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Growing and changing fast, the meal kit industry has new companies joining all the time. The longer established companies often increase and update their products in order to keep up the pace. No two meal kit companies are the same. They have different offerings, and therefore target different audiences.

When deciding which meal kit service to use, it can be quite confusing as there are so many options to choose from. That’s exactly why we are here!

We love to give you all the information you need about the different meal kit delivery companies, compare different meal kits companies, test the recipes and provide an overall picture of the meal kit delivery market in one convenient place.

In this review, we’re comparing two very interesting companies in their own right. Blue Apron is one of the largest and longest-serving meal kit companies around, and Martha & Marley Spoon is the meal kit delivery company owned by the queen of the American kitchen, Martha Stewart. Both companies are impressive, with a solid range of high-quality meal options, but they have their differences too.

Let’s get started and see how these two players stack up in the battle of the meal kit companies.

Blue Apron Martha & Marley Spoon
Best for Upgraded chef-designed meals to cook at home. Classic meals from the Martha Stewarts most delicious recipes.
Ingredient Sourcing
  • High-Quality ingredients, from farms that use sustainable farming practices.
  • High-Quality ingredient.
  • NAE Chicken.
  • Farm fresh veggies and fruits.
Special Diets and Features on the Menu Vegetarian, premium meals, Weight Watchers Approved, wellness and diet. Vegetarian, dairy-free, low-calorie, no-gluten added, low-carb, kid-friendly.
Subscription plans
  • Two or four people signature plan.
  • Vegetarian plan for two.
  • Wellness and diet plan for two.
  • Two or four people
  • Vegetarian plan
Meal variety Choose from 14 recipes every week. Choose from 29 recipes every week.
Add ons Protein packs Protein packs and desserts

Blue Apron Vs Martha & Marley Spoon: Meal Offering

Both Blue Apron and Martha & Marley Spoon provide two plan types.

Martha & Marley Spoon’s plans are quite flexible. The options include a 2-people plan, with 2, 3 or 4 dishes each week, and the 3 to 4-people family plan, which includes 2, 3 or 4 dishes each week. Blue Apron’s two plans include the 2-people plan, which offers 2 or 3 dishes each week, and the family plan which provides a selection of 2 to 4 dishes each week for 4 people.

What variety of dishes do Blue Apron and Martha & Marley Spoon provide?

Martha & Marley Spoon is the clear winner in terms of the menu variety. It includes a choice of 10 dishes each week, selected from Martha’s collection of 18,000 favorite recipes. The choices include dairy-free, low-cal, vegetarian, and children’s meals.

In contrast, Blue Apron offers eight dishes each week for the 2-people plan. With the family plan, you have a choice of just 4 dishes each week, including vegetarian and Mediterranean diet-style meals.

seared steaks by Marley spoon
Seared steaks by Marley spoon
Zaatar-spiced barramundi by Blue Apron
Zaatar-spiced barramundi by Blue Apron
Blue Apron logo
2024 OFFER- Get Blue Apron for $2.8 per meal + free shipping on first box

Blue Apron Vs Martha & Marley Spoon: Taste Test

Generally speaking, the dishes that we sampled from Blue Apron and Martha & Marley Spoon were at a very good level.

However, Martha & Marley Spoon are a cut above. Class style home cooking is the overarching theme, with a great amount of vegetable-based meals. Another plus is that the meals take only about half an hour to cook, and the recipes are easy to use and follow.

Blue Apron’s dishes have a wide range of tastes and styles, from classic cooking to more sophisticated recipes. Some recipes take just half an hour to make, yet others can take much longer.

Here are some Martha & Marley Spoon dishes we sampled: Buffalo Chicken Breast and Creamy Tortellini Casserole

And here are a few Blue Apron meals we tested: Curry Chicken & Vegetables, Roasted Fall Vegetable & Farro Salad or if you prefer a classic styled recipe, there is the Parisian Steak Frites.

Blue Apron Vs Martha & Marley Spoon: Ingredients Quality

If you’re looking for ingredients that are high quality, both Blue Apron and Martha & Marley Spoon have the answer. Sometimes, however, Blue Apron’s portion sizes are rather small. In terms of quality of Martha & Marley Spoon, the level we saw is fantastic. Martha & Marley Spoon sources its ingredients from the highest quality suppliers, who provide amazing items, such as Berkshire pork, grass-fed beef, artisanal cheese, American shrimp, and much more.

Blue Apron promises to use meat that is hormone free, farm fresh vegetables that are organic in every possible instance, and seafood that is sourced sustainably.

Blue Apron Vs Martha & Marley Spoon- packaging

Blue Apron and Martha & Marley Spoon deliveries come in purpose-designed, well-labeled carton boxes. However, that is where the similarity ends. There are important differences that are worth noting.

With Martha & Marley Spoon, each recipe is organized and labeled in a separate paper bag. The contents are properly organized in the box, with refrigerated items packed in a cloth bag with enough ice to keep them cool. The beauty of a delivery from Martha & Marley Spoon is that you won’t need to do any sorting. It’s all been done already. All you need to do is put the ingredients away in your own fridge and pantry.

In stark contrast, Blue Apron boxes are not sorted and everything comes together unlabeled in the one box. The work of sorting ingredients will fall on you. Spices are packed separately in a small bag, but all other ingredients are unsorted. Refrigerated items are packed at the base of the box with ice to keep them cool outside the fridge. Take note that you’ll need to invest some time sorting your Blue Apron delivery, so you might want to take that into account.

martha box
Martha & Marley Spoon box
blue apron box
Blue Apron box
Martha and Marley Spoon Menu
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How about the app and website of Blue Apron and Martha & Marley Spoon

Blue Apron and Martha & Marley Spoon’s app and website are easy to use and well organized. You can do everything online, including opening an account, choosing a plan and meals, selecting your dining preferences, and updating your payment method, which makes managing your meal kit service really efficient and even enjoyable.

Blue Apron Vs Martha & Marley Spoon- terms & conditions

Blue Apron and Martha & Marley Spoon both offer a subscription-only service. You can freeze your account and skip weeks if you need to from time to time with both companies. You can also cancel your account with both at any time and with no penalty fees, so there is that extra flexibility available.

What add-ons do Blue Apron and Martha & Marley Spoon offer?

In terms of add-ons, Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon provides a few protein pack options and sometimes desserts.

With Blue Apron, you can choose to add a monthly wine subscription of great affordable wines. You can also buy wines from their online wine store, which is a nice extra touch.

Besides, Blue Apron offers a retail service with cookware and kitchen items available for purchase with your meal kits.

martha and marley spoon review
Sheet Pan Panko-Baked Cod blue apron
Sheet Pan Panko-Baked Cod blue apron

Our Final Verdict in the Blue Apron Vs. Martha and Marley Spoon Comparison – Blue Apron is Our WINNER!

Blue Apron and Martha & Marley Spoon are both excellent meal delivery service options.

While Martha & Marley Spoon is characterized by home cooking in the classic style, Blue Apron offers a more varied cuisine, with dishes that are chef-designed for creating a great culinary experience at home.

When it comes to a one-on-one competition, after testing meals from both companies, we have to go with Blue Apron!

The company wins for its unique, tasty dishes, generous portions, the range of exciting recipes available each week, and the very high quality of the ingredients. 

The Blue apron experience is a true Win-Win of great price and great tastes!

Blue Apron is our winner!
Blue Apron logo
  • Great menu selection
  • Delicious recipes with a different interesting twist
  • Reliable company with great customer service
  • Generous portion sizes

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