Dinnerly FAQ: Things to Know About Dinnerly Before Ordering


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With the current situation of the world, because almost all of the people were affected by the rising number of cases associated with coronavirus, we think that getting Dinnerly one-pot meals could help you. This will refrain people from going out and meeting other people to avoid the spread of the virus. Since it will be delivered right at your doorstep, it only means that you will not be worrying anymore going outside for grocery shopping. However, there are 5 facts about Dinnerly that you must know.  

Read on and ponder on what you need to know about Dinnerly before ordering. 

Dinnerly is considered a unique meal kit service since you have the chance to choose what you want to be inside of the goodie box that will be delivered at your doorstep – all at a very low price of less than 5$ per meal!

This service is available in almost all states in America and countries. In addition, we also find Dinnerly foods delectable. What makes it unique is the fact they offer a large variety of 16 simple recipes every week, that are all easy to follow and can be done in no time. Their menu variety offers some delightful options to cater vegetarians, family and kids, low calorie diet needs, no gluten diet needs and more.

Often, we want to cook great delicious diners for our families, despite our busy schedules. For that, Dinnerly is perfect! Dinnerly offers a large range of meals to choose from every week, all with fresh and raw ingredients. Their menu offers meals to suit every flavor and taste – meat, poultry, seafood and lots of vegetarian options. their style of dishes range from classic american recipes like hamburger or pan roasted chicken, to asian style meals like stir-fry or pad-thai, to europea  style meals like lasagna or risotto, and the list goes on and on.  

Dinnerly is considered as the most affordable delivery service for meals in the US. They only charge the US $4.49 per individuals’ meal. It’s for an adult-sized serving. Nevertheless, you will be charged depending on the package meal you are subscribed to.

With the meal price and the shipping, we think that the price is still reasonable. It is suited for folks belonging to a middle-class. Additionally, we can also order a lot of every meal daily, depending on the size of the family.

You might be asking if this service meal is cost-effective. Somehow, it depends. Dinnerly portion sizes are very big in the sense that the meal for a group of four can sometimes feed six persons. That’s cool! Meaning, for every portion size, you save a lot. Thus, this is the best alternative for fast food or take out. Saving money and getting a healthy meal at the same time, who wouldn’t want that?

Dinnerly offers a very flexible subscription plan. If you have a business trip, or any out of town trip, or any emergency that you need to attend, you can ask for a pause delivery up until two months. In terms of cancellation of your subscription, you can do it anytime if you think their services are not good. Yet, we think that you will never find a reason to do so.

The subscription for Dinnerly is very flexible. You can pause, skip, or even cancel deliveries if ever you want settings in your account.

Aside from looking for healthy and nutritious meal ingredients, we also want to have an assurance that the food we get is suited for all the members of our family. Well, this is another good thing about Dinnerly because they have kid-friendly foods. For those customers who are very much conscious about their food intake, not a problem because Dinnerly also serve foods which are low in calorie. And for vegetarians out there, who wish to have a healthy body, the Dinnerly meal box they offer is perfect for you. 

Dinnerly provides ingredients of 14 varied dishes per week. It has five vegetarian dishes, it also has a fish-based dish, and all the rest are all non-veggies or red meat. At last, vegetarians in the state can breathe in relief. If you are vegetarian, Dinnerly is perfect for you. 

Dinnerly meal services make sure that every ingredient they have is of high quality and fresh. And for those who ordered recipes, the ingredients for your recipe will arrive at its finest. For instance, tomatoes will come in cans, and ground beef will have good packaging as well, similar to those in the supermarkets. Onions and peppers will come naked while spinach will be in a unique bag.

This only implies that Dinnerly can provide ingredients that have the same quality and freshness that other supermarkets offer.

Moreover, to keep the ingredients cool, the package also contains ice packs, so rest assured that they are not skimping quality. Dinnerly send their customers numerous meal package or a customized recipe they want. We assure you that the ingredients are all delivered fresh.

You Might Find Dinnerly Useful If?

  • you keep on ordering fast food or take out though you have a good intention
  • you are inexperienced in the kitchen
  • you want a very simple way to learning how to cook
  • you tend to enjoy kid-friendly meals
  • you need quick and simple recipes that can add to our repertoire
  • you want to have a short-term break from the common kitchen task
  • you want a simpler way to encourage our kids to cook

However, if you are not among the listed persons above, it only means that you are an adventurous and experienced cook. You also have no issue in cooking, grocery shopping as well as avoiding takeout. Dinnerly may not work out for you. But there’s no harm in trying it out.


With a lot of meal kit services out there, you might find it hard for you to figure out the best one that will work for you. when looking at the Dinnerly meal kit service,  we find it very convenient, fun an one that gives you great value-for-the-money. The simple cooking recipe, the freshness of ingredients, the good packaging, good subscription plans, the great variety of meals, and being the cheapest meal kit service – Who wouldn’t love Dinnerly? if you are looking for a fast, simple, affordable, and tasty meal kit service,  Dinnerly is the best choice you can have.

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