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Keto green chef menu

When you are following a keto diet, you are keeping your carbs down, healthy fats up, and maintaining a moderate consumption of protein. So you need to spend more time planning and deciding what you are going to prepare for meals.

One of the biggest challenges for keto eaters is planning inspiring meals around the restrictions of the diet. Turning to a meal plan can be a great way to stay healthy without worrying about what you will eat. One such meal kit service is Green Chef. Is it worth it? We at the meal kit comparison wanted to find out.

Green Chef Keto Low-Carb Plan

Imagine someone selecting all the best, high-quality ingredients and even preparing it all into portion sizes for each meal. Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier if someone could do all the work for you? You don’t have to think about anything. All you have to do is use the menu provided together with the ingredients, cook your meal, and most importantly enjoy it.

When you choose Green Chef Keto’s low-carb plan, you are choosing to eat healthy and nutritious meals. Their meals have all been carefully planned and pre-measured and pre-packed, ready to cook. Green Chef keto meals will take all of the hard work out of planning and preparing your meals.  

Green Chef has partnered with local farmers, working closely with them to ensure they are bringing you the freshest, tastiest ingredients. Not only does Green Chef care about bringing you the best ingredients, but they care about the environment too. For this reason, they also provide eco-friendly packaging for all their meals.

Benefits Of Using Green Chef Keto Low-Carb Plan


As an organization, Green Chef is the first meal kit company to be USDA-certified organic, officially. Their fresh ingredients are primarily genetically modified organism-free (GMO-free). Green Chef works closely with farmers to ensure you get the freshest ingredients. At the same time, they aim to work with farmers to maintain a sustainable environment.


With up to 6 different Keto meal options available to choose from each week, you will be spoiled and delighted at the different tastes and ease of it all. All of the menus are prepared with a low-carb mindset, changing every week to keep it exciting and new for you.

All of the delicious, hand picked ingredients come individually packed. Each component is color-coded and matches with the different colors on the recipe, making it easy to select which elements you need and when.


With Green Chef, you have complete flexibility when it comes to ordering. You decide how many meals you want to order, and for how long. 

You can skip a week if you are planning a vacation, and you have the freedom to cancel at any time. You can choose to order meals for two or meals for a family. There are different options available for a family of any size.

Green Chef Keto Friendly And Low-Carb Meals


Taste a little bit of Mexico, with this Mexican inspired steak dish. This meal gave us our fill of both protein and veg. It was as easy as using the provided seasoning on the steak and then cooking it up with veggies.

The sauce Green Chef had provided to accompany this meal had us feeling as if we were dining in Mexico. With a touch of chili and hints of paprika, the flavors are genuinely incredible. The best part of this meal was the quick cooking time. 

Both the steak and veg were ready within 30 minutes, making this a fabulous option for cooking after a long day. The dish is finished off with a fried organic egg on top, thus bringing the macro count to the perfect balance for a keto eater.



We loved this hearty, low-carb meal. This meal is perfect for one of those cooler days, offering comforting and delicious tasting ingredients all around.

The Italian pork sausages are a meal all by themselves. We could not get enough of their juicy flavors. The mashed acorn squash was surprisingly easy to prepare. The addition of fresh chives and cream cheese took the flavor to a new level that left with a new appreciation for squash. 

The perfect finishing touch was the red onions and peppers as a tangy side to the dish. This is one of those meals you will polish off and then contemplating eating it again very soon.



This was another dish that is perfect for a chilly night. It was delicious and fresh, and we really enjoyed the harmonious blend of flavors. The fresh salmon was also so easy to cook, just pop it in the oven.

The red beets, combined with the cauliflower, were heaven-sent. Probably because of the addition of the tiny, salty capers and some dried dill. Honestly, we would not have thought to bring these flavors together. We were so glad that Green Chef did though because we fell in love with this dish.

The sauce that came with this dish was a blend of Dijon mustard, parmesan cheese, and garlic. We don’t know if we have any words to describe this incredible blend of flavors except bold and satisfying.


Bottom Line

The Green Chef keto low-carb plan meals come with everything you need to make a delicious, low-carb meal. Each meal comes with the perfect balance of macronutrients so you can eat inspired meals, worry-free. You will be amazed at the flavors and tastes you experience with Green Chef’s Keto meals.

Green Chef will bring you only the freshest, organic ingredients. One of the things we loved most was the combination of flavors.

We used to think that keto meals were quite dull, but boy were we wrong!

Every meal Green Chef brings to you is more delicious and exciting than the last, and the best part of it all is we had fun cooking them.