Green Chef Vs Plated: Cod Fish Dishes

Green Chef Vs Plated- Cod Fish Dishes
Green Chef Vs Plated- Cod Fish Dishes

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You may have heard of all the different meal delivery kits available, but it’s hard to choose which one to go with. Part of the issue is there are so many options to select from, even after you choose a type of menu. Here, we have comprehensive guides on what every meal kit involves, plus reviews of specific menu items, so you know what to expect.

Here, we’ll look at two items from Green Chef Vs. Plated, both cod dishes. Green Chef focuses on organic dishes and has a range of menu selections for all types of diets. Plated provides gourmet dishes which often include desserts, with 20 plates available to choose from each week.

Below you’ll find a breakdown on each company, plus our rankings for both Green Chef and Plated’s cod meals. Keep reading to see who wins the matchup!

Green Chef Meal Kits

Green Chef is the first USDA-certified organic meal kit company in the US, and they also have extensive options for people who need a certified gluten-free meal plan. Of course, Green Chef also accommodates every dietary need from vegan and vegetarian to paleo, keto, and more.

Plated Meal Kits

Plated uses international inspiration for their dishes, which span a variety of meat, veggie, and seafood options. They also have desserts among their menu items, and diet options include vegetarian and low-calorie selections.

Green Chef vs Plated Cod Fish

Here we’ll look at the cod dishes from both Green Chef and Plated. Green Chef’s dish uses a southwestern seasoning and breading, while Plated’s meal included a side of potatoes and brussels sprouts.  

Green Chef’s Paprika Cumin Cod

Not only were the ingredients clearly high quality in Green Chef’s cod meal, but the flavors were also unexpected and fresh. The cod featured a breading that was an almond crust, in keeping with keto diet guidelines, and the flavorings were southwestern and bold.

The main dish was excellent, but the sides were also impressive. A sprightly kale salad—complete with plenty of avocado—kept the fish company, and the zucchini and red onion gave a rich balance. Overall, the meal was probably the most memorable fish we’ve ever had!

Plated’s Tomato Poached Cod

Based on Plated’s past meals, we had high expectations for this dish. The mini potatoes were colorful and fresh, and the brussels sprouts were perky and came with fantastic sauce and spice offerings. There was a sherry vinegar plus honey roasted almonds for the top, and a bit of Manchego cheese to top it all off.

Unfortunately, though, the cod didn’t quite match our expectations. It seemed as if the cod might have been frozen, because of the slightly gooey texture, and it didn’t appear as fresh as the rest of the ingredients. Overall, the cod itself took the entire meal down a few notches in our book.

Green Chef’s Paprika Cumin Cod
Green Chef’s Paprika Cumin Cod
Plated’s Tomato Poached Cod
Plated’s Tomato Poached Cod

The Winner Is…

Both dishes took a creative approach to plating up a fish that’s typically seen as fairly “blah.” And while we appreciated the flavorful and fresh sides with both dishes, Green Chef’s cod was clearly the winner in this matchup.

Although Plated’s veggies were fresh and palatable, even those unfamiliar with seafood will likely find that the fish tastes frozen. In contrast, Green Chef’s almond-crusted coating contrasted perfectly with the freshly vacuum-packed cod. We were impressed with the attentiveness Green Chef showed toward keeping their fish super appetizing.

Of course, this is one dish out of many, and Plated has impressed us with their other offerings. For the freshest fish with the most innovative ingredients, however, Green Chef is the clear choice.

Green Chef is our winner!

  • Amazing melas variety!
  • All Organic Ingredients
  • Suitable for a wide diet range
  • A whole dinner can be ready with just 30 minutes!
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