Green Chef Vegetarian Plan Review

Green Chef Box

Green Chef stands out among other meal kit services because it is the first to be approved by the USDA. Its meal plans accommodate and satisfy all types of diets, including keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free.

In this Green Chef vegetarian plan review (named the Plant-Powered plan) we will examine the menu and the main benefits of the program. Keep reading to find its main benefits and menu highlights. 

Green chef vegetarian meal

Green Chef Vegetarian Plan

Your mind may not have time to think about what to make for dinner after a busy day. That’s when Green Chef steps in. With various healthy meals that use organic ingredients, you can prepare a meal in as little as 30 minutes, following a step by step instruction recipe card.

To receive pre-measured vegetarian meals, all you have to do is select the Plant-Powered plan, choose between a two-person or family plan, and wait for the meal kit delivery box.

There are nine Green Chef meals offered on the vegetarian recipe menu each week. Depending on your meal plan, you get to pick two or three of these certified organic meals. 

Benefits of the Green Chef Vegetarian Plan

USDA Organic Approved

Green Chef’s most significant appeal is that it is an organic meal kit service. Having USDA certification verifies all its promises of wholesome and quality vegan and vegetarian meals.

New Meals Each Week

Green Chef gets that the same-old meals get tiresome. That’s why it updates the vegan recipes and vegetarian options each week. The large variety of vegetarian options keeps things fresh—just like their ingredients.


The Green Chef meal kit delivery service is extremely flexible when it comes to scheduling delivery day. You select how often your meal kits come to your doorstep. Many users opt for the weekly meal delivery service, but you can also go bi-weekly or monthly.

If you are not satisfied with the plant-based meal plan, you can switch things up. There is no commitment required when it comes to picking out your food.

If you are not going to be around for a week or two, Green Chef also makes skipping weeks effortless. A subscription does not require a minimum commitment, and there is no charge for missing a week or two.


Green Chef takes pride in being the #1 Sustainable Meal Kit service. the company minimizes environmental impact by producing less food waste, with more ocean-bound plastic is recycled than is in your box. Add to that the 100% carbon emission offset, and you see that Green Chef gives back more than they take.

Requires Little Work

All the ingredients found in your box are organic, prepped, and clearly packaged so that you don’t have to spend any more time in the kitchen than you need to. With Green Chef, you become the expert cook without much hassle.

All ingredients are included for each meal and come pre-cut, pre-measured, and prepped for cooking.  Green Chef also provides you with detailed instructions on how to fix the meal. There is no reason to struggle in the kitchen. Green Chef helps you every step of the way.

green chef vegetarian VEGGIE & PESTO FLATBREADS

Example Meals from the Green Chef Vegetarian Plan

  • Creamy butternut squash spaghetti, brussels sprouts with parmesan, and roasted red pepper gremolata
  • Black bean and corn quesadilla, rice with roasted red tomatoes, and a spice blend of cilantro and lime
  • Peanut Udon noodle bowls with red bell pepper, edamame, grated carrot, snap peas, and peanuts
  • Green pea falafel pitas, tarator sauce, sweet potato fries, and romaine salad with tomatoes
  • Honey-glazed mushroom stir-fry over jasmine rice and veggies

The Bottom Line

Following a vegetarian diet can be difficult for some, especially if you are a beginner. However, Green Chef can make it much easier to stick to your diet plan without troublesome planning and running out of meal ideas.

If you are looking for consistent, organic, and healthy meals, then Green Chef is an excellent choice. The subscription process is easy to follow. All you must do is sign up, select your plant-based meals, and become an impressive chef within your kitchen using authentic ingredients.

Unlike other meal subscription services, Green Chef is USDA certified. Therefore, you can be confident in the quality of ingredients you receive.

The bottom line is that the Green Chef vegetarian plan is perfect for people with little time to cook but want healthy and flavorful plant-based meals.

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