We Tried EveryPlate Meal Kits

everyplate review

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Our team at the Meal Kit Comparison are big fans of meal kits and have been using these types of services for years. There are many reasons why they have become such an important part of our lives. They are convenient, and they introduce you to new flavors and culinary styles. They stop you from getting into a rut when it comes to eating the same thing repeatedly, and they are highly convenient. Another reason we simply adore them is that they are very cost-effective. This often comes as a surprise to many people. There is a big misconception out there that using meal kit services is a luxury that many can’t afford. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

When you compare the cost of buying individual ingredients for your weekly meals with the price per head of meal kits, quite often it is the meal kits that are more affordable. With meal kits too, you are only receiving the food you need as all meals are portion controlled. This means less food waste at the end of the week.

We are big fans of EveryPlate and think that they provide a service that is ideal, especially for the budget conscious consumer. Their meals average around $4.99 per serving, which would be hard to achieve if you were grocery shopping and cooking for yourself! EveryPlate creates delicious, home-cooked meals at incredibly affordable prices.

To keep their prices low, they use fewer ingredients in their meals, less packaging, and less fancy marketing. That means they keep their costs low and are good for the planet. Fewer ingredients do not mean sacrificing taste; our experiences have shown us that the EveryPlate meals taste great and are also very satisfying.

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The benefits of EveryPlate (or why we love them):


  • An incredibly affordable meal kit service. Meals are only $4.99 per serving, which represents wonderful value for money, especially if you are living on a tight budget.
  • We have a great beginners’ promotion, which will result in even more savings!
  • Part of the EveryPlate ethos is using fewer ingredients, which means that there are fewer cooking processes involved, and the meals are easier to cook!
  • EveryPlate uses less packaging, which means that your delivery is better for the planet with less waste to deal with.
  • Flexible subscription. EveryPlate allows you to skip weeks, pause your account or cancel at any time, without penalty.


We selected several meals from the EveryPlate two-person plan and really enjoyed our experience. These meals not only tasted great but were generously portioned and very satisfying.

everyplate meal

Our first meal was the Sausage and Pepper Baked Orzotto with a Cheesy Panko Crust. We loved how comforting and fulfilling this meal was, just perfect for a cozy night in when it is cold outside! There is something so appealing about baked pasta with a cheesy crust! The Italian sausage meat was juicy, and overall, the dish tasted wonderful. It was also very easy to prepare, involving a little preparation and then some time baking in the oven. We loved serving it straight out of the oven when the dish was hot, and the smell was just wonderful.

Next, we went Southwest with a very tasty Southwestern Beef Bowl with Chipotle Cream, Pico de Gallo and Lime Rice. This dish was very generously portioned, especially considering the prices that EveryPlate offers, and we found it to be hearty and delicious. The rice was super good with the surprising addition of lime zest. The meat blend was also sensational! This included a poblano pepper, red onion, ground beef, and chipotle powder seasoning. The dish was finished off beautifully with a classic pico de gallo and a lovely spicy, sour cream. We ate the dish as is and it was lovely, but we also thought it would be great with the addition of some grated cheese or a fried egg on top!

Our final meal was a real treat and another one that had us reminding ourselves how little the EveryPlate prices are. This Steak Frites with Green Beans and Roasted Garlic Butter was one of the EveryPlate premium meal options, and it was delicious. We felt that the steak was very high quality and was moist and tender. The roasted garlic butter that was served with it was a perfect accompaniment. The side dishes of green beans and shallots and roasted potatoes were also very tasty, and we felt the produce used was of very good quality. This dish was easy to prepare. We simply followed the included recipe page and cut, seasoned and roasted the potatoes. Then we cooked the steak and beans on a hot pan, made the garlic butter and served!  There was an included chef’s tip to take the steak out of the fridge 30 minutes before cooking, which was very handy.

This gives the steak time to come to room temperature, which then allows it to be cooked perfectly. It was a great little inclusion from EveryPlate. A lovely meal from the EveryPlate team.

everyplate review

Our conclusion:

We enjoyed our EveryPlate experience and think they represent amazing value for money. They may use fewer ingredients, but they never skimp on flavor or portion sizes. We also felt that the quality of their ingredients, especially when you consider the price is excellent, and you know you are eating well. We also appreciated that they use minimal packaging, which means that their deliveries are as eco-friendly as possible.

In conclusion, we recommend giving EveryPlate a try. They provide delicious meals that are cost-effective and are incredibly fulfilling. They are a fantastic alternative for those who are budget conscious but who would still like to eat well and take advantage of the convenience offered by a meal kit service.

As part of the services we offer at the Meal Kit Comparison, we have managed to secure a great discount from the EveryPlate team. We are thrilled to be able to offer a very attractive beginners’ promotion for our readers.