Best Meal Delivery Services in Utah 2022

Best Meal Delivery Services in Utah 2022

Utah is synonymous with great food, from crown burgers to Navajo tacos and more.

While these meals are delicious, they are not always a good solution for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially when a busy schedule makes meal prep hard.

Instead of ordering food delivery takeout from local restaurants, why not try a healthy meal delivery service? Options like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Sunbasket, and other services, provide food options with great nutrition delivered straight to your door every week.

Whether you live in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, or Park City, you have an abundance of options for tasteful meals that are also healthy.

Below, you’ll find information on the top Meal Delivery Service Utah options!

What Is A Meal Delivery Service, And How Is It Different From A Local Food Delivery Service? 

There is often some confusion about the difference between a meal delivery service and a food delivery service. Food delivery services are meals provided by your local restaurants (like Doordash or Grubhub).

These meals often do not have the highest nutrition value, either because of low-quality ingredients, insufficient produce, or too high of fat content.

In comparison, meal delivery services provide fresh meals delivered to you weekly. With constantly changing menus, you’re able to select the recipes and foods that fit best with your needs and your personal taste.

These meals come either prepared and pre-portioned or with pre-portioned ingredients so that you can make a homemade meal in no time. Plus, these meals and meal kits are typically created by chefs and dieticians, using seasonal and natural ingredients for a healthy yet flavorful meal.

Have No Time? Here Are The Best Utah Meal Kit Delivery Services:

These top options for Utah meal delivery services will provide healthy and tasty meals to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle.


Healthy Meals Using Organic Ingredients

Sunbasket provides high-quality natural and organic ingredients in each meal on the weekly menu. 

The Sunbasket meals are chef-curated and designed for an easy-to-cook experience. The menu also features some healthy meals prepared and ready to heat and eat.

This meal service, operating in Utah and other states, provides a wide array of options for dietary restrictions. For example, paleo, plant-based, gluten-free-friendly, vegetarian meals, and more are available to choose from when subscribing to the service.

Sunbasket’s meals are expertly crafted by chefs and approved by certified dieticians.

Choose Sunbasket If You Want:

  • Organic, high-quality ingredients with no artificial preservatives
  • A large variety of meals, crafted by chefs that are dietician-friendly
  • Options for vegan, paleo, low-carb, dairy-free, soy-free meals, and more diets
  • Choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and other healthy foods weekly
  • Ability to choose between heat and eat individual meals, 15-minute meals, and meal kits
  • Ability to experience different flavors in your menu
  • Customization Options in some menu items

A Few Meals That Can Be Found The Sunbasket Menu:

  • Italian sausage, broccoli, and Parmesan sandwiches on garlic ciabatta
  • Brown rice congee with edamame, maitake mushrooms, and fresh ginger
  • Juicy Lucy sliders with peperonata relish and warm Caprese salad
  • Turkey picadillo with capers and raisins over roasted sweet potato
Sun Basket Diabetes-Friendly Meals

Blue Apron 

Meals and Meal Kits For Busy Schedules

Blue Apron is an ideal healthy meal delivery Utah option. This meal kit delivery company specializes in meals and meal kits that are great for home chefs of all levels that wish to upgrade their dinners at home.

The Blue Apron delivery service provides chef-crafted meals with responsibly sourced ingredients – with deliciousness, diversity, and nutrition in mind.

Each week, customers can choose between vegetarian meals packed with fresh vegetables, meat-based gourmet-style meals, low-calorie wellness meals, or a combination. There are also family-sized meals, making it easy to prep for the whole family to be eating together.

Choose Blue Apron If You Want:

  • Meals that fit busy schedules for singles, couples, and families
  • High-quality ingredients and chef-crafted elevated meals
  • Ability to purchase market items like wine pairings in each box
  • Options for diabetes-friendly, vegetarian, pescatarian, and more weekly
  • Heat and eat choices, one-pan menu items, and under 30-minute meals – all easy to prepare

A Few Meals That Can Be Found On The Blue Apron Menu:

  • Tilapia & orange-jalapeño salsa with quinoa & carrot salad
  • Sheet-pan meatball pita sandwiches with tzatziki & poblano pepper
  • Spicy lime-hoisin chicken stir-fry with bok choy, carrots & white rice
  • Crispy prosciutto lettuce cups with sambal mayo & pepper rice
Sheet Pan Panko-Baked Cod blue apron

Home Chef 

Easy Meal Prep With Many Options

Home Chef prides itself on creating easy-to-follow favorite recipes so that home cooks of every level can make and serve delicious meals at home in no time.

