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Splendid Spoon: At a glance

Splendid Spoon is a relatively new meal delivery service focused on creating healthy, 100% plant-based and gluten-free smoothies, soups and grain bowls

Splendid Spoon was founded by Nicole Centeno, who is a woman on a mission to help people feel good about themselves. With a history of facing health challenges herself, Nicole wanted to put her culinary and nutritional expertise to good use by creating Splendid Spoon.

Splendid Spoon allows you to increase your intake of plant-based ingredients in a comfortable, convenient and super-healthy way. All the Splendid Spoon meal choices are fully prepared and ready to eat. The ingredients used by Splendid Spoon are plant-based, gluten-free and GMO-free. With Splendid Spoon, you know you are making a healthy choice that will make you feel great, give you more energy and even help you to achieve your weight-loss goals.

Variety of plans offered by Splendid Spoon:

As a Splendid Spoon customer, you have a choice of three different plans:

  1. The Lunch Plan: receive five-grain or soup bowls that are ideal for your lunchtime meals.
  2. The Breakfast + Lunch Plan: receive five breakfast smoothies plus five-grain or soup bowls that are ideal for your lunchtime meals.
  3. The Breakfast + Lunch + Reset Plan: receive five breakfast smoothies plus five-grain or soup bowls that are ideal for your lunchtime meals in addition to five light soup options designed for a one day reset.

Once you have received your first delivery, you can mix and match any of the meals from the three different plans to create a combination that works for you.

The Splendid Spoon menu

The Splendid Spoon menu has four different categories. These categories are smoothies, soup and grain bowls, reset soups and wellness shots. All their menu choices are filled with quality plant-based, gluten-free ingredients and are super healthy and delicious.

splendid spoon unboxing

The taste

At the Meal Kit Comparison, our team of meal kit experts undertakes a thorough review process of every company that we profile. Splendid Spoon was no exception, and we are happy to report that our team was delighted with our experiences with Splendid Spoon. We found that their meals were delicious and surprisingly satisfying, considering that they were 100% plant-based. The meals tasted super healthy and contained tasty, quality ingredients. We really enjoyed the range of flavors and textures that were available with the different smoothies, soup, and grain bowl options. Some of the food items we loved the most are the Green Matcha Smoothie with avocado and spirulina, Carrot Ginger Chia Smoothie and Cuban Black Bean Bowl with whole rice, plantains & black beans.

The delivery

Splendid Spoon is a 100% plant-based company, so it stands to reason that they care deeply about the world. It is excellent to know that Splendid Spoon cares for your health as well as the environment. Splendid Spoon places importance on sustainability, and all their packaging is fully recyclable and can be added to your recycling bin or taken to your nearest recycling facility.

Your Splendid Spon delivery ships via FedEx and they take great care with your delivery to ensure that it arrives in excellent condition. As all shipments from Splendid Spoon include dry ice and recyclable insulation, your ingredients are kept at the correct temperature throughout delivery. The Splendid Spoon delivery is well-organized, with clearly labeled meals, so it was just a matter of unpacking the individual meals and storing them until we were ready to eat and enjoy them.

The Splendid Spoon delivery days are on Wednesday and Friday, and they deliver to both residential and business addresses in the lower 48 states.

Cuban black bean bowl splendid spoon

Quality of ingredients

You can rest assured that when you order a Splendid Spoon delivery that you will be receiving quality, healthy ingredients. All ingredients used by Splendid Spoon in their smoothies, soup and grain bowls, reset soups, and wellness shots are 100% plant-based, gluten-free, soy-free, GMO-free and low in sugar and sodium. They work with a reliable network of suppliers to ensure that they only use the best available whole ingredients in their meals.

Managing your Splendid spoon account

Most meal delivery companies make it very easy to sign up as a customer and manage your account, and Splendid Spoon is no exception. Their website is easy to navigate and incredibly easy to understand. They have an excellent customer service team and an extensive FAQ section on their website. Their customer service team is available via their website between the hours of 9am to 9pm EST Monday to Sunday.

You simply need to press the ‘Get Started’ button on their website and then choose the plan that you prefer. You then select your chosen flavors on check out, and it is as easy as that! Once you have received your first delivery, you can make changes and mix and match meals from different plans. You need to subscribe to receive a Splendid Spoon delivery. Still, you will find that their subscription is very flexible, allowing you to skip weeks whenever necessary and cancel your account at any time as long as you take note to do this before your next delivery date.

splendid spoon box inside

In conclusion

We enjoyed our experience with Splendid Spon and thought that it was a convenient and practical way of adding more whole-food plant-based ingredients to your diet. Even though they are a 100% plant-based service, we thought that it was a service that would be enjoyed by omnivores and vegans alike. As Splendid Spoon primarily provides breakfast and lunch options, it is an excellent service to combine with another meal kit company that is more focussed on evening meal choices. Our team at the Meal Kit Comparison thought that Splendid Spoon is a great option for those with health and weight-loss goals in addition to those who simply want a convenient and straightforward way to eat more fruits and vegetables!