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Terra's Kitchen

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Terra’s Kitchen Review At a glance…

Terra’s Kitchen offers a diverse menu that embraces the principles of the Mediterranean diet.  Their menu selection includes evening meals, ‘ready-to-eat’ salads, snacks, smoothies and more!    

They also specialize in catering for dietary requirements.

About Terra’s Kitchen Meal Delivery Service:

Terra’s Kitchen is a meal delivery service that has implemented the elements of the Mediterranean diet and its healthy eating principles to create a wonderfully diverse and creative meal kit option.   

Terra’s Kitchen also places priority o convenience and their meals are easy to prepare and ready in a short amount of time. As well as evening meal options they also provide lunch and breakfast options in addition to ‘ready-to-eat’ salads, snacks, smoothies and more.   

The Terra’s Kitchen menu also caters for all dietary requirements.

The Terra’s Kitchen customer:

Since all their evening meal options are designed to be ready within 15 – 30 minutes, Terra’s Kitchen is well suited for those with a busy lifestyle who want to enjoy healthy and delicious food that requires minimum preparation.   

Their additional options of ‘ready-to-eat’ salads, snacks, smoothies, and ideal for those with busy modern lives. Terra’s Kitchen caters for many dietary requirements and is a great match for those who follow a special diet. Some of these include paleo, keto, vegan, vegetarian, low-calorie, low-carb and many more.

Available plans:

Flexibility is an important part of the Terra’s Kitchen service. It is simply a matter of choosing what you want from their sizeable menu and ordering!   As their many caters for many dietary requirements, you can stipulate your preferences, when you are searching their meal options.

There is a minimum order requirement of $72 and delivery is free.

Quinoa salad by Terra's Kitchen
Quinoa salad by Terra's Kitchen

Getting started with Terra’s Kitchen:

Getting started with Terra’s Kitchen is like child’s play!   You simply create your account via their website or app and then choose the items you would like to order.  This includes options for dinner, lunch, breakfast, snacks, smoothies, and salads! When your order is ready it will arrive in the signature Terra’s Kitchen delivery vessel that will contain all your portioned, chopped, prepared and labeled ingredients.    

Terra’s Kitchen offers a pleasing amount of flexibility with the option to skip weeks if needed and the ability to cancel your account at any time. Terra’s Kitchen does not require any over the top commitments which makes everything so easy.

Menu selection:

Terra’s Kitchen has an impressive and diverse menu made up of over 100 items. 

Their entire menu is created using the principles of the Mediterranean lifestyle and their meals are nutritious, healthy and taste wonderful.  Recipes include a pleasing amount of fresh produce and many different culinary styles are incorporated into the menu. You will find choices that include Mexican, Italian and Asian influences. There is also the option of a range of smoothies, cold-pressed juices and snacks and the opportunity to buy items such as fresh fish, seafood and meats by weight.

So, what do the Terra’s Kitchen meals taste like?

To ensure that we are properly reviewing the meal kit delivery companies, we make sure that we try several of their menu items. We were really pleased with all the meals we received from Terra’s Kitchen, in fact, we loved the whole service beginning with the delivery vessel to the quality of the ingredients that they use.  Then to top it off, everything tastes delicious. It is so convenient to receive all your ingredients already prepared and we were also delighted with the generous portion sizes.

Kale & Garlic Mushroom Quinoa Bowl by Terra's Kitchen
Kale & Garlic Mushroom Quinoa Bowl by Terra's Kitchen
Chicken & Asparagus by Terra's Kitchen
Chicken & Asparagus by Terra's Kitchen

We loved the Kale & Garlic Mushroom Quinoa Bowl, the Spicy Cod with Burst Tomatoes and the Chicken & Asparagus with Warm Tomato Salad.  All the meals were so tasty, all the ingredients appeared to be fresh and felt lovely and healthy. As part of our review, we also tried the Suja cold-pressed juices and the ‘K’ chocolate and peanut butter bars.  Both were lovely, and it was a bonus to have tasty little treats on hand. We recommend trying their snack selection as well.

The Terra’s Kitchen delivery:

What sets Terra’s Kitchen apart from other meal kit delivery services is their next generation delivery vessel.   It is sophisticated, engineered to provide climate control during delivery and utilizes eco-friendly concepts. Once you have removed your meal kits and stored them, Terra’s Kitchen will pick up the vessel the following day and it is then re-used, up to 100 times!

The Terra’s Kitchen ingredients:

The ingredients used by Terra’s Kitchen are consistently of the highest quality, are fresh, nutritious and delicious.   With convenience being a key of the Terra’s Kitchen service, you will receive your ingredients already prepared. Terra’s Kitchen used organic when they can, and their produce is farm-fresh.   Their non-GMO proteins are hormone and antibiotic free and their seafood is always sustainably sourced.

The ordering process:

Everything about the Terra’s Kitchen service was designed to be convenient and user-friendly.   After registering you simply navigate your way through the menu to make your meal selections. Managing your account online is super easy and you can change your menu selections, update your personal information, an order in advance, skip weeks and cancel your account.

In summary:

Terra’s Kitchen offers a convenient and delicious option for busy people who want to enjoy tasty home-cooked meals but have little time for meal preparation.

The Terra’s Kitchen services provide healthy and convenient meals for two or four people that are delivered to your door fully prepared and ready to cook.  As well as their evening meal choices there is also the option of ‘ready-to-eat’ salads, healthy snacks and smoothies.

Terra’s Kitchen caters for many dietary requirements and has an extensive and varied menu with evening dining options that can be prepared within 30 minutes.

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