Best Meal Delivery Services in Nashville: Eat Better At Home With Meal Prep Nashville Options

Best Meal Delivery Services in Nashville:

Nashville, TN, is home to many food offerings that can be difficult to resist, especially with a busy schedule. It’s easy to order all your meals from your go-to restaurant each week without a second thought. But, when you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s essential to consider what food is going into your body, from the ingredients you’re eating to the quality of each ingredient.

Instead of ordering food delivery services to take outs – that can also be heavy on the pocket –  consider ordering from a meal delivery service options like Sunbasket or Hello Fresh. Below, you’ll find information on Nashville’s best meal delivery services and what each brings to the table.

What Is A Meal Delivery Service, and How Is It Different From Food Delivery Services?

A meal delivery service provides healthy meals right to your door. There are a few different versions; some include prepared meals that need to be briefly heated. Other options offer preportioned vegetables, protein, and carbs (like brown rice, pasta, etc.), allowing you to skip the grocery shopping yet prepare delicious chef-designed meals at home. Each version will enable you to stick to a meal plan with great food. Plus, you can order different menu items the following week, so it’s easy to stick to health-centric eating.

Dieticians and chefs curate these healthy meals for the ideal nutrients packed into restaurant-quality meals. So even though you’re consuming healthy food, you’re not sacrificing any flavor, so you’ll still have tasty dinners to enjoy at home.

When ordering from food delivery services like Stubhub, Caviar, UberEats, etc., you’re receiving delicious meals through the meals are in many cases less healthy, and the ingredients can lack nutrition. 

Additionally, a large amount of salt and oil is generally used to create restaurant meals. It can be detrimental to eat high levels of these ingredients often. So, while you may consider these meals convenient for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they typically do not allow you to eat healthy meals.

Moreover, ordering restaurant food delivery regularly can sum up to some very high costs!

Have No Time? Here Are the Best Delivery Services in Nashville:

Below are the top meal delivery Nashville companies to try and what each offers.

1. Sunbasket

Healthy Organic Eating Made Easy

Sunbasket is an excellent choice for those who want organic ingredients and dietitian-approved tasteful meals.

This San Francisco-based company also uses sustainable ingredients and fresh produce to deliver nutrient-rich meals and snacks. In addition, Sunbasket offers the option between meal kits and prepared meals ready in only a few minutes.

There are also offerings for those who have dietary needs. For example, you can find gluten-free, low carb, pescatarian, paleo, vegetarian, diabetes-friendly, and even Mediterranean diet-friendly meal options.

Choose Sunbasket When You Want:

  • Organic, nutrient-rich meals
  • Sustainably sourced fresh ingredients from local farms
  • Ability to source all the meals and snacks for a day from one delivery service
  • Pre-made meals and meal kit options
  • Options for quick, 15-minute meals when purchasing meal kits
  • Ability to follow a specific diet like low-carb, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, or other.

A few Meals That Can Be Found On The Sunbasket Menu:

  • Chicken yakitori with broccoli and steamed rice
  • No-bun turkey burgers with black-eyed pea salad
  • Salmon with horseradish-mustard crust and squash salad
  • Creamy spinach and mushroom penne with almonds
sunbasket box

2. Blue Apron

Elevated Dinners at Home

Blue Apron is maybe the most known meal kit brand in the US and is a top choice for those seeking elevated dinners at home. A chef designs each menu item for the ultimate healthy and balanced meal experience.

Blue Apron also offers high-quality ingredients that are responsibly sourced. This delivery service provides four meal options: signature (an array of meat and veggie menu items), vegetarian, wellness (nutritionist-backed meals), and signature for families.

