The Best Dairy-free Meal Delivery


This review will look at our favorite meal delivery companies that cater to a dairy-free diet.

One of the symptoms of our busy world is the growth in food allergies and intolerances. A dairy allergy seems to be increasingly standard, and the request for a dairy-free menu is now very common. 

Moreover, many people who aren’t sensitive to dairy go on this diet for better health or to be more eco-friendly.

Please note, though, that none of the following companies are certified as dairy-free, as their meal kits are created in facilities that also handle milk products. While all ingredients are handled separately and carefully packaged, they cannot guarantee that there might not be minor incidents of cross-contamination.

If your allergy is severe or life-threatening, we recommend that you do not use these services unless they are certified as dairy-free companies. 

Best Meal Kit Services That Offer Dairy-Free Meals

#1 Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon

Dairy-free Options From Martha Stewart’s Classic Recipe Collection

Martha and Marley Spoon Menu
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No one better represents home cooking joy than Martha Stewart, which is why her meal kit company – Martha & Marley Spoon, is one of the best to consider!

The company, which operates worldwide, offers an extensive 45-meal-per-week menu, including at least ten dairy-free recipes and some exciting breakfast options. The dairy-free options are marked on the menu for an easy selection process. Moreover, all dairy products in the dairy meals arrive packed separately, so you can exclude those products from the recipe when cooking.

You get cooking instructions in your email that you can print, or you can opt-in to get printed recipe cards in each box.

Dairy-Free Meals We tried From Martha & Marley Spoon

  1. Grass-fed seared steak & gremolata with Roasted Potatoes & Carrots
  2. Lemon & dill salmon with charred broccoli & quinoa
  3. Char Siu chicken buns with sesame-tamari broccoli

The menu with clear dairy-free labeling:

martha marley spoon dairy free
Martha and Marley Spoon Menu
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#2 Dinnerly

Affordable Meals With Many No-Dairy Alternatives

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Dinnerly is known as one of the cheapest meal kit services operating in the country, with a meal cost as low as $5 per serving.

The service offers simple meal kit recipes for no-fuss delicious dinners at home. By keeping a more straightforward approach to the recipes, Dinnerly provides the same quality products as other meal delivery services but at a much lower price.

Dinnerly offers an extensive weekly menu with 45+ easy recipes, including at least ten dairy-free options. The dairy-free meals are labeled on the menu so you can navigate your selection easily.

Dairy-Free Delicious Meals We tried From Dinnerly

  • Vegan Chili-Garlic Oil Noodles with Tofu, Cucumbers & Peanuts
  • Mediterranean Meatball Stew with Carrots & Couscous
  • Chorizo Potato Hash with Baked Eggs

The Dinnerly menu marks dairy-free meal options.

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#3 Home Chef

Easy-To-Cook Meal Kits With Dairy-Free Options

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Home Chef is all about bringing people together over a shared meal. The company creates reassuringly familiar meals that include surprising twists to whet your appetite.

Home Chef ensures that allergens are marked on the online menu, so you can easily check if a meal is dairy-free. You can also check if there are eggs, fish, shellfish, gluten, tree nuts, and soy. Also note that all milk products are packed separately, so it’s simple to exclude those products when cooking.

With Home Chef, convenience is a priority. That’s why none of their meals take longer than 30 minutes to complete. As a bonus, the service also offers many oven-ready, pre-made meals to heat in the microwave and fast meal kits that can be ready in 10-15 minutes.

Dairy-Free Meals We tried From Home Chef

  • Steak Pizzaiola with fresh grape tomatoes
  • Korean-Style Steak Tacos with quick-pickled cucumber ribbons and slaw
  • Tonkatsu Pork Chop with miso mushroom rice
Garlic pepper chicken Home Chef
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#4 Freshly

Dairy-free Prepared Meals Delivery Service

freshly logo png
4 /5
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Freshly is a company that delivers fully prepared, non-frozen meals that are healthy gluten-free, and contain zero artificial ingredients. Even though the meals have been fully prepared, they taste like meals cooked in your kitchen.

The Freshly meals are delicious and satisfying and come in a single serving.

This meal delivery service’s weekly menu caters to many dietary and lifestyle requirements – gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. As a dairy-free customer, you will be pleased with the choices designed specifically for these dietary restrictions.

Freshly includes up to ten prepared dairy-free meals per week, so you will have ample ready-to-go meals to choose from to keep your diet diverse. 

