Sunbasket Review for 2021: Is it worth it?

Sun Basket Box

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Sunbasket Review At a Glance…

If you are looking for a variety of cuisines, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, paleo, pescatarian, Mediterranean, and Chef’s Choice, then Sunbasket is the answer.

Brief Overview

Welcome to the world of Sunbasket, a meal kit service with a focus on healthy and organic selections. Meal kits from Sun Basket are pre-proportioned, and include high quality, organic produce sourced from over 100 farms. Meats and poultry come from suppliers who work with responsible raising policies, and seafood is always sourced sustainably, so you can be assured all the ingredients in your meal are from trusted and worthy sources.

Co-founded by award-winning chef Justine Kelly, Sun Basket is a company that is ahead of its time. Established in 2014 in San Francisco, California, Sun Basket delivers amazingly tasty recipes that take just a half-hour to prepare – truly a revolution in the kitchen.

The company focuses on providing an excellent variety of meal kits for those who are on special diets or have particular dietary needs, such as vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free and Mediterranean. In each menu range, which changes weekly, you can find these and other types of recipes at your fingertips.

What’s more, as a company, Sun Basket is environmentally-conscious, with a service that is totally ‘green’. If sustainability is important to you, then Sun Basket is a great choice, with eco-friendly packaging to indulge your foodie passions without harming the environment..

Who does Sunbasket cater to?

Sun Basket is definitely for you if you love healthy, organic and new-age approaches to cooking, with creative and tasty results. Also, if you are on a particular dietary plan, such as vegan, lean & clean, paleo, gluten-free or Mediterranean, then Sun Basket is a great choice.

What plans does Sun Basket offer?

Two plan options are available at Sun Basket:

  • Classic plan – 2 or 3 dishes for 2 or 4 people, each week
  • Family plan – 2, 3 or 4 dishes for 4 people, each week
Spicy mojo marinated steak fajitas by Sun Basket
Spicy mojo marinated steak fajitas by Sunbasket

How to get started

Signing up with Sunbasket is quick and easy!

Sign up online using Sun Basket’s app or website. Next, select your weekly plan, and choose your dishes. There is a range of plan options, depending on the number of people and number of meals you want to purchase. And with a fantastic range of 18 dishes each week, including special dietary recipes, you’ll always find something exciting to try.

After placing your order, it will be delivered direct to your door. The secured box includes the ingredients for the entire meal or meals, arranged in portions, wrapped and labeled so you can easily unpack and sort in the kitchen. When it’s time to make the meal, take out the ingredients, follow the easy recipe, and start cooking!

Sun Basket offers flexibility to freeze your account for a week here or there if you need to, and you can also exchange recipes as necessary. If you wish to cancel, you can do so any time. The beauty of Sun Basket is that there are no expensive commitments. Simply order the plan you want, when you need it.

What kind of meals does Sunbasket offer?

With Sun Basket, you can enjoy 18 dishes each week to choose from. Simply visit the online page for the relevant week, and view the menu. The available dishes for both the Classic and Family plans are clearly marked. If you require a particular diet, Sun Basket provides a wide range of options, such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, lean & clean and Mediterranean. Overall, the dishes are simple to prepare, and take just half an hour to cook.

What’s inside the Sunbasket box?

Every Sun Basket order comes in a purpose-designed,box that is well labeled. The ingredients in the carton are extremely well arranged. Every dish is packaged separately and labeled, so you won’t have to do any sorting. Ingredients that require refrigeration are packed in the base of the box with ample ice, so you don’t need to worry about rushing your meal kit to the fridge.

In keeping with Sun Basket’s eco-friendly approach, the packaging materials are compostable and recyclable.

Sun Basket Meal kits

How is the quality of Sunbasket’s ingredients?

One thing we noticed with our Sun Basket review is when it comes to ingredients, you’d be hard pressed to do better than Sun Basket. The company pledges to use ingredients that are organic and sourced sustainably. Working only with the best suppliers, including farm-fresh growers and local fishermen means that you’ll receive foods sourced responsibly and based on eco-friendly practices. In short, the ingredients at Sun Basket are AMAZING.

How is Sun Basket’s website & app?

Both the app and website are easy and handy to use. Everything you might need to do to manage your account can be done online, such as signing up, choosing a plan and selecting the dishes, defining your diet preferences, updating your payment details and cancelling your account. We did a quick test by changing an order using the app, and it all went smoothly. The app and website also provide information about each recipe, such as the ingredients, nutritional data, cooking techniques, times and even more.

Our Sun Basket Review: The Final Verdict…

Sun Basket is truly a winner in the meal kit stakes. Sun Basket makes it so much easier to eat a healthy and tasty diet, and the service is ideal for families, couple and individuals. A really great range of dishes each week, together with the variety of meals for special dietary needs, makes it a very tempting meal kit provider indeed! In addition, you’ve got the amazing quality of organic ingredients, plus the fact that every dish we tasted ourselves was truly delicious!