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Climate change is something that we are all increasingly aware of. Due to the huge changes that we are seeing with droughts, floods, fires, and rising temperatures, for some people reducing their carbon imprint is a priority.

If you are one of these people who care about the impact your daily life has on the world, then obviously you will want to know how eco-friendly your meal kit delivery service is.

Today we are going to be looking at the long-established company Plated.

We will look at how they are addressing being green with their delivery box and packaging. As part of our review process, the team at Meal Kit Comparison orders and receives several deliveries from different companies.

Our experience with Plated has shown us that Plated is very eco-friendly. Please read on to find out a little bit more about the Plated box.

Plated box:

When you receive your Plated box, you will find that the interior of your box will either be blue or brown. Both colors indicated different types of eco-friendly insulating liners. A blue interior indicates that it is made of denim insulation and a brown box is jute insulation.  

The box also contains a gel pack to keep the contents cool. All the Plated box contents are sorted, individually packaged and labeled, according to which meal kit each ingredient belongs to.

Packaging will include plastic bags and plastic bottles, depending on the type of ingredient.

Plated Box

Plated box recycling:

Plated is very conscious of their impact on the environment, and they are trying to ensure that all their packaging will be eco-friendly in the future. They work with companies who are members of the Sustainability-Forestry Initiative and the cardboard they use to make their delivery boxes is 100% recyclable.

Plated box contents recycling:

If you receive a box with blue denim insulation, you will know that the materials have been recycled and reused multiple times before arriving in your box. This denim insulation can be reused, donated to anywhere that reuses textiles or placed in your normal garbage.

 If you receive a box with brown jute insulation, you can compost this in any standard compost system. Alternatively, you could find uses for it such as using it as a weed barrier in your garden, or you can dispose of it in your normal trash.

There is a plastic cover used for insulation that can be recycled with plastics at your grocery store or your local recycling station.

The gel packs used as a coolant can be reused multiple times by yourself and can be stored in your freezer. If, however you don’t want them, simply empty the gel contents in your garbage and then recycle the plastic bag. All plastic bottles used for sauces are fully recyclable.  Plastic bags etc. can be placed with any other household plastics and taken to your local centre for recycling.

Bottom line:

The thought of having so much packaging for one meal has often been a deterrent for many people when they consider using a meal kit service. However, from our experience Plated is making a concerted effort to ensure that all their packaging is recyclable. Not only that, as they deliver meal kits that are portion controlled, using a meal kit service such as Plated also means less food waste.

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