Blue Apron Meals for One Person

blue apron Salmon
blue apron Salmon

Meal kit services are fantastic because they bring chef-inspired meals and high-quality ingredients right to your front door—all you have to do is follow the recipe card to cook a delicious meal and eat up!

Blue Apron is a meal kit company that delivers fresh ingredients so that you can feel like a successful chef without all the effort. There are other similar programs, like Hello Fresh, Sun Basket, or Green Chef, but this review discusses the Blue Apron for one person options.

From our long experience, rarely do meal kits provide options for single people. That is also true for Blue Apron.

As an alternative, Blue Apron has a two-person plan that allows you to make the food, save the extra serving for lunch the day after, invite a friend for dinner, or cook a romantic meal for date night. 

Blue Apron for Singles

Blue Apron delivers high-quality ingredients, all perfectly portioned, so that you can prepare meals without food waste.

When you have Blue Apron for one person, you can save the second serving for lunch or dinner, rather than wasting it. You can also use it for an intimate dinner with friends or a romantic night in. 

All of the recipes come with pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards containing clear and straightforward instructions. There is no need for directions to be complicated for you to be a home chef, nor does it need to be time-consuming.

The Blue Apron meals take only about 30 minutes to prepare. Even on days when you don’t feel like being in the kitchen but want a satisfying home-cooked meal, Blue Apron is always there with tasty ingredients and a quick cooking time.

For a single person, we recommend the two-serving meal plan. You get to pick two to four meals per week out of the weekly menu that contains vegetarian options, meat and poultry, and some seafood delights. If you are not into sharing, that totals up to between four to eight cooked meals just for you. 

Blue Apron Salmon Burgers

Recommended Blue Apron Meals for Singles

  • Southern-style chicken and creamy relish with green beans and brown rice
  • Roasted red pepper pasta with broccoli and parmesan cheese
  • Sheet pan BBQ pork with roasted vegetables and maple-mustard sauce
  • Chipotle steak and vegetable tacos with orange and cucumber salad
  • Smoked gouda and Monterey jack grilled cheese with mushrooms and pickled shallot

Benefits of Blue Apron for One Person


Blue Apron is an extremely flexible meal delivery service! It can bring the Blue Apron box to your front door all seven days of the week in most locations. You can also opt to skip a delivery week if you will be out of town or just feel like cooking on your own. Everything is effortlessly manageable within your personal Blue Apron online account through their website or app. 

You don’t even have to be home for your food delivery to be dropped off. Blue Apron takes care of all the packaging so that the ingredients stay fresh. The refrigerated boxes come with ice packs and insulated liners to keep everything fresh. The meal service is also very accommodating of many dietary needs. If you are on low-carb, low-calorie, or vegetarian, Blue Apron can help you select delicious meals that coordinate with your dietary restrictions.


There is a large variety of ten meals to choose from every week. Blue Apron makes sure to update the meal options so that no two weeks are the same. Meals range from pasta and chicken to shrimp and vegetables. 

Based on our long-time experience, Blue Apron has a large selection of meals to keep you satisfied. There’s no way you could get tired of meal rotations that include savory black bean enchiladas or tempting cilantro chicken. 

Tasteful Meals

We can confidently say that Blue Apron includes tasty meals. As we were conducting this review of Blue Apron, we were drooling over all the meal options and the beautiful ingredients we got. 

Plus, Blue Apron makes sure that there is a wide variety so that if you see meals that don’t sound appealing, you can still find more that serves your fancy. 

Parisian Steak Frites- blue apron

Ease of Use

There is almost no extra effort required to make a home-cooked meal with Blue Apron. It is a service that offers individually packed ingredients, flavorful spices and seasonings, and convenient recipe cards. You don’t have to head to the grocery store on days you make your Blue Apron meal. Plus, all ingredients are pre-measured, and the meals only take about 30 minutes to prepare. 

The only effort required from you is to add ingredients and follow the recipe!


Blue Apron is one of the top-rated meal kit providers in the country. For this, you would think that its prices would be sky-high. In reality, Blue Aprons’ prices are very reasonable. Given that the high-quality ingredients are from trustworthy vendors, Blue Apron keeps things cheap.

Quality of Ingredients

It seems that Blue Apron takes a lot of pride in its quality-sourced ingredients. Blue Apron’s team completes extensive research before selecting vendors to buy from and include in their meal kits. To serve the best meals, Blue Apron works with artisans and farmers directly. 

The Bottom Line – Do we Recommend Blue Apron For singles?

The simple answer to this question is – YES!

Home cooking should not be a time-consuming and challenging task—especially if you are cooking for one. Blue Apron is excellent for people who do not want to spend hours cooking for themselves. 

Even though Blue Apron only offers a two-person plan, the great part about it is that there is always one leftover serving that you can use for another lunch or dinner, or you can use it as an excuse to share with friends. 

Overall, Blue Apron consistently offers delicious and savory meals for lunch or dinner at home. Its meals require minimal effort and take about 30 minutes to prepare. Even on your laziest days, you can eat delicious meals. 

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