Home Chef Pescatarian Meals Review

Home chef pescaterian meal

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A pescatarian diet requires you to carefully plan and prepare your meals to get all the health benefits of a fish and plant-based diet. Many meal delivery services offer pescatarian meals, including Green Chef, Sun Basket, and Home Chef, which we will review today.

Using a meal delivery service like Home Chef for a pescatarian diet has many advantages. We decided to try out the service to find out just what is on offer.

In this Home Chef pescatarian meals review, we will give you a breakdown of what you can expect, our experiences, and top meal recommendations. 

Home chef pescaterian meal

What Does Home Chef Offer For Pescatarian Diet? 

Home Chef is a relatively affordable meal kit subscription service that provides its customers with high-quality fresh ingredients and delicious classic recipes for home cooking. The meals offer a nice twist almost every time.

The Home Chef menu includes 18-20 meal options every week, including at least six vegetarian and seafood meals every week. Some of the options are also carb-conscious and low-calorie meals.

Another great thing offered at the Home Chef menu is the “Customize It” feature. Here you get to take the driving wheel and upgrade or swap the protein portions for your meals according to your needs. That means you can take some of the meat meals and make them fit for a pescatarian diet – For example, change a Steak to a Salmon fillet.

Home Chef makes sure to design their meals to be very easy to cook. The cooking time can be anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, or more, depending on the complexity.

There is no specific Home Chef pescatarian meal plan option. However, Suppose you want to try Home Chef pescatarian recipes. In that case, you can just register for the regular plan and still benefit from the vegetarian meals and the fish and seafood options. You also have the option to create a taste profile with only vegetarian and seafood and make them surprise you with meal delivery that fits the profile.

Our Experience with Home Chef Pescatarian menu

It was easy to order with Home Chef. After selecting the “Get Started” option, we were directed to a questionnaire to input our priorities when looking for a meal kit service, then our dietary preferences, register, pay, and pick our meals.

Once the ordering process was completed, our meal box was delivered to the home address we provided on our selected date. The insulated box packaging and gel packs ensured we received refrigerated ingredients.

The quality of the ingredients we got was superb! super fresh veggies like young and crispy green beans, beautiful potatoes and

 We chose three meals. Two of these were seafood-based, and one simple vegetarian option:

Hawaiian Sweet and Sour Shrimps  – There are so many reasons why we just loved this meal! First, and most important – it’s yummy! The combination of sweet pineapple, vinegar rice, and spicy red chili pepper flakes was perfect—a balanced blend of sweet-sour-spicy.

Second, preparing this recipe was as easy as it gets. The Hawaiian-style shrimp dish is an oven-ready meal, so the pre-portioned ingredients come in an oven-safe tray. All we had to do is mix the ingredients and put them in the oven for about 20 minutes.

Lastly, it is a very healthy and low-calorie meal, with only 441 calories per serving. To sum it up – a WINNER!

home chef Salmon dish

Home Chef Pescaterian Meals We Tried

Crispy fried Mahi-Mahi and Preserved Lemon Tartar Sauce – This meal was recommended for us based on the questionnaire’s answers. The dinner included a very nice portion of fish, green beans, and mashed potatoes served with it—100% comfort food.

What made this meal stand out is the excellent tartar sauce. There was a little more than meets the eye in that tartar sauce, with fresh chives and mayonnaise brought together with preserved lemon. 

It took about 50 minutes to prepare and was rated on the difficulty level. It took some effort to prepare this delicious meal, but the step-by-step recipe instructions were clear, and the result was worth it. 

Crispy teriyaki tofu tacos with pineapple salsa with jalapeño – We chose this meal because we wanted to taste an intermediate level meal without meat. It took us a little less than 30 minutes to prepare this simple meal.

With this recipe, Home Chef brought tacos to the land of the rising sun and made East meet the Southwest. We loved the unique flavor combination, and especially the great Asian garlic and ginger Seasoning spice and the fiery pineapple slaw that brought heat and sweetness to perfect balance.

Recommended Home Chef Pescatarian Recipes 

There is a wide selection of pescatarian meals from Home Chef. Besides the meals we ordered and prepared, here are a few more options:

  • Blackened scallop pasta with red pepper cream
  • Salmon and raspberry ginger sauce with broccoli and zucchini stir-fry.
  • Creamy mushroom and kale white cheddar biscuit pie with peas and onions.
  • Thai fish cakes with miso slaw and sweet chili sauce.
  • Butternut squash chowder with cheesy bread
  • Mediterranean shrimp with couscous and feta cheese 

Benefits of Home Chef Pescatarian Meal Kits 

There are many benefits of the Home Chef meals for pescatarians. Here are the main ones:

  • Tasteful meals for you to prepare quickly and easily.
  • Great affordability.
  • A wide variety of meals for various preferences – vegetarian, pescatarian, low-carb, low-calorie, gluten-free friendly.
  • Quality ingredients, including wild-caught fish and farm-fresh vegetables.
  • Portion control if you want to watch your weight and reduce food waste.
  • Flexibility to change protein type.
  • Flexibility to choose your delivery day, skip weeks when you need to, or cancel at any time.

Bottom Line – Do We Recommend It?

Do we recommend Home Chef for Pescatarians? Yes, we certainly do!

Our experience using the service was smooth, and the recipes were perfectly crafted to help maintain the pescatarian diet lifestyle.

Home Chef is an excellent meal kit service with delicious and easy to cook recipes. We particularly loved this service’s flexibility, with the option to change up many meals to fit a pescatarian diet using the “Customize It” feature. 

If you Haven’t experienced the Home Chef pescatarian menu – we offer a great coupon for beginners, so give it a try!

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