EveryPlate Meal Delivery Review 2023

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Every Plate features the most affordable meal delivery pricing in the industry, and you won’t be able to find a more economical option than this one.

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BEST 2024 OFFER: Try Everyplate at $1.49 per meal + get 20% off next 2 boxes!

These days, our time is more valuable than ever, and finding time to put a delicious, home-cooked meal on the table is more difficult than it’s ever been. Between the trips to the store, prepping, cooking, and cleaning, cooking dinner is practically a part-time job.

Thankfully, meal kit companies like Every Plate are making it easier than ever before to make delicious meals at home for you and your family. Best of all, Every Plate features the most affordable pricing in the industry, and you won’t be able to find a more economical option than this one. 

Today, we’ll take a closer look at what you can expect from Every Plate.

Getting Started with Everyplate

We headed to Every Plate’s site to get a better feel for the company and the services they provide. The site is easy to navigate, and within a few minutes, you’ll have everything you need to know about Every Plate, and the different menu options they have available.

Their plans are easy to understand, and there are only two choices. You can either select a plan for two, which provides three recipes a week with two servings per recipe, or a plan for four, which provides three recipes each week with four servings.

Their menu rotates each week, and you’re able to see the menu options for the next four weeks to get a better feel for the type of food that’s offered.

Getting started with Every Plate is as simple as choosing which plan you need, picking your meals, and paying the bill. So, even if you’ve never tried a meal service before or you’re not the most tech-savvy person among us, it’s incredibly easy to begin using Every Plate.

Every Plate Box

EveryPlate Meal Choices

Each week, Every Plate offers four different meal options to choose from which are included in the price of your plan. There’s also a fifth option which is a premium dish that carries a $3 per serving upcharge.

These premium dishes all look especially delicious, and they’re a great option to have in your back pocket for occasions which are a bit more special, or times when you’d like to spice it up and put an impressive meal on the table.

Most of the food on each week’s menu can be described as American classics with an international twist. You’ll rarely see a dish on the menu that you’re not familiar with, but each dish is going to have a delicious component that you’ve probably never thought to include before in your own cooking.

These exciting takes on classic dishes allow you to spice up your kitchen without venturing too far into uncharted territory.

Getting the Food

After we placed the order for our first week of meals, we anxiously awaited our delivery. Our box showed up right on time, and I was excited to open it up and see what we were in for.

One thing that’s different about Every Plate is that unlike some other meal kit companies, who prep and portion each ingredient for you, Every Plate leaves that work to you. This is one of the reasons why they’re more affordable than the competition. By shipping whole ingredients, they’re also able to dramatically reduce packaging, which is good for the environment.

Each ingredient we received was exceptionally fresh, and the box was well packed and arrived ice cold. I transferred everything from the box to the refrigerator and anxiously awaited dinner time so we could enjoy our first meal.

EveryPlate Unbox
EveryPlate Logo
2024 OFFER: Try Everyplate at $1.49 per meal + get 20% off next 2 boxes!

Trying the EveryPlate Meals

So far, Every Plate has lived up to its billing as an affordable and easy to use meal kit service. But, we’ve yet to discuss the most critical part: the food itself. Here are our thoughts on the three Every Plate recipes we’ve tried so far.

Cooking our first Every Plate meal seemed like it was celebration worthy, so we went straight for the premium option we chose for the first meal which was steak frites with sautéed green beans and garlic butter.

This dish was easy to make, and the prep work was minimal. I sliced the potatoes, put them into a hot oven, and got to work on the steak and green beans. We were ready to enjoy dinner in a half hour flat.

As for the dish itself, it was delicious; dare I say “restaurant quality” tasty. This was undoubtedly a dish we’d like to enjoy again.

Next on the menu was the southwest beef bowl with chipotle cream. As a lover of all things southwest, this was another exciting dish we were looking forward to enjoying.

Of the three dishes we tried, this was the easiest to make. After a few minutes of prep, the peppers and onions, and pico de gallo were all ready to go, and I began sautéing the ground beef while also cooking the lime infused rice.

