Home Chef Vegetarian Menu Review

Home Chef Vegetarian Menu

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While Home Chef offers a range of meal plans to suit every dietary need, here we’re taking a look at the company’s Vegetarian plan.

There are at least three vegetarian menu options per week with Home Chef, making their service an excellent choice for those who love veggies and want to leave meat off the menu.

And with hundreds of vegetarian recipes, there is indeed something for everyone with Home Chef. Of course, the recipe selections vary from week to week, but that means subscribers get a chance to try just about everything on the menu!

The Home Chef Vegetarian Plan

Although we’re calling it the “vegetarian plan,” Home Chef does not have specific plans for each type of menu item. Instead, they have one subscription option that they customize to each subscriber. You tell the company what you like and what you don’t like and then receive recommendations for recipes.

But the choice is up to you—so you can choose from over 15 recipes each week, including those three (or more) vegetarian selections. From there, you can add snacks, lunch options, and more.

As far as subscription costs and options, there are two main categories for subscribers to choose from. You can sign up for either 2 Servings per meal or 4 Servings per meal, and then you will select a recipe type.

Home Chef Food Box

Benefits of Using the Home Chef Vegetarian Plan

While the great food is one of the benefits of Home Chef’s vegetarian plan, it’s about more than just your taste buds. Their vegetarian plan allows you to continue consuming adequate protein and fiber without eating meat, scouring the internet for recipes, or shopping for hard-to-find ingredients.

You will save time since you don’t have to run to the store (or multiple stores) for unique menu items, and you’ll save money since you don’t have to buy bulk ingredients for each recipe. Not only are the steps for preparing each meal included with your order, but the nutrition information is also readily available, so there’s no guesswork involved.

Ultimately, if you decide the vegetarian plan isn’t for you, Home Chef makes it easy to switch things up. You can swap a vegetarian dish for any other dish off their weekly menu—just make sure to change your order online or via the app before the cutoff date for shipping.

And lastly, Home Chef uses fresh ingredients, sources produce and other items locally when possible, and partners with companies that have optimal sustainability practices. Not only can you feel good about what you’re eating, but you can also feel good about the impact Home Chef has on the environment.

Our Experience with Home Chef Vegetarian Plan

We mentioned that Home Chef cares about sustainability, but we could really see that commitment when our boxes arrived. Every box has a lining which is recycled and compostable. The textile fibers are biodegradable, too, and help to insulate your food with the help of ice packs.

While other meal kit services use digital recipe cards, Home Chef relies on beautifully printed color recipe cards to guide you through preparing each meal. The packaging was helpful, with menu items grouped together and adequately sealed.

Here’s what we thought about the three Home Chef Vegetarian recipes we tried!

Corn and Black Bean Burrito

The Home Chef Corn and Black Bean Burrito was a natural choice for us, because who doesn’t love Mexican food? And even better, it’s a relatively quick dish but tastes way better than fast food. Plus, the fact that it’s comfort food appealed to us.

Of course, Home Chef did forget one of our ingredients in this delivery, but all was forgiven quickly when they credited us for the mistake. It’s understandable that oversight will happen now and then, which is frustrating, but we liked the way Home Chef handled it.

Now on to the recipe! The blend of spices in the veggies really hit the spot, and the ingredient list was simple yet satisfying. All it took was beans, corn, tomato, and a handful of other ingredients, and our corn tortilla burritos were ready to go.

Apart from the missing can of beans, we were impressed!

home chef veggie menu

Classic Veggie Lasagna

Another delicious vegetarian dish is the Home Chef Classic Veggie Lasagna. Lasagna can seem daunting to prepare, especially when you’re relying on veggie-only flavors! But we liked the result, including the ample serving sizes, and getting there wasn’t difficult, either.

All we needed to do was chop some vegetables, sauté a few ingredients, boil pasta, then assemble the lasagna in a pan and pop it in the oven. Honestly, the most challenging part of this meal was probably the cleanup afterward—using non-stick spray saved us.

However, this recipe had one minor disappointment: we were expecting a side of garlic bread, and it was not there. Of course, Home Chef was quick to address our concerns, but it seems like their box packing needs some extra attention overall!

Home chef veg lasagna

Mediterranean Lentil Salad

For fellow lentil-lovers out there, the Home Chef Mediterranean Lentil Salad will probably impress you as much as it did us. The beluga lentils, the main ingredient in this veggie dish, are often hard to find in the United States, meaning Home Chef has the advantage concerning convenience in this case.

Cooking the lentils and vegetables was simple, as was mixing in the vinaigrette, and the topping of Burrata cheese really tied the whole meal together. There was nothing to complain about with this dish: just a creamy and hearty plate that announces “meat-free and delicious!”

Mediterranean Lentil Salad by Home Chef

Bottom Line

Apart from the missing ingredients in two of our deliveries, we can’t say enough good things about Home Chef’s vegetarian dishes. Each menu item had plenty of flavor, was easy to prepare, and left us eager to see what would be on the Home Chef next week’s menu.

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