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Blue Apron Vs.  Gobble

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The meal kit industry is a great one to watch.  It is fantastic at keeping up with the times and constantly evolving due to consumer demands and expectations. Dietary trends are something that are always changing.

As a result, the different companies involved in the meal kit industry are always adapting to these trends and offering choices that cover many special requirements.  

Today, we are going to be looking at two companies that offer very comprehensive meal kit services.

These companies are Gobble and Blue Apron. There are a few differences between the two, so let’s get started with our meal kits comparison.

Gobble Vs Blue Apron- Plans offered

Blue Apron has three different plan options:

  • The Classic signature plan provides for two-person, with an option for two to four recipes per week.
  • The Classic signature family plan provides for four-person, with an option for two to four recipes per week.
  • Vegetarian plan for two-person, with an option for two to three recipes per week.

Gobble offers two different plans:

  • The Two-person plan is made up of three or four different dishes for two people.
  • The Four-person plan is made up of three or four different meals for four people.
Gobble Box
Blue Apron Box
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Gobble and Blue Apron Menu Selection

The Gobble menu is organized into four sections, according to the protein source – ‘From the Ranch’, ‘From the Sea’, ‘From the Earth’, and ‘From the Range’. All these combined to provide a selection of dishes for you to choose from weekly. 

The Gobble menu includes recipes to cater to kids, dairy-free needs, a low-calorie diet, and low-carb diets.

Some great meals we recommend for Gobble are – The Seared flat iron steak with carrots & harissa lentils, the California Cobb salad with Bacon, or the New England clam chowder.

On the other hand, Blue Apron has an excellent choice of eleven changing dishes on their weekly menu. With Blue Apron, you can choose from a diverse menu of flavors and dietary options that includes meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes, along with low-calorie and low-carb meals.

Some great meals we recommend for Blue Apron are –  The za’atar-roasted chicken thighs with warm farro salad or the chipotle steak & vegetable tacos with Orange & Cucumber Salad.

Sheet pan cilantro chicken with veggies- Blue Apron
Blue Apron Sheet pan cilantro chicken with veggies
Gobble Paneer cauliflower tikka masala
Gobble Paneer cauliflower tikka masala

Gobble Vs Blue Apron-  Style and Complexity of Recipes

To ensure that we can give accurate and comprehensive reviews and comparisons, our team makes sure to try a broad range of dishes from all meal kit companies. We are delighted to report that all the meals we have tried from both Blue Apron and Gobble are consistently delicious.

The focus of Blue Apron is that of providing meal kits that are creative and tasty and include an exciting twist in each recipe.

Gobble is more focused on the ease of preparation. The company makes the stand-out promise that all their meals take no more than 15 minutes to cook.  

You will find that most of their ingredients are fully prepared, with ingredients arriving in your delivery already portion-sized, peeled, chopped, and marinated. This means that the Gobble cooking experience is effortless, sometimes even to the point of feeling like it’s not really cooking.

Spinach Ricotta Enchilada by Gobble
Spinach Ricotta Enchilada by Gobble
Blue-Apron-Mediterranean-Diet meal kit
Blue-Apron-Mediterranean-Diet meal kit
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Blue Apron Vs Gobble- Quality of ingredients

Gobble and Blue Apron have been delivering meal kits for a long time and the two companies are very proud of the ingredients they use.   

With Blue Apron you are guaranteed to receive meats with no added hormones, vegetables that are farm fresh and, in some cases, organic. All their seafood is also sustainably sourced.

Gobble is a little different from most meal kit companies in that many of the ingredients are already partially cooked or prepared and then vacuum packed.  This is to ensure that your meals are quick to prepare and that the ingredients remain as fresh as possible. They use a trusted a similar network of quality suppliers as used by first-class restaurants.

Blue Apron Vs Gobble Delivery Box

Both companies deliver their meal kits in boxes that have been specifically designed for a meal kit delivery.   They also look after their proteins by packing these at the bottom of the box, surrounded by enough ice to keep them cool throughout the delivery process.  

When it comes to delivery there is a big difference between the two companies.  This difference can be found in how they organize and pack their ingredients. With a Gobble delivery, the ingredients are sorted per meal kit.  So, you will find ingredients that are labeled, prepared, packed, and individually sorted. With a Gobble delivery you don’t need to sort through the ingredients, it is simply a matter of storing them away until ready to use.

Blue Apron is a little different and will require you to sort through the ingredients. You will need to work out which ingredient is for each meal kit that you have ordered, as the ingredients are loosely packed in the box.  You will find that any spices and seasoning will be packed separately in a small bag.

blue apron box review
Gobble Review
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Blue Apron Vs Gobble app and website

Since their website is mobile optimized, Gobble does not have a separate app.  However, you will find that you will be able to completely manage your account via their user-friendly website.  

Blue Apron offers both a well organised and easy to use website and app.   As with Gobble you will be able to fully manage your Blue Apron account online.   

getting strarted with Gobble
Blue Apron site Screenshot-compressed

Blue Apron Vs Gobble- Terms of Use

You need to subscribe to the meal kit delivery service to use both Blue Apron and Gobble, as neither company is available as a one-off service. Though, the subscription of both companies is very flexible in that you can pause your account or specify weeks that you need to skip.    When it comes to account cancellation, you can do this online with Gobble, and with Blue Apron, you will need to contact customer support via email.  

Summary – Gobble Vs. Blue Apron – The Winner Is Blue Apron!

We put Blue Apron and Gobble head to head to determine which meal kit wins our hearts. In this case, it was simple to choose.

Even though we enjoyed the experience and think highly of both Gobble and Blue Apron, our preferred service is Blue Apron!

The variety of simply amazing recipes offered by Blue Apron kept us linger for more, and we were impressed by how tasteful and interesting their meals were.

We believe that Blue Apron is a perfect meal kit service for cooks who want to get creative and explore new flavors.

Blue Apron is our winner!
Blue Apron logo
  • Great menu selection
  • Delicious recipes with a different interesting twist
  • Reliable company with great customer service
  • Generous portion sizes

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