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Eating low carb can be challenging. Many people want to follow a low carb or keto diet but find it hard to know what to eat or feel overwhelmed by finding inspiration to cook low carb meals.

Meal delivery services may be the perfect solution for that! We took a look at Home Chef’s carb-conscious recipes to see if it is worth trying out.

Home Chef subscription service delivers fresh meal kits directly to your home weekly. When your diet is specifically low-carb, this is where Home Chef excels. With Home Chef carb-conscious meals, the carbohydrates have been swapped out for protein, healthy fats, and vegetables. 

You can follow your low-carb diet and have classic recipes delivered, so you can prepare your meal with minimal fuss and stress, knowing that you eat according to your diet plan. 

Home Chef Low Carb Keto-Friendly Meals

Home Chef takes the stress out of your meal preparation. You don’t have to worry about going to the shops and figuring out what protein and which vegetables are ok for your keto plan. Home Chef does it all for you. 

Home Chef is a meal delivery service supporting a low carb diet lifestyle. Their carb-conscious meal means that you are completely on track for your macronutrient tracking. The low carb friendly recipes planning takes into account which protein and veggies will not sabotage your diet. 

You sign up for an account using a simple and easy to navigate website or app. You can use their website to either order weeks in advance or pause your account if you are going away or need a break. 

Home Chef Keto low carb plan makes it simple to customize your plan any way you like, and with new ideas released every week, you can choose a protein option and swap it round into different recipe options if you prefer. 

Your delivery arrives fresh and insulated to you personally at home. There is a simple recipe card that you follow to complete the cooking instructions, and with all that taken care of, all you have to do is enjoy your meal. 

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Benefits of Using Home Chef Keto Carb-conscious Meals


Home Chef offers very budget-friendly meals, working out much cheaper than other low carb delivery options you might find out there – like Green Chef or Sun Basket.

What is significant is you can avoid going to the store and buying all the ingredients plus herbs and seasonings because, with Home Chef, everything is delivered right to your door. Every delivery has all the ingredients you need and a recipe card, and you’ll find that the traditional fare you might be used to has been given an added twist.

Classic recipes have been revived by their chefs to tickle your palate. There is no way that Home Chef Keto can be called dull or routine; research and thought have gone into each meal plan. 

Optimized Choices 

The recipe list on the menu changes from week to week. Each time you go to choose your meals, if doing so regularly, you will find that out of the usual recipes, around seven will be low carb and Keto friendly. This allows you more choice and, of course, more of a culinary adventure when you come to cook it yourself.


Home Chef Keto meals culinary team spends time researching the best ingredients and sourcing the freshest suppliers to ensure that your meal is of the utmost quality.

With the Home Chef menu, you have full flexibility. You have the option to customize the protein of your meals and are not beholden to one program. You also can cancel or pause your plan whenever you feel like it. 

Examples of Home Chef Low Carb Meals

We tried many carb-conscious Home Chef meals, so we speak from experience when saying the meals are delicious and satisfying!

Here is a collection of great low-carb meals offered on the company’s menu:

  • classic french green peppercorn pork tenderloins with mashed carrots and roasted asparagus
  • Fish Cakes and Tzatziki Sauce with zucchini and grape tomatoes
  • Mushroom Smothered Pork Chop with Roasted Green Beans and Crispy Onions
  • French Onion Beef Meatloaf with crispy bacon Brussels sprouts and green onions
  • Orange Chicken Lettuce Wraps with roasted peanuts
  • Turkey Burrito Skillet with crispy tortilla strips
  • Fig Mostarda Chicken with Carrots, Brussels Sprouts, and Almonds
  • Sausage and Mushroom Stuffed Peppers with pepperoncini


Keto often brings to mind different ways of eating a protein of course but did you know you can also have fishcakes?  You are given baked tilapia to add to all the zesty ingredients to make these delectable fish cakes. Perfect as a summer dish served with a fresh salad and dressing made with poppy seeds you would fool your friends if you served this and they didn’t know it was Keto.

Another quick dish to prepare in under an hour. Though it starts off looking like it might be complicated, it is really a breeze making the fish cakes. The menu card’s step by step instructions and with all ingredients ready to go, you will be feeling like a chef in no time. 

The best thing about this dish was the crispness of the breading. Once you start to cook these fish cakes up the smell will have your whole family crowding into the kitchen. 



This meal plan delivery arrives with the freshest of chicken breasts chosen to ensure that it is juicy and compliments the toppings that you will be putting on it. 

Just like the title says, margarita chicken is the idea of a pizza but with a chicken breast base. Who needs that carb dough? You would hardly believe it, but you can also make some cauliflower fritters as a side dish, and you are still not carbing up. This dish was a big hit with our staff, we all agreed that we didn’t miss the bread because the recipe was so well balanced.


Bottom Line – Do We Recommend Home Chef For Low Carb Diet?

Being on a low carb diet doesn’t have to mean forgoing exciting meals. It also doesn’t mean not being able to find high quality and budget-friendly meal kit service options. 

The Home Chef culinary team has done their research to ensure that you are sticking to your low-carb life. They have also applied their expertise to create unique and exciting recipes to surprise you every week. 

If you haven’t tried it yet – We recommend giving it an honest try!