Dairy-Free Meals We tried From Freshly

  • Savory-Sweet Chicken Teriyaki Bowl with Basmati Rice & Veggies
  • Grilled Lemon-Tahini Chicken with Riced Broccoli & Cauliflower Pilaf
  • Coconut Purple Rice Porridge with Blueberry, Peach & Toasted Pecans
Freshly Keto Friendly Meals
freshly logo png
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#5 Green Chef

Dairy-Free Meals Delivered Every Week, All With Organic Ingredients

green chef
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Green Chef is a food delivery service that prioritizes creating meal kits that use only USDA-approved organic ingredients and seasonal produce with high nutritional values.

The company also delivers meals catering to many dietary needs like a vegan diet, low-carb keto diet, Mediterranean diet, etc.

Green Chef might be a good choice if you’re eating dairy-free. The menu does not offer a specific dairy-free category, but many meals are dairy-free (mostly paleo and vegan meals). You can browse the recipe online and see the allergen list per recipe. Also, all Green Chef dairy products arrive packed separately, so you can exclude them when cooking.

Dairy-Free Meal Options We tried From Green Chef

  • Seared beef tenderloin with shiitake mushrooms, green beans, and spicy ginger-lime aïoli
  • Southwest Pork Patties with butternut squash hash, veggies & pepitas
  • Tropical teriyaki salmon bowls with mangos, cabbage slaw, and Sriracha aïoli
Maple Cauliflower Power Bowls by Green Chef
green chef
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#6 Sun Basket

Organic Dairy-free Meals

Sunbasket logo
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Sunbasket is a meal kit company that has been around for many years and is well-established with an excellent reputation. They have an impressive menu that caters to multiple dietary and lifestyle requirements, including dairy-free.

Their menu includes 18 different dishes every week. Menu items are marked if they are free of dairy, gluten, soy, and many other allergens. Their dairy-free choices are tempting, delicious, and fulfilling. Their ingredients are 100% organic and are of the highest quality. 

Dairy-Free Meals We tried From Sunbasket

  • Mediterranean meze platter with chicken and spicy tahini dressing
  • Korean BBQ tostadas with pollock, charred scallions, and carrot slaw
  • Sausage–brussels sprouts frittata with salad and red pepper vinaigrette
Sunbasket meal delivery review
Sunbasket logo
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All about Dairy-Free Diet

Those who suffer from a dairy allergy or lactose intolerance have issues with the protein found in cow’s milk, which can react with the immune system causing symptoms that range from mild to severe.

Dairy allergy sufferers can experience anything from vomiting to skin rashes, trouble breathing, and stomach pain. When you have an allergy, such as a dairy allergy, it is vital to adjust your lifestyle to remove this element from your daily diet. 

When doing so, it is easy to think that you will be deprived of foods that you love and that eating will become something that involves deprivation and food lacking in flavor. Many struggles with the idea of maintaining a healthy diet when faced with removing a common ingredient. 

Nowadays, some pursue a dairy-free lifestyle without having an allergy and make this choice as a lifestyle preference. The reasons can be for better health or to reduce the harmful impact on our planet.

Final Notes

When on a dairy-free diet, it need not be difficult, and you can still be healthy, tasty, and enjoyable!

When looking at dairy-free meal delivery services, as we reviewed above, you will find that many of them specialize in providing tempting and healthy meal plans that cater to this diet.

Related FAQ’s

If you are looking for non-dairy alternatives, know there are plenty of options you can buy in the grocery store or make at home. For example, instead of cream, use dairy replacements like coconut cream; instead of milk, use oat milk or homemade cashew milk; Instead of butter, use olive oil or bananas for sweet recipes; and instead of sour cream, use plant-based soft cream cheese, usually made from coconut or soy milk.

The following are the main reasons to go on a dairy-free diet:

  1. Less Saturated Fats – Dairy products are high in saturated fat, which can be difficult for the body to digest. This can lead to problems such as heart disease, obesity, and type II diabetes.
  2. Better Overall Health – Dairy products are a common source of inflammation throughout the body. Dairy products can also cause digestive problems, such as bloating, constipation, and diarrhea.
  3. Live Allergy Free – Dairy products are a common source of allergens, and eliminating them from your diet can help to improve your allergy symptoms. Allergens can cause many problems, such as sneezing, congestion, and itchy eyes.
  4. Lose Weight – Dairy products are often high in sugar and fats, contributing to weight gain. Dairy-free diets are a great way to lose weight and improve your overall health.

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