Each week you can choose between 15-minute meal kits, family-friendly oven-prepared meals, meal kits, and culinary collection menu items, which are great for those with intermediate cooking skills.

Every week, there are new recipes with 30 options to choose from, including snacks, desserts, and extra protein packs. Moreover, Home Chef offers an excellent customization feature that allows you to swipe, upgrade, and double-up the proteins in most meals.

Choose Home Chef If You Want:

  • Grill-ready, stovetop, or oven-ready meals, with easy prep work
  • Ability to choose low-calorie, low-carb, vegetarian, and pescatarian meals weekly
  • A large selection of meals to choose from each week
  • Fresh, high-quality vegetables in every meal, for best nutritious meals
  • Choice of swapping protein in most meals

A Few Meals That Can Be Found The Home Chef Menu:

  • Scampi Rockefeller over NY strip steak with chocolate lava cake and loaded baked potato with broccolini
  • Shrimp fajita risotto with cilantro and cheese
  • One-pot Italian sausage penne in creamy tomato sauce with parmesan
  • Soy-caramel glazed chicken with garlic broccoli and bok choy
Vegetarian Spinach and Artichoke Risotto with Parmesan and crispy Breadcrumbs


Easy, Affordable Meals With High-Quality Ingredients

Dinnerly is a top choice for anyone looking for a more budget-friendly meal delivery service, with meals starting at less than $5 per serving.

This meal-delivery service company prides itself on using top-quality ingredients in easy-to-cook recipes. Each recipe includes only six ingredients and five easy cooking steps. Dinnerly makes it easy to create a fun and healthy mealtime each weekday.

You can find vegetarian, no gluten-added, low-calorie, and more meal options on the menu. Options for meals that take less than 30-minutes, and kid-friendly choices, are available on the Dinnerly weekly menu as well.

Choose Dinnerly If You Want:

  • A meal kit option that won’t break the bank
  • Clearly-labeled meals offering no gluten-added, low-calorie, dairy-free, and more options
  • A long list of foods to try each week with easy to follow recipes and great taste
  • Opportunity to choose under 30-minute meals and one-pot dinners
  • Ability to opt for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even some easy dessert items!

A Few Meals That Can Be Found The Dinnerly Menu:

  • Steak fried rice with green beans & scallions
  • Low-cal Mediterranean chicken pita:
  • Pulled pork tacos with guac & jalapeños:
  • Skillet beef stew with dumplings
Dinnerly Burgers

Hello Fresh

Most Well-Known Delivery Company With Customizable Options

Hello Fresh features generous portion sizes of meals and an easy 6-step meal-prep that anyone can craft at home. The Hello Fresh recipes tend to be common favorite foods, with many Italian, Asian, and Mexican-style meals.

Most delicious recipes are 30-minutes or less, and there are 25 options to choose from each week. Plus, there are minimal kitchen tools required for each meal, making it easy for beginners to cook with Hello Fresh’s meal kits.

Many meal options are available for those with dietary restrictions, including vegetarian, low-calorie, pork-free, plant-based protein meals, carb-smart, and other choices.

The service delivers to all 48 states across the continental USA, including Utah.

Choose Hello Fresh If You Want:

  • Fresh ingredients included in each meal kit delivery
  • Choices for vegetarian, low-calorie, and pescatarian meals
  • A long list of meal options each week – for both special occasions and cozy dinners at home
  • Quick, easy to make meals for all skill levels

A Few Meals That Can Be Found On The Hello Fresh Menu:

  • One-pan black bean & poblano quesadillas with lemon crema
  • Bulgogi chicken with roasted carrots & lime rice
  • Yucatan citrus chicken bowls with poblano, smoky crema & pickled onion
  • Chicken & chili-roasted broccoli salad with chili roasted broccoli, cranberries & almonds
Sweet Potatoes and Black Bean Tacos with Avocado-Lime Crema