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The meals of Babeth’s Feast take their inspiration from French food and they offer a restaurant-quality dining experience that can be experienced in your own time at either home or at work.

If you love French cuisine, you will love Babeth’s Feast! Babeth’s Feast is a fully prepared, frozen meal delivery service that takes its inspiration from French food. The service of Babeth’s Feast is all about providing fully prepared frozen meals, so that you can eat well at home, without having to worry about cooking. Babeth’s Feast is passionate about the quality of meals they create, and their meals have been designed by chefs and then produced in small batches in their professional kitchens. The meals are then immediately flash frozen ensuring that the freshness of these beautiful meals is maintained.

The meals of Babeth’s Feast take their inspiration from French food and they offer a restaurant-quality dining experience that can be experienced in your own time at either home or at work. Babeth’s Feast offers a flexible service that is as ideally suited to someone who dines alone as to someone who would like to eat with family and friends. Whether you are after a simple dinner for one or a deluxe dinner party with multiple courses, you will find options to satisfy on the Babeth’s Feast menu.

Babeth’s Feast ideal customer:

Babeth’s Feast is ideal for people who love eating well but who simply do not have time to cook.  This service is about pleasing people who enjoy a gourmet dining experience but do not want to cook it!  Babeth’s Feast is great for people who like a simple dining experience at home in addition to those who are looking for prepared meal options for their family and friends. Those who like to entertain but do not like to cook!

Lentil with a side of mashed potatoes by Babeth's Feast
Lentil with a side of mashed potatoes by Babeth's Feast
Chicken curry with a side of cauliflower by Babeth's Feast
Chicken curry with a side of cauliflower by Babeth's Feast

Available plans:

As a Babeth’s Feast customer you can order your meals two different ways.

  1. A la carte – this plan is perfect for those who don’t like to be locked into any type of commitment and who love the idea of ordering whatever you want, whenever you want. As an a la carte customer you will have access to a range of main courses, side dishes, appetizers, desserts, and baked treats.
  2. Subscription – this plan is great for those who like to know in advance what their menu is going to include.  The minimum subscription is six paired meals, which involves the main course plus a side dish. When you subscribe you have the flexibility of selecting your preferred delivery, whether it be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You can also order more than the minimum order requirement anytime you wish.

Menu selection:

With Babeth’s Feast, you will find a menu with a diverse selection of more than 100 different dishes. The Babeth’s Feast menu has something for every meal time and occasion. It includes main courses, appetizers, desserts and baked goods like specialty bread and pastries. The menu also includes some gluten-free and lactose-free options.

Taste and quality of meals:

Part of our review process is that our team of experts try a range of menu items from the menu and we were happy with what we received from Babeth’s Feast. Babeth’s Feast offers an at-home restaurant dining experience that is far superior to your average take-out. The menu options are refined, beautifully crafted and taste amazing. They also have a ‘freshly cooked’ feel about them that is very appealing.

The meals of Babeth’s Feast are quite unique in that they are produced in small numbers by professional chefs and then immediately frozen before being sent to you which retains their freshness. Then the heating process is super simple: all you need to do is immerse the meals in boiling water for a minute or two and then they are ready to eat and enjoy. Such a simple process that produces satisfying and delicious meals.

The meals really do feel like you are enjoying a wonderful dining experience in a lovely French restaurant, but instead, you are at home! The portion sizes of the dishes are not huge, which is in keeping with French cuisine, but with the paired side dish, the overall result is a fulfilling dining experience.

Babeth's Feast Box
Babeth's feast

The delivery:

Although the actual Babeth’s Feast box arrived with minimal labeling it was well-organized and contained ample dry-ice to keep all the contents frozen. The box also used insulating material to assist in maintaining the temperature of the contents. Unpacking a Babeth’s Feast delivery is a breeze as all the meals are individually wrapped and just need to be placed in the freezer until you are ready to heat them.  The packaging of each meal includes the name of the meal with image, heating instructions and nutritional facts. This is very convenient and informative.

Quality of the ingredients:

Babeth’s Feast uses only the best quality ingredients and it is quite apparent in the taste of their meals.  They work with suppliers who provide only all-natural farm-fresh produce and proteins that are free of antibiotics, so the meals are also very good for you. The quality of the ingredients is protected by a French cooking method that is used in their meal preparation.  This method is called “Sous-Vide” which means that fresh and raw ingredients are placed in a vacuum sealed pouch and then cooked in a water bath for a precise amount of time. This method means that there is no need to add preservatives or additional fat, which results in healthy, but delicious meals.

Managing your account:

It is easy to manage your account and order your Babeth’s Feast box via their well-organized website. Here you can browse the menu, look at the different types of dishes available and select what will be in your first delivery. The whole process is very straight-forward and easy to follow and everything looks so tempting!


Babeth’s Feast is a nationwide service and ships via FedEx or UPS ground. When you place your order, you have the option to select a preferred delivery day. As a subscriber, there are no delivery charges on your orders. For an a la carte order over $50 there is a flat rate of $15 for delivery excluding the Upper East and Upper West Sides of Manhattan where delivery is free.


If you love to eat, love to entertain and love to enjoy restaurant quality meals but simply do not have the time or inclination to cook, then Babeth’s Feast is an ideal service for you! This company creates and delivers an extensive, French-inspired menu that is frozen and fully prepared and requires no cooking. They use only the best ingredients and the French cooking method of Sous-Vide that ensures your meals are not only delicious but also healthy.   

Babeth’s Feast can cater for all your weekly meal requirements and they have a huge menu of over 100 items that includes main courses, side dishes, appetizers, desserts, and baked goods!

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