Hello Fresh Meal Delivery Review

Hello Fresh Review

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Hello Fresh Review At a Glance…

Healthy eating, fresh ingredients and tasty recipes for families and singles – that’s HelloFresh.

Healthy, fresh and delicious – that is the secret recipe behind the Hello Fresh meal kit delivery service. Ideal for families, couple and singles, Hello Fresh is an easy way to do great home-cooking. Recipes are not very complicated and relatively easy to prepare, and the ingredients are measured and arranged for you, making it so convenient.

As a large meal kit delivery service in the US, Hello Fresh also delivers its meals and services in Canada, Australia and Western Europe, with its main base in Germany.

Who does Hello Fresh cater to?

Do you enjoy classic, home-style meals that are not too difficult or scary to prepare? Then Hello Fresh is ideal for you.

One of the advantages of Hello Fresh is how quick the meals are to make, with most taking just half an hour. For a convenient and value-for-money dinner solution, Hello Fresh is a nice choice for families. There is indeed a plan specifically for families too. They also have a special vegetarian plan for all the veggie lovers out there.

What plans does Hello Fresh offer?

There are three plan types available at Hello Fresh:

  • Classic Plan: 3-4 dishes for 2 or 4 people each week
  • Family Plan: 2-3 dishes for 4 people each week
  • Veggie Plan: 3 dishes for 2 or 4 people each week

Feel free to change plans for any week if you want to. Also, check out the weekly recipes and choose those you want to get in your weekly box.

New York Steak by Hello Fresh
New York Steak by Hello Fresh

How to get started

Getting started with Hello Fresh meal kits couldn’t be easier. The first thing to do is sign up via the website or app. Then, select your meal plan, either family, classic or veggie, and choose the meals you want from the recipe list.

Examples of different available choices include 20-minute fast cooking meals, children’s meals or vegetarian. After placing your order, your meal kit will be delivered directly to your door. The meals will be packaged and labeled separately making it so easy to sort and store. Finally, start cooking! You can follow the easy recipe step by step. That’s all! Dig in and enjoy!

Also, we can’t forget to mention the flexibility you get with Hello Fresh. You can skip over weeks if you don’t need the service, and you can also change your choice of dishes before your next order. Canceling your subscription can be done any time, so there are no expensive or long-term commitments – just great meals whenever you want!

What kind of meals does Hello Fresh offer?

Hello Fresh has a terrific range of meals, with a selection of up to 17 dishes each week. In our opinion, there is enough variety here to keep up your interest and appetite! And if you follow a specific diet, you should know they do offer meal options for vegetarians and low-calorie diet. Their weekly menu includes also some upscaled gourmet options and 20-minute meals for a fast-cooking and healthy dinner option.

How about the style of cuisine and diversity of the meals? Hello Fresh is what we would call classic and popular dishes. A wonderful and rich range of ingredients is used, including cheeses, vegetables, meats, poultry, fish and seafood. Flavors and seasonings from cuisines all over the world can be found in Hello Fresh menus, like Asian, Italian, Mexican, and Southwestern, among others.

What’s inside the Hello Fresh box?

Hello Fresh is a standout success when it comes to the standard of the meal deliveries. The box is incredibly organized, with ingredients of each recipe arranged and labeled separately in bags. Unpacking your box is as easy as can be, and fast too! Refrigerated items, including meat, tofu and seafood, are packed at the base of the box with ample ice, so you don’t need to worry about rushing your order to the fridge.

Hello Fresh Inside Box
Inside Hello Fresh box

How is the quality of Hello Fresh ingredients?

If there is something that is really noticeable when you open your Hello Fresh box, it is definitely the incredible ingredients of the highest quality. Everything is amazingly fresh  and of a very high standard, for example: vegetables, cheeses, meats and seasonings.

We recently ordered a box that included sweet Italian sausages (not your common supermarket ingredient!) and they looked as if they had come straight from a professional charcuterie! Also in this box were large, farm fresh eggs, and the softest, most delicious flour tortillas! These are just a few examples of the excellence of Hello Fresh ingredients.

It is not surprising, as Hello Fresh makes a claim to use just the very best ingredients in their meals, including domestically raised meats and poultry that are free of hormones, and farm-fresh vegetables and fruits that are locally grown.

Hello Fresh Ingredients
Hello Fresh ingredients

How is Hello Fresh’s website & app?

The Hello Fresh app and website are straightforward and friendly to use. All the things you need to do to manage your account can be done online, such as signing up, choosing your menu plans, defining your dining preferences, choosing dishes, updating your payment details and more. Also, the app and website feature past orders and future menus, as well as the recipes, nutritional data and ingredients for each.

Hello Fresh Mobile Site

The Final Verdict…

As such a fantastic meal kit service, we just have to rank Hello Fresh as one of our top 3 meal kit companies.

If you love classic, home-style cooking and dinner meals that are not too scary to cook but so much fun to eat, then Hello Fresh is for you. Extremely tasty, with the freshest ingredients, and often with a nice twist or additional flavor, Hello Fresh is a huge success. Recipes are easy to make and don’t often take more than 30 minutes to cook. For a date night, family meal or friendly dinner party, Hello Fresh is a versatile choice.