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Paleo Meal Delivery

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The meal kit industry is only a few years old and initially began by offering a reasonable selection of mainstream dining options.  

This incredible industry is one that is constantly changing and updating its offerings to keep up with our ever-changing world and modern dietary demands and expectations.  

Now the industry includes many companies that provide a range of options, that suit almost every dietary requirement. One of the most popular modern diets is the Paleo diet and today we are focussing on our recommended companies who cater for this trend.

What is the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet has become increasingly popular over the last few years and it is now considered quite a mainstream diet.  

The Paleo diet is all about consuming foods that were readily available during the Palaeolithic era.

This diet focusses on the ingredients that were generally eaten at the time.  This diet consists of vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots and meats and excludes processed modern foods such as dairy products, grains, sugars, legumes, processed oils, salt, alcohol and coffee.

It is quite normal to think that when following a specific diet like the Paleo diet, that your choices are going to be quite limited when it comes meal kit services.  

It is great to know that there are several companies that have a good understanding of the Paleo diet and as a result, offer some tasty and fulfilling choices for you to consider.  

Let’s have a look at our recommendations of the best companies that cater for the Paleo diet:

#1 Sun Basket Paleo Meal Kits

Sun Basket has a diverse menu and caters for diets that include gluten-free, vegetarian, paleo, vegan, Mediterranean and Pescatarian.

Sun Basket includes a Paleo Plan option within their Classic Plan. The Paleo Plan includes three meals weekly for either two or four adults. The Paleo Plan from Sun Basket is made up of meal kits that are focussed on including more meats and vegetables and fewer carbohydrates. The Sun Basket menu includes a choice of dishes that are made using lean meats, seafood, organic and sustainably sourced produce, and their signature freshly made sauces. In keeping with the Paleo diet requirements, the meal kits do not contain gluten, grains, soy, corn or dairy.

Sun Basket delivers to all 48 continental states in the USA.

Other highlights: The Paleo Plan is also gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and all ingredients are organic.

#2 Green Chef- Suitable for Paleo Followers

The Paleo menu on offer with Green Chef is all organic and always delicious. They are focussed on using ingredients that include animal proteins and fresh produce, while processed foods are avoided. With the Green Chef Paleo Plan, you won’t find any grains, legumes or dairy. The Paleo Plan caters for two people and contains three dinners, so six meals in total.

Green Chef delivers to all 48 continental states in the USA.

Other highlights: All ingredients are organic and gluten-free.

#3 Factor75- Fully Paleo Prepared Meals

Factor 75 is a fully prepared meal delivery service that delivers freshly cooked meals on a weekly basis.

Factor 75 is a prepared meal delivery service that provides freshly made and chef-crafted meals that are delivered to your door on a weekly basis.  The only preparation that is required of you is to heat the meals before serving. They have an extensive weekly menu that includes many dishes that have been created with the Paleo diet in mind.  There are generally around seven dishes every week to choose from if you are looking for Paleo options. The philosophy of Factor75 is that 75% of how we look, and feel is based on the foods that we consume.  This is somewhat of a passion for Factor75 and it is evident in the quality of the meals they prepare. Not only are their meals delicious, but they also are highly nutritious. All ingredients used are hormone, antibiotic, GMO and preservative free.  The ingredients are also free of soy and gluten and are always 100% organic. You are guaranteed with Factor75 that their meals are also very healthy.

Factor75 delivers to all 48 continental states in the USA.

Other highlights: Ingredients are organic, gluten-free, soy-free, grass-fed, hormone-free and antibiotic-free.

Here are our top three companies within the meal kit industry for when you are considering a Paleo diet.  

Obviously, there are also other companies that offer Paleo options. Probably, the biggest criteria for selecting the company that suits you best is the range and style of dishes that are offered.   

One of the things that we always recommend doing is to initially try a few companies, so you can better understand the style of dishes offered.  That is the best way to experience the diversity offered and to find out which one best suit your needs and your taste-buds!

Regardless of which company you end up choosing, using a meal delivery service will mean less time spent on menu planning and grocery shopping. Using a meal delivery service also means that you will be consuming meals that are delicious and nutritionally well balanced. You can’t really lose when you look at all the benefits!