Plated Meal Kits Review 2019

Plated Review 2018

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Plated Review At a Glance…

Plated is a great choice for people who just love to cook. For foodies of every stripe, there is a great range of meats, vegetable and seafood dishes, and also some delicious desserts, for a well-rounded meal every time.

Brief Overview

In short, the Plated meal kit service is a simply sublime experience for those who love to cook! Everything you could need to cook meals at a restaurant-quality level is delivered to your door in Plated meal kits.

Deliveries come in a specially prepared box containing all the ingredients you need, pre-prepared and portioned out to make it easy and simple.

Plated has a truly fantastic range of meals. There are 20 recipes on offer each week, suitable for newbies in the kitchen or cooking pros. Some recipes take longer to cook, from 20 minutes to an hour, but there are also faster options too. Plated truly has something for everyone. We think of it as a complete cuisine and fabulous food experience, rather than just a meal kit delivery service. What’s more, all the recipes are quite simple to follow, so you’ll never feel lost in your Plated cooking time.

Who does Plated cater to?

For those who love to eat, but also love the process of cooking and preparing meals, Plated is the answer. The great thing about Plated is that you’ll always learn something new and different, whether it’s a fresh flavor you’ve never tried before or an interesting cooking technique. You can make amazing dinner meals without any of the usual hassles with Plated meal kits. Suitable for families, couples and individuals, there is a range of dishes for special dietary needs, such as vegetarian or low-cal options.

What plans does Plated offer?

With Plated, you can enjoy nice flexibility in 3 plans to choose from: 2, 3 or 4-people plans, with 2, 3 or 4 dishes each week

You can change your plan with no difficulty at any time you want.

Plated Mushroom Burger
Mushroom Burger By Plated

What kind of meals does Plated offer?

Plated’s selection of dishes is nothing less than amazing and inspirational. There is an astonishing 20 recipes to choose from each week, as well as dessert for those who can’t resist sweet temptations. The meals are rich and diverse, with meat, seafood, vegetarian and even lo-carb dishes. No matter what you feel like cooking, there is an option suitable for you.

How to get started

It’s so easy to get started with Plated. Go on to the website or app and sign up for an account. Then choose what you feel like eating. You won’t be short on meal plan options or recipes to choose from, with 20 on offer each week. If you can’t live without desserts, make sure to choose those too!

After placing your order, your meal kit will arrive direct to your door in a well-insulated, high quality box. Unpack the ingredients, get going on the recipe, and in no time, you’ll be seated at the table enjoying your Plated meal.

Plated offers flexibility to freeze your account for a week here or there, and also to change the recipes when you want.

Cancelling the subscription can be done any time, so you are not stuck with cumbersome commitments – just great cooking and delicious meals whenever you want.

What’s inside the Plated box?

Plated deliveries are amazingly well organized and labeled. It is very easy to know exactly which ingredient goes with which dish, as they are all separately wrapped and labeled. You won’t have to spend much time sorting. Refrigerated items are packed at the base of the box with ample ice so you don’t need to worry about rushing your order straight to the fridge.

plated box
Plated Box

How is the quality of Plated ingredients?

Top quality ingredients characterize Plated meal kits. The company claims to only use meats that are completely free of antibiotics, and hormone-free beef. Seafood and fish are sourced sustainably in every possible instance, and produce is seasonal and farm fresh, so always delicious too! There are even some gourmet and handmade ingredients, to match the premium products and exceptional organic produce that is used whenever possible.

Plated Inside Box look
Plated Inside Box look

How is Plated’s website & app?

Plated’s website and app are beautifully designed, nicely organized and user friendly. All you need to do to manage your account can be done online, such as signing up, choosing a meal plan, selecting meals and dining preferences, updating your payment method and more. We tested the system by making changes to an order on Plated’s app, and everything went smoothly and easily. Also featured online is amazing information about the meals, including lists of ingredients, recipes, cooking techniques, nutritional data and mouth-watering images!

plated app