Blue Apron vs Sun Basket: Steak Dishes


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With so many meal kit options available, it’s tougher than ever to decide! Fortunately, we offer comprehensive guides on every meal kit out there. We’ve even sampled many of the menu items, so consumers can benefit from an informed opinion when designing their personalized menus.

Here, we’ll take a look at two steak dishes, from Blue Apron vs Sun Basket. Blue Apron was one of the earliest meal kit providers, so they know their way around indulgent dishes. Sun Basket concentrates on organic produce and responsibly sourced meats for all their ingredients, and they can accommodate nearly any particular diet.

Here’s a breakdown on each of the companies and what they offer, plus our rankings for Blue Apron and Sun Basket’s top steak dishes—including which plate wins our vote.

Blue Apron Meal Kits

Blue Apron has been around a long time, but that doesn’t mean they’ve become complacent about their spot in the meal kit service industry. They continue to offer high-quality ingredients that create distinguished menus—each dish combines unique flavors, and often, there’s an unusual twist that puts the company’s signature touch on the plate.

Blue Apron

Sun Basket Meal Kits

Sun Basket produces specialized recipes for all types of diets: from gluten-free to vegetarian and paleo to keto; there’s something for everyone each week. They also use all-organic ingredients in their dishes, so every one of their ample menus features fresh and high-quality produce and meat, where applicable.

Inside Sun Basket Box

Blue Apron vs Sun Basket Steak Dishes

Both meal kit companies offer flavorful steak dishes, but the two recipes provided different ingredients and spices. Also, Sun Basket’s dish was a traditional American dish, while Blue Apron’s is a decidedly French take on steak.

Blue Apron’s Parisian Steak Frites

The steak dish from Blue Apron is a French-inspired item that includes a tender steak and a side of vegetables, broccoli and potatoes in this case. While the name of the dish may seem intimidating, we found that the meal was relatively easy to prepare—except for some slight cook time issues.

Adding to the flavor of this basic steak and potatoes meal were thyme butter (on the steak) and garlic mayo (served with the vegetables). These aromatic sauces helped tie the whole meal together, and the flavors were terrific, too.

Parisian Steak Frites- blue apron

Sun Basket’s Steak and Roasted Sweet Potato

Sun Basket’s steak is a bit more unique, thanks to the addition of sweet potatoes and kale, and the sauce sparked our taste buds. The sauce featured scallion-ginger relish and smoky paprika—an unexpected yet indulgent sauce that paired perfectly with the steak.

Thanks to the fresh and perky produce, this steak was anything but average, and we were impressed by how crisp the kale was upon arrival. And while standard potatoes are the traditional side for steak, we liked that this dish used sweet potato instead—the sweetness counteracted the spiciness of the steak sauce perfectly.

Steak and roasted sweet potatoes by Sun Basket

The Winner Is…

While both dishes offered ample servings for two people and had unique blends of flavor, we were most impressed with Sun Basket’s plate. Although both meal kits give specific instructions on preparing the meals, our potatoes weren’t entirely cooked through when we went by the times Blue Apron recommended.

In general, this is not a huge issue, but for people who are already on a time crunch or aren’t sure how to prepare specific items, it takes away from what should be a fun and easy culinary experience. For that reason, Sun Basket is our go-to pick for steak—we highly recommend subscribing to the dish next time it makes an appearance on the meal kit’s menu.

Sun Basket is our winner!

  • Great recipe variety - 18 weekly recipes
  • ingredients are exclusively organic and sourced sustainably
  • Caters to gluten free, paleo, vegan and many more special dietary needs
  • Preparation time of just 30 minutes for most meals
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