4 Best Mediterranean Diet Meal Kits 2021

Top mediterranean meal kits

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The meal kit delivery industry is continually changing and updating its offerings. However, for companies to survive within this very competitive market, they need to cater to different demographics, diets, and lifestyle requirements. The Mediterranean Diet is increasingly popular, and due to this fact, several companies have added this diet to their regular offers.

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean Diet is inspired by countries’ eating habits in the Mediterranean sea area during the 1940s and 1950s, like Greece, Southern Italy, and Spain.

This diet’s basics include relatively high consumption of good quality olive oil, legumes, unrefined cereals, and a substantial amount of fresh fruit and vegetables. 

The diet also involves a moderate to high fish consumption, moderate consumption of dairy products (mainly cheese and yogurt), and wine. The final element of the diet is the low consumption of non-fish red meat products. 

Here Is Our List of The Best Mediterranean Meal Kits To Try:

1. Sunbasket Organic Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

Sun Basket focuses on delivering healthy organic and easy meal kits to cook at home.

The company provides a diverse 25+ weekly menu selection, specialized and categorized in various dietary requirements. Their menu includes several Mediterranean-friendly recipes for you to try, with some of them being prepared meals and some meal kits. 

Some delicious Mediterranean meals we tried for their menu are the chicken tagine with preserved lemon and artichokes, the sole fish in parchment with zucchini salad and roasted almonds, and the Mediterranean lemon chicken with broccoli and green beans.

Sunbasket also offers fresh foods and recipes to fit other lifestyles like gluten-free, Paleo, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, and more.

One of the best qualities we can say about Sun Basket is that the ingredients they use are all organic. When ordering Sun Basket meal kits, you will receive high-quality ingredients that are organic, seasonal, responsibly, and sustainably raised products. Their seafood is wild-caught. They only use the best quality whole grains, healthy fats, and beautiful fresh herbs. 

We can also point out that Sun Basket focuses on creating easy-to-cook meals, with recipes designed to be ready in 15-30 minutes! The company now even offers some ready-to-heat and-eat meals, with no cooking needed!

2. Home Chef- Easy-Fix Mediterranean Meal Kit Options

Home Chef is a company known for its healthy ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes that result in classic, delicious home-cooked dinners.

Although Home Chef does not have a specific category for Mediterranean meals, they offer a menu of over 20 changing dishes every week that includes good recipe choices that cater to the needs of this popular diet.

Some Mediterranean-friendly meals from their menu are the Mahi-Mahi and Tuscan herb sauce and the Cuban avocado and black bean quinoa bowl.

From our long experience with Home Chef, we can say that their meals are filled with quality lean meats, fish, seafood, legumes, and generous portions of healthy vegetables.

Home Chef customers also have an option of two salads every week, which is a wonderful add-on when trying to maintain a healthy diet. 

The Home Chef menu also includes family-friendly meals, protein packs, easy-to-prepare meals, oven-ready meals, low-calorie meals, and carb-conscious meals. 

3. Green Chef- USDA Approved Mediterranean Diet Meal Delivery Option

Green Chef is proud to be a USDA-certified organic meal kit company. They only use fresh ingredients that are wholesome, clean, sustainable, and of the highest quality.

Green Chef is a company that is focused on healthy eating. If you are looking for Mediterranean options, you will find plenty of suitable choices in their ‘Balanced-Living’ plan. This plan includes a selection of eight dishes every week, many of which are Mediterranean-friendly.

Some examples of great Mediterranean-friendly meals for the Green Chef menu are the Baharat-spiced couscous salad or the green pea falafel with tahini.

Not only is Green Chef healthy, but it is also convenient. Most of their meals take no longer than 30 minutes to prepare. 

Other Green Chef plans include a low-carb keto & paleo plan and a vegetarian and plant-based plan.

4. Hello Fresh- Wide Variety Of Mediterranean Meal Kits Every Week

You must have heard about Hello Fresh, the most popular meal kit delivery service in America! Hello Fresh takes pride in creating classic meal kits that are well-balanced, delicious, and fun to cook.

The company does not offer a dedicated Mediterranean meal kit plan, but they have an extensive weekly menu that includes many suitable meal choices for the Mediterranean lifestyle followers. You will easily find a satisfying number of meals on the extensive Hello Fresh menu that has a selection of over 30 meals per week. Many of their meals use lean meats, seafood, legumes, and a fantastic array of vegetables. 

some great HelloFresh Mediterranean meals are the bruschetta zucchini boats with Couscous & Melty Italian Cheeses, and the chimichurri barramundi with lemony herbs couscous

Other Hello Fresh menu highlights include family-friendly meals, low-calorie meals, gourmet meals, and vegetarian meal choices. 

Final Notes For Our Mediterranean Diet diet meal kits Review

Staying on track with the Mediterranean Diet is a breeze when using a meal kit delivery service. 