About 25 minutes later, everything was plated and ready to enjoy. While this dish didn’t quite have the same “wow” factor as the steak frites we tried, it was still absolutely delicious, and something we’d happily enjoy again.

For our final meal, we opted for the sausage and pepper baked orzotto. It was a miserable day, weather-wise, and this rustic dish was just the thing to brighten our moods.

To start, I began prepping the ingredients. Bell peppers, onions, and garlic were diced and added to a hot pan with the Italian sausage. From there, a healthy dose of tomato paste and the orzo was added to the pan. As these ingredients cooked up, I mixed the cheesy panko crust, added it to the pan, and popped it under the broiler for a few minutes.

About forty minutes after I started cooking, a beautiful, golden brown dish emerged from my oven and was ready to enjoy. This dish was delicious, and perfect for the dreary weather.

Altogether, we have no complaints about any of the three dishes we prepared, and would all happily order them again in the future.

sausage and pepper baked orzotto
sausage and pepper baked orzotto, everyplate
southwest beef bowl with chipotle cream
southwest beef bowl with chipotle cream Everyplate

Final EveryPlate Review conclusion

Meal kit services help you save time while also putting the joy back in cooking dinner. Every Plate is the leader in affordability, and even though their plans are much more affordable than the competition, they still manage to deliver premium ingredients, inspired recipes, and truly delicious meals.

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2024 OFFER: Try Everyplate at $1.49 per meal + get 20% off next 2 boxes!
5/5 (1 Review)
5/5 (1 Review)

About the author

Amanda (Mandi)
Amanda is a meal kits addict and a blogger who reviews meal delivery services on a daily basis since 2015. Mandi leads the content review team at themealkitcomparison.com since 2018.

Related FAQ’s

Yes, Hello Fresh owns EveryPlate. There are some major differences, though, in the two meal delivery service companies.

Hello Fresh, first of all, is the larger of the two meal prep services. There are more meal options to pick from, and their delivery boxes are better organized. It also has more delivery options. However, Hello Fresh is more expensive than EveryPlate.

The main difference is that EveryPlate has over Hello Fresh is its affordable price. Though there are not as many meal options or delivery dates available, the price makes up for it. from our experience, the EveryPlate meals are delicious and satisfying, and they offer a great meal kit option if you are on a tighter budget – with meals costing only $5 per serving!

EveryPlate is easy to cancel. A few clicks or taps, depending on which device you use, is all you need to end your subscription.

If you primarily use the website, you must log into your account and select “Settings” in the top right-hand corner. Scroll to “Account” and click on “Deactivate Your Plan.” EveryPlate requires that you submit the reason for canceling, then you are free from charges and deliveries.

On the app, you must tap “Settings” located in the bottom right of the screen. Then, hit “Edit My Account.” From there, the app takes you to the web. Once there, follow the same instructions as above.

You must cancel before five days until your next delivery. Otherwise, you are going to receive food and get charged.

EveryPlate is not very clear about where it ships from. This is because it depends on the delivery location. There is no one location for EveryPlate, but rather, multiple locations that ship the kits. That’s how fresh and healthy food arrives at your table so quickly.

It also does not clarify where its ingredients come. Suppliers vary by week, and the region you are from. The meal options also change every week, so the source for ingredients has to change, as well. However, EveryPlate does assure that it inspects the suppliers and confirms that they cater to quality ingredients.

The meals featured on EveryPlate change every week so that customers have access to an array of foods and don’t get sick of the same old thing.

Each meal has a source of protein, like chicken, shrimp, pork chops, or steak. There are not many vegetarian options, though. There are few meals with plant-based protein.

Meal preparation ranges between 25 and 45 minutes.

EveryPlate’s primary goal is to provide customers with filling and delicious meals at an affordable price. Therefore, it cracks down on unnecessary spending. EveryPlate finds small ways to save money, reducing the overall costs for customers.

Small budget adjustments to packaging and delivery keep EveryPlate meals deliciously cheap. Additionally, slight changes to meal options bring easy and tasty food to your table.

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