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Meal kit delivery services offer an incredible solution for busy parents who want to provide healthy, home-cooked meals for their families, but who struggle with simply finding enough time. As a parent juggling a million different balls, meal planning, and grocery shopping can be a real challenge.  If this sounds like you, then it is probably time to consider using a meal kit delivery service.

What makes a meal kit delivery service ideal for families?

Not all meal kit delivery services are the same and they all offer different products, menus, and specialties. With so many companies in the marketplace, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you, and it is important to note that not all of them are suitable for families.

We have looked at a range of companies and found the ones that are best for offering family-friendly services.  Firstly, we know that the service needs to be adaptable for our children. Kids can quite often be fussy eaters, so a family friendly service needs to provide a menu that will cater easily for our kids. Secondly, as a busy parent, you want a meal kit service to make life easier with meals that are easy to prepare. Finally, affordability is a factor, and we looked at services that will fit well into a family budget.

Taking all these factors into consideration, we looked at several meals kit delivery services that offer attractive family plans and following is our recommendation of which companies, offer the best options for families.

#1 Home Chef Meal Kits Family Plan

Home Chef is all about bringing people together over an evening meal.  To do this, they provide meals that are reassuringly familiar but always come with a delicious twist.

Home Chef is also all about convenience with most of their meals taking only 30 minutes to prepare.

Delivers to 98% of the United States.

Home Chef is a great option for families both big and small with the option to choose up to six servings of each menu item.

They are big believers in both convenience and flexibility and as a result, are ideal for families.

Their menu is filled with classic dishes to cook at home and they use only farm fresh and seasonal ingredients.

#2 HelloFresh- Best Friendly Meal Services

Hello Fresh is all about healthy eating and their meal kids include the freshest of ingredients that come with easy to follow recipes that are perfectly suited for family life.

Delivers Nationwide

Hello Fresh is another appealing option for families and helps in making your evenings meals both trouble-free and delicious!  Their meal kits options for families are super easy to prepare and filled with healthy ingredients that everyone loves to eat. Hello Fresh has a special Family Plan that is created with the tastes of both adults and children in mind. It is the most affordable meal kit option available for families.

#3 Sun Basket Family Meal Delivery

Sun Basket is a company that specializes in menus that cater to dietary requirements. Their menu includes choices that are gluten-free, vegetarian, paleo, vegan, Mediterranean and pescatarian.

Delivers to all 48 continental states of the USA.

Sun Basket offers a Family Plan that is suitable for four people and can include two to four meal choices on a weekly basis. Their Family Plan is made up of specially designed recipes that are ideal for both parent and the kids. Additionally, there is the option of a Vegetarian Family Plan for the vegetarian families out there. Sun Basket also offers the “Kids Can” recipe instruction card so the kids can be a part of meal preparation.

There is a child-friendly box of activities to help the kids get involved in a family-friendly way.

Meal options in the Family Plan include choices like pasta, tacos, and noodles, so there is generally something to please even the fussiest of eaters. All their ingredients are either organic or sustainably produced so they offer one of the healthies options for families, though they are a little more expensive than other meal kit delivery services.

#4 Gobble- Quick and Easy Meals

Gobble is a great meal kit solution when you are too busy with having a full house on your hands!

Gobble promise to deliver delicious meals that are ready in 15 minutes! how do they do that? they do all the hard work – peeling, chopping & marinating the proteins – in advance, and all you are left to do is the actual cooking, with hardly no preparations. That insures dinner will be ready to serve to your family dinner table in the shortest amount of time possible! Our team at the meal kit comparison personally cooked and tasted a range of Gobble meals, and we honestly thought that they were easy to cook, and not only that – we found the meal super tasty and enjoyable!

#5 Martha and Marley Spoon- for a Great Family Dinner

Martha & Marley Spoon is the brainchild of the Queen of American cooking, Martha Stewart which offers classic family cooking at its best.

Delivers to most contiguous US states.

Martha & Marley Spoon offers incredible recipes that have been designed by the culinary American legend Martha Stewart.  So, you know that their recipes are classic cooking at its finest.

Our experience has shown us that Martha and Marley Spoon provide ingredients of the highest quality and they go the extra mile in providing faultless recipes that are delicious and filled with flavor. They provide a selection of 10 weekly recipes, that also caters to families with recipes that are quick to prepare and dishes that have been designed with the kids in mind.

This is just a sample of what is available out there for families when it comes to considering a meal kit service.  They really do offer a wonderful, healthy and convenient service for busy families. We always recommend experimenting with a few services initially to find which company will best suit your family in the long-term.

Regardless of which company you choose, using a meal kit service will undoubtedly help your family eat better with healthy and nutritious meals that are delicious and easy to prepare.  Using a meal kit service means you will save time on meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking!

They are definitely a very attractive option for parents who are managing busy family lives.

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