How to Recycle Your Green Chef Box

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Every year, tons of waste which come from paper and plastic food packages end up in landfills. There is also a huge amount of energy being used in the production of traditional food packaging materials. This is why shifting to eco-friendly materials makes a lot of sense. Many meal kits companies are now making the big switch to more environmentally-friendly packaging options. More and more consumers are also searching for more sustainable packaging options.

Green Chef is a company that is centered on eating and living green. The company is serious about providing incredible meals using organic ingredients. Green Chef is USDA-certified organic company. Just as they focus on your food’s quality and safety, they are also equally dedicated to providing customers eco-friendly packaging.

Here are the reasons why Green Chef chooses to use green packaging:

  •       It reduces carbon footprint and environmental impact.
  •       It makes disposal of waste easier – recycling, re-using, or compostable materials.
  •       Green packaging materials are biodegradable.
  •       Green-packaging materials are versatile and flexible – we can re-use and re-purpose them.
  •       It reduces delivery costs.

Green Chef Recycle Box

Green Chef recyclable packaging is committed to sustainability, always on the lookout for innovative and more effective practices and materials that espouses green living. The company makes sure that their packaging and services are designed with efficiency in mind. With the Green Chef service, you don’t need to take a trip to the grocery store as often as you did before. When they deliver your food, it gets a shared ride to your home. These practices minimize fuel use and reduce the overall carbon footprint.

The Green Chef boxes that are used to deliver our food usually come from recycled, composted, or re-used packaging materials. They vary in form depending on the recycling and composting facilities in your area.

Types of Green Chef Packaging

Green Chef always uses recyclable packaging, no matter what type it is. How they pack their products depends on what type of ingredient is sent to your doorstep.

Here are the types of eco-friendly packaging that Green Chef use and what you can do to recycle them:

  •       Cardboard boxes You can bring it to your local recycling facility or break it down and recycle it with your curbside recycling.
  •       ClimaCell Insulation Green Chef uses a plant-based insulator that is certified curbside recyclable. It is held together with a sheet of kraft paper. You can also recycle it with your curbside recycling or you can also bring it to a local recycling facility.
  •       Ice Packs There are explicit instructions on how you should recycle our ice packs that are filled with a non-toxic and soluble gel. Just cut the corner of the pack, drain the gel into the garbage, then rinse out the bag and recycle it. Our ice packs can also be reused. You can either save them in your freezer or store them at room temperature.
  •       Paper Bags The paper bags that Are used are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. You can reuse or recycle a clean and dry bag. If it is wet and soiled, you can compost it.
  •       Plastic Bags Made from #4 plastic film, the Green Chef plastic bags can be reused unless it contained animal products. Otherwise, you can recycle them. After removing the sticker and cleaning it, it can be dropped off at the recycling facility.
  •       Paperboard Boxes Since they are made from 100% recycled paperboard, these boxes can be recycled wherever wet-strength paperboard is accepted. The inside of the paperboard boxes should be clean and the outside part should be unsoiled.
  •       Plastic Jars Made of #5 plastic, this is where the company usually put the pre-made sauces and marinades. These dishwasher-safe jars can be reused, but it cannot be used in the microwave.
  •       Packets The Green Chef packets are also made of #4 plastic film.  After cleaning and drying them, you can recycle them wherever they are accepted.

Bottom Line: The Importance of Being Green

Green Chef has definitely made a conscious decision to only use eco-friendly products and processes, and that includes how they package the food.  Their recyclable packaging materials is part of their total commitment to helping the environment. Through the way they make sure to package and deliver their food products, the Green Chef team strives to live their very clear mantra –  ‘Clean Plates, Clean Planet.’