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With so many different meal kit services available, it can be hard to find the very best one for you and your family. We have tried out both Green Chef and Purple Carrot and are ready with a comparison review for you.

These services have a lot to offer to people looking for healthy meal plans and high-quality ingredients. At the end of the review, you can find out which service we chose as our winner.

Purple Carrot is geared toward the plant-based diet, while Green Chef has a range of meal options, and it is a certified organic company.

Green Chef vs. Purple Carrot Step-by-Step Comparison

With more people pursuing healthy eating and becoming home cooks, there is a need for quality food delivery services with diverse and quality options. By looking at the different offerings from Green Chef and Purple Carrot, focusing on their plant-based plans, we have come up with a useful comparison review to help you make your selection.

Green Chef Vegan Plan
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green chef
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Green Chef and Purple Carrot Meal Plans

With Green Chef, there are four meal plans to choose from. You can go Keto + Paleo, Balanced Living, Carb-Conscious, or Plant-Powered (with vegan and vegetarian meals). When you sign up for any of these plans, you get three meals each week to choose from the plan selection. Each recipe comes with fresh ingredients for two servings per recipe. 

Purple Carrot vegan meal kit plans come in a 2-serving plan and a 4-serving plan. For the former, you can choose between three or four dinners a week. For the latter, you can select either two or three dinners per week.

Besides the dinner meal plans, Purple Carrot also has a breakfast menu for four servings. Their lunch menu consists of two servings per meal. There is also a snack menu to order from.

Green Chef and Purple Carrot-Variety and Style of Meals

Subscribers to any Green Chef meal plans receive chef-crafted meals delivered to their homes each week. Each recipe’s prep time is below 30 minutes, which means quick and healthy meals within no time. 

If you are on a diet to reduce your carbs or have a gluten allergy, then the Keto + Paleo plan could work. The program includes a new menu each week and great organic ingredients for your meal prep.

If you want healthier meals but are not on a specific diet, then the Balanced Living meal plan gives you the perfect variety of meat and vegetarian options. 

Finally, the Plant-Powered plan offers plant-based main and side dishes to cater to those who want strictly vegetarian and vegan meals. 

Purple Carrot offers only plant-based meals that are pre-portioned and pre-measured to make your home cooking more manageable and less wasteful. Eight dinner recipes are brought in every week, so there is always something exciting for you to cook. The company also offers a few breakfast and lunch meal options.

Green Chef Vegan and Vegetarian
Green Chef Vegan and Vegetarian meal kits
Hoisin Tofu Steaks by Purple Carrot
Hoisin Tofu Steaks by Purple Carrot
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Green Chef Vs. Purple Carrot- Popular Dishes

Both the Green Chef and Purple Carrot meal prep kits have many great dishes that their repeat customers love. Find out what some of the popular options are.

Green Chef has many great dishes, including:

  • Veggie & beans stuffed peppers with chimichurri sauce, rice, and roasted tomatoes
  • Honey glazed mushroom stir-fry with jasmine rice, broccoli, red bell pepper, carrot & cabbage
  • Blackened shrimp and “grits” made with cauliflower, bell pepper, and lemon-chive vinaigrette 

Here are two of the favorites from Purple Carrot:

  • The mushroom cheddar black bean burgers complete with garlic aioli and carrot fries  
  • The sage walnut pesto penne with crispy broccoli and cranberries

Green Chef and Purple Carrot-  Quality of Ingredients

Green Chef food is USDA certified organic and is sustainably sourced. The company makes sure to reliably and consistently source only the best high-quality organic ingredients from a trusted network of ranchers, farmers, fishermen, and artisans.

We were surprised that Purple Carrot ingredients are not always organic. Especially considering that a few ingredients we got in our Purple carotte box were not of the best standard. We believe there is certainly room for improvement.

Green chef Box
purple carrot review the box
green chef
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Green Chef vs. Purple Carrot Meal Taste

Before we write a review or plan comparison, we always order meals from each service and go through the customer journey for ourselves. This allows us to give an accurate first-hand review.

When we compared the food from both services, we found that the Green Chef taste was superior. The ingredients were fresh, and the recipes well-made by experienced chefs.

Green Chef and Purple Carrot Nutritional Value of Meals

Green Chef meals include a good amount of organic vegetables and plant-based proteins for most parts in their plant-power plan. The same goes for the Purple Carrot.

If you want to see the calorie count and nutritional information for each meal, it is available with the meal recipes cards and the website. 

The Delivery Box

When you order from Green Chef, your meals are delivered in eco-friendly packaging. Purple Carrot is continually working to make its choice of packaging materials more environmentally conscious. They encourage recycling packaging and provide more information on which parts of the package can be recycled.

Green Chef Box
purple carrot review box
green chef
$250 OFF Across 5 Boxes, 1st Box Ships FREE!

Green Chef Vs. Purple Carrot- Special Features on the Menu

Special features on the Purple Carrots include lunch, breakfast, and snack options, which can complement the dinner meal plans. Whether you are looking for a family plan or a single-person plan, this creative mix of plant-based meal options can help you enjoy all the benefits of this diet choice. You can tailor your meals per week to suit your requirements.

Green Chef Vs Purple Carrot- Flexibility

There is high flexibility with either meal kit, allowing you to choose how many meals you want to receive each week, to change plans, and to skip weeks when needed.

Moreover, you have no commitments – and you can cancel your account online whenever you want.

Website and Ordering Process

Ordering on Purple Carrot or Green Chef is easy to do. All the meal plan information, menu options, and pricing information are readily available. Signing up with both is done directly on the website. The process is very intuitive and straightforward.

The FAQ was a little easier to use on the Green Chef website than the Purple Carrot one. If you need any form of customer service, you can look at FAQ or opt to contact representatives from either company using the Contact Us page.

Green Chef and Purple Carrot Delivery Area

Purple Carrott currently delivers to the contiguous US only, with plans to expand soon. Green Chef provides its meal kits everywhere in the continental United States except for Hawaii, Alaska, and some parts of Louisiana.

Green Chef and Purple Carrot–Who Is Our Winner?

We enjoyed trying out meals from both services, but our winner in this battle is Green Chef!

This is because of its all organic ingredients promise. When we were trying out both services, we also felt that the quality of ingredients was notably much higher.

Green Chef also offers a wider variety of plans and meals, straightforward to cook recipes, with many ingredients already pre-peeled and pre-chopped for you – making cooking as easy as possible!

Green Chef is our winner!
green chef
  • Great meal selection
  • Affordable price
  • Great Support

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