How We Rate The Meal Kit Comparison Products

We at The Meal Kit Comparison have joined together to test various meal kit companies to offer insight into which options may work best for your lifestyle.

We can provide accurate information about each meal kit by shipping different meal kits to teams around the country.

Our testing process helps us determine a rating on various categories – the taste, cost, ideal purchaser, and even how sustainable the packaging is. Since we test and compare the kits, you can skip the buying and testing process.

Whether you have specific dietary needs, a larger family to feed, or a family of picky eaters, you can easily find information to help guide you to the best fit in meal kits.

A little About Us

Our teams lie around the country, helping to provide different perspectives on meal kits. We’re all foodies who enjoy tasting and testing the meal kits without a bias, allowing us to provide straightforward and honest feedback on each comparison.

We intend to aid you in selecting the best meal kit(s) for your and your family’s needs. This allows you have more fun in the kitchen by creating new and exciting recipes (while skipping the grocery store lines!).

Our Hands-On Testing Process

We take meal kit testing seriously here at The Meal Kit Comparison. Each time we look at comparing popular meal kits and prepared meal delivery services, we send each type of meal kit to our awaiting teams. Then, we have each of the teams try a few different meals from the companies.

We check through categories like ease of unpacking, eco-friendliness of packaging, quality of instructions on the included recipe cards, what kind of home cook the recipes are ideal for (beginner, intermediate, advanced), the taste of the meal, etc. By testing the meals via the same method each time, we can produce an unbiased opinion that we can pass on to our readers. We don’t rely on other third-party reviews to help curate our informative articles.

Ordering As a Real Subscription

We order as if we’re home chefs looking to purchase a meal kit for ourselves and family members. Ordering in this method allows us to see if any snafus pop up during the ordering process and beyond. For example, perhaps the ordering process is confusing, or the delivery arrives damaged. We can then provide valuable insight into how the customer service responded to the issues.

Our teams perform a trial run on the subscription before canceling, allowing us to offer insight on making account changes like changing delivery addresses, cancelations, and more.

Testing The Meal Kits – From Unpacking The Goods To Cooking, Plating, And Tasting!

Our teams work through testing the meal kits from ordering to receiving the packages, cooking, plating, and tasting. Beginning with the ordering process allows us insight into how long it takes to sign up for each meal kit (and the ease of the sign-up process). In addition, we order meals that work for different dietary needs, such as keto, dairy-free, pescatarian, etc. Selecting different meals allows our teams to test for flavor across the board.

Then, we cook the meals like we would at home. We check to see the organization of the box (is it labeled by meal or all shipped together). Our teams even plate as we would at home before taste-testing the meals. Our detailed testing process allows our teams to offer reviews of the whole experience in each review.

Each comparison or review offers valuable information such as whether the customer service team was helpful, ease of ordering, portion sizes, what diets are accommodated by each meal kit, and any other tidbits we deem valuable.

Why Trust Us?

Besides knowing what good food is and being able to provide recommendations based on flavor, we also fact-check each of our comparisons before making them public. Fact-checking allows us to ensure that all our information is accurate, especially regarding allergens and specific diets.

Since we test the meal kits as if we’re personally ordering them, we can include information on snafus we encountered throughout the process, from ordering to cooking and plating.

We promise to provide fair reviews on each meal kit company to better guide you in selecting the ideal option based on your needs. We offer this insight through meal kit comparison articles, reviews, and classifying which meal kits are best for various categories (keto, vegan, large families, etc.).

We’re All About Honesty…So How Do We Make Money From This Website?

We intend to curate informative reviews that our unbiased and honest based on our teams’ personal experiences with each meal kit. Thus, we want to keep honesty and transparency in all aspects, including how we earn money.

We can earn a small commission by offering coupons or including sponsored content/affiliate links. However, these commissions do not add additional fees to your purchase, though they allow us to continue creating helpful content for free.

Additionally, we only partner with meal kit companies that meet our standards based on our teams’ testing experiences.

If you proceed with ordering a meal kit, know that we genuinely appreciate your support.

We Welcome Your Feedback! Contact Us

Your feedback is important to us. We hope to continually bring new information on meal kits to the table through honest, beneficial reviews. By providing us with feedback, we can stay better informed on products.

You can contact us with questions, tips, or comments

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