Choose Blue Apron When You Want:

  • Chef-designed meal kits and meals delivered
  • Options for singles, couples, and families of four
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Ability to choose recipe prep time before ordering
  • Microwave ready meal prep delivery options
  • Choice of purchasing kitchen staples and wines on top of the weekly  meal kits

A few Examples of Menu Items From Blue Apron:

  • Cheesy truffle & pancetta gnocchi bake with spinach & arugula salad
  • Hoisin duck & orange lo mein with bok choy, bell pepper & peanuts
  • Sheet pan turkey & apple meatloaf with spicy maple mustard & sweet potato
  • Spicy Cavatappi & beef bolognese with parmesan & ricotta cheese
blue apron box review

3. Home Chef

Meal Delivery For Those With a Busy Schedule

Home Chef is ideal for those with a busy schedule who want to create easy-to-cook meals that aren’t time-consuming but yet delicious and tempting. And with a high collection of meals each week, you can be sure to find something you like.

This meal-delivery company provides Nashville residents with top fresh ingredients and an array of options for meal prep. Choose between 30 min meal kits, fast 15-minute meals, oven-ready and microwave-ready options, grill-friendly meals, special occasion fancy offerings, and more.

Choose Home Chef If You Want:

  • A vast restaurant-quality meals to choose from every week
  • Options for quick and easy meals
  • Menu items that can be cooked via different methods (grill, oven, stove, microwave)
  • The option to double-up or substitute protein, including meat-less choices
  • Carb conscious and calorie-conscious meals availability
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert options that change each week

A Few Meals That Can Be Found  The Home Chef Menu:

  • Ahi tuna and lemon garlic butter with green beans and roasted rosemary red potatoes
  • Skinnytaste Peruvian-inspired steak with lomo-saltado sauce
  • Chicken breast and garlic demi sauce with cheesy bacon mashed potatoes, and roasted vegetables
  • One-pan Italian sausage pepperoni pizza sloppy joes with parmesan peppercorn slaw
home chef fresh and easy

4. Dinnerly

An Affordable Meal Service For Cooking At Home

Dinnerly is an excellent choice for budget-conscious individuals that enjoy an abundance of meal options each week. With Dinnerly, you will get a weekly delivery with all the ingredients needed to cook dinners at home. These meals are family-friendly, delicious, and easy to cook.

This meal service makes it easy to choose menu items that align with your dietary needs by clearly labeling vegetarian, dairy-free, and healthier options.

Choose Dinnerly If You Want:

  • Tasty meals that are budget-friendly with high-quality ingredients
  • A large number of simple meal options
  • Options to add additional protein to meals
  • One-pot meals, under 30-minute options, and kid-friendly choices
  • Vegetarian, no-gluten added, dairy-free, healthy, low-calorie, low-carb meal options


A Few Examples of Menu Items That Can Be Found When Subscribing to Dinnerly:

  • Low-carb honey-dijon glazed steak with brown butter, green beans & carrots
  • Creamy pesto chicken pasta with spinach
  • Crispy gnocchi with tomatoes, mozzarella & pesto
  • Low-cal sesame-ginger beef noodle stir-fry with snow peas
dinnerly products

5. Hello Fresh

#1 Most Popular Meal delivery service In The USA

Hello Fresh offers tasty, seasonal meal kits and foods easy to cook at home. Each meal kit provides fresh ingredients that are quick to assemble, with most ready in 30-minutes or less, making it an ideal option for those with busier schedules and families.

With Hello Fresh, new menu items are available to choose from each week, with up to 25 choices available. From vegetarian-friendly, carb smart, and calorie-smart options to culinary trips around the world – every person’s need can be answered.

Choose Hello Fresh If You Want:

  • Favorite meals that you can cook with your family
  • Easy dinners for busy individuals
  • A vast collection of 25 recipes to choose from each week
  • Vegetarian, pescatarian, low carb, and low-calorie options
  • Meal choices that include dinners for special occasions and healthier versions of takeout favorites

A few Examples Of Menu Items That Can Be Found When Subscribing to Hello Fresh:

  • Beef & cheese tostadas with green bell pepper, tomato salsa & hot sauce crema
  • Sesame-crusted chicken salad with mandarin orange & a peanut dressing
  • Zucchini, mozzarella & sun-dried tomato panini with herb sauce & Italian-seasoned sweet potato wedges
  • Lobster-filled ravioli & shrimp in a tomato cream sauce
Pancetta White Pizzas with Baby Broccoli hello fresh