services. And there are many great recommendations on our best meal kit services for a paleo diet list.

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