Our recommendation is always that you try a few different companies to compare the style of dishes and the diverse offerings each company has. As most companies now offer flexibility to skip weeks, trailing several companies over a few weeks is very easy to do.

Regardless of which service becomes your ideal choice, choosing a meal kit delivery service will mean that you will be saving heaps of time and eating delicious healthy meals. A meal kit delivery service will also help you easily maintain the Mediterranean Diet lifestyle.

We highly recommend giving it an honest try!


The Mediterranean diet is a primarily plant-based style of eating that includes plenty of healthy foods like whole grains, olive oil, fruits, and vegetables. Some fish and meat are included in smaller portions. Research has consistently shown that the Mediterranean diet is very healthy: It can reduce the risk of heart attack, heart disease, and early death. It’s been proven to reduce whole-body inflammation and blood sugar and support healthy weight loss, all linked closely to overall health and wellness.

Research also indicates that the Mediterranean diet may help reduce early signs of aging and improve brain wellness. In other words, the Mediterranean diet may help you look and feel younger – for longer. The Mediterranean diet has been linked to reducing the risk for diseases like Parkinson’s disease and cancer, mental health issues, and lung disease. This is because the Mediterranean diet is high in antioxidants, which protect your cells and help prevent chronic diseases and early death. Antioxidants can be found in fruits, veggies, and whole grains, and the Mediterranean diet is full of them.

Daily activity or light exercise is also considered part of the Mediterranean diet, which can be helpful to reduce stress and keep a healthy BMI. The Mediterranean diet can be used to improve overall health and well-being, age gracefully, or in conjunction with exercise to lose weight.

The Mediterranean diet is based on the foods people in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea have eaten over time. It’s more of an eating pattern than a strict, regimented plan, and the eating plan emphasizes foods based on the history of dietary traditions in Crete, Greece, and southern Italy.

A Mediterranean meal plan includes plenty of fresh vegetables, beans, nuts, whole grains, olive oil, fish, and small amounts of dairy. Red wine is also a component of the Mediterranean diet – and red wine is full of antioxidants! Olive oil is recommended as the primary added fat, replacing other fat sources like butter or margarine.

Other foods containing healthy fats that are recommended are avocado, salmon, sardines, walnuts, and pine nuts. Fish is the preferred source of animal protein over steak or chicken – both of which are okay in smaller amounts. Leafy green vegetables, like spinach and kale, are recommended as a rich source of vitamins and antioxidants. Water is suggested as the primary beverage of the Mediterranean diet, with a low-to-moderate intake of wine permitted per day.

A Mediterranean diet is a great way to transition away from your traditional eating patterns and eat less processed food. In addition, mediterranean dieters display significantly low rates of chronic disease and higher life expectancy than average.

Many meal delivery services offer options for those trying to follow a Mediterranean diet. Choosing the best Mediterranean meal delivery service for you is a personal choice, and it may depend on your budget, variety preference, and which ingredients you prefer.

If you are looking for a lower-priced option, Home Chef is a good pick. Home Chef is an excellent option for those seeking more variety and flavor in meals but wants simple, straightforward recipes that are easy to make. Home Chef also offers a variety of meal customizations, so this might be a good choice for picky eaters or those who are new to the Mediterranean diet.

Green Chef is a solid choice if you want Mediterranean diet meals that are also organic and made with sustainable, high-quality ingredients. Most Green Chef recipes take no longer than 30 minutes to prepare, so this is a good option if you don’t have much time for cooking. Green Chef is a meal delivery service that focuses on healthy eating, so if you want to kickstart your healthy Mediterranean diet eating plan, this is a great choice.

HelloFresh also offers many delicious Mediterranean diet-friendly meals, and they have plenty of options for large families, vegetarians, or low-carb eaters.

Using a meal delivery kit service is a great way to stay on track with any healthy eating plan since the ingredients are shipped fresh to your door each week – no grocery store or planning required.

You can also reduce your meal prep time since most of the ingredients in meal delivery services will be prepped, chopped, and ready to cook.

Yes – HelloFresh is a meal delivery service that offers Mediterranean diet meals.

If you explore their online menu, even though there is no specific meal plan for this diet, you would clearly see they offer plenty of recipes that fall under the “Mediterranean diet” category.

Some example meals include Chickpea-Powered Mediterranean Couscous, talian Garden Veggie Soup, Cucumber Salad- Stuffed Pita Pockets, and Shrimp Paella. Mediterranean

Although they don’t have a designated Mediterranean diet meal kits plan, they offer more than 30 new recipes each week, many of which can be considered Mediterranean diet meals. A number of these selections are vegetarian dinners. AND – most HelloFresh recipes already include lean proteins, a vegetable, and healthy fat, which are staples of a Mediterranean diet.

HelloFresh offers a wide variety of meals that also fit families, vegetarians, low-carb and low-calorie dieters, and even some inspiring gourmet meals.