Little Spoon Plates Review – Is It Worth It?

Little Spoon Plates Review
Little Spoon Plates Review

Everyone wants their kids to eat healthily, but if you have picky eaters, this is almost impossible to do. Luckily, Little Spoon Plates is available. It’s a kids meal subscription service that makes it so much easier for parents. You ensure that the kids get high-quality meals and don’t have to worry about going to the store all the time.

What Is the Little Spoon Plates?

The Little Spoon Plates is a toddler & kid’s Meal delivery service. All the meals are fresh, clean, ready to heat-and-eat, and delivered to your door, starting at under $5.

With Little Spoon Plates, you can have more time for yourself or the family, plus, you know your kids are eating healthy meals that only contain the freshest and highest quality ingredients. 

There are plenty of plans available, and you don’t have to wait for your infant to eat regular food. You can also find organic baby food delivery service suitable for any child. Even if your kid has allergies, there are options available!

Little Spoon Plates Review Mac and cheese

Who Is It For?

Little Spoon Plates kids meal subscription is primarily designed for parents who have no time to cook, prepare meals, or go to the store. Everything you need for that meal is sent to your door. All of the meals are heat and eat, which means you just pop them in the microwave or oven, and your kids have a hot meal in a short time.

The goal is to help your kids eat healthier, so only organic ingredients are used. Plus, it cuts down on meal planning and contains everything you need without the preservatives, junk, and extra sugar.

The Little Spoon Plates Plans

There are many plate subscription plans to consider, which differ in the number of weekly meals you get. Each subscription option is for delivery every other week (14 days).

  • Four meals per week, which includes eight meals per delivery.
  • Six meals per week, which includes 12 meals per delivery.
  • Nine meals per week, which includes 18 meals per delivery.
  • Twelve meals per week, which includes 24 meals per delivery.

The higher you go, you will be getting a discounted price per meal.

Little Spoon Plates Key Benefits

Little Spoon offers many benefits, such as:

  • The meals are pre-portioned and ready to heat up and eat.
  • Healthy kids and toddler meals, with lots of hidden veggies.
  • The meals arrive in plates that are completely reusable, recyclable, dishwasher safe, and BPA/BPS-free. 
  • Ingredients come from local, trusted partner farms. These farms focus on high standards for food safety and quality.
  • 100% Clean Ingredients, no extreme heat processing, GMOs, preservatives, Preservatives, artificially added sugar or junk
  • A wide variety of meals, including some finger foods, dairy-free, and vegetarian options.
  • The company also offers various dipping sauces, fresh organic baby solid foods & natural remedies.
  • Flexible subscription – once you order, you can pause, skip, or cancel the service anytime. There aren’t any commitments or contracts.
  • You can also pop the meals into the freezer and save them for those days when you just can’t cook or don’t feel like it.

little spoon plates unboxing

What’s in the Little Spoon Plate Box?

In the box, you get the number of meals you selected when you order.

Each meal comes on a charming plastic plate. The plates are free of BPA/BPS, completely reusable, recyclable, and dishwasher safe. 

You don’t have to worry about being at home during delivery – the box comes with a proper ice pack to keep the foods fresh and cool during delivery and for a few hours after.

little spoon plates box

Little Spoon Plates Meals

As part of our review, we make sure to hands-on try each service. Since this is a kids meal service, We gave our chief editor, Lee Levy, two young daughters – ages 8 and 4 – to try a few of the Little Spoon Plates meals.

Most of the meals were a huge success – such as the Chicken Super Nuggets with Sweet potato tots and steamed Broccoli or the Cauli Croquettes!

Here are a few examples of the meals your child can enjoy:

  • Roasted turkey with cinnamon-spiced carrots and veggie stuffing
  • Mac and Three Cheese with carrots and butternut squash hidden inside
  • Chicken potstickers with edamame and quinoa veggie stir fry
  • Spinach and cheese ravioli in a veggie marinara sauce
  • Spaghetti with turkey meatballs made of kale pesto with a side of broccoli
  • Breakfast Scramble with Egg, Sweet Potato, Turkey, and Quinoa

How Does Little Spoon Plates Work?

Registration to the little spoon plates subscription is relatively easy. Just input your email address, name, child’s name, and birthday for a more personalized experience. 

It takes about a week to get your first delivery (for two weeks’ worth of food).

From then on, you get a delivery every two weeks.

You can manage your account online, including choosing the meals for the next deliveries, changing your food preference, skip weeks, or cancel.

Our Final Thoughts for the Little Spoon Plates Review?

If you’re a busy parent who rarely has time to cook, Little Spoon Plates can be an excellent solution for you!

It also works well for parents who don’t want their kids to eat junk and overly processed foods. Those with picky eaters can still get the vegetables they need without the fight.

Overall, we recommend Little Spoon Plate kids meal subscription for any parent who wants healthy meals, happy kids, and the secret of knowing there are veggies hidden inside.