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Meal delivery is a service where providers send a kit of pre-portioned and sometimes pre-cut and pealed ingredients to their subscribers, which can then be used to make great home-cooked meals. There are also some great meal delivery services – that provide you with prepared meals to just heat at home. The amazing thing about this kind of service is that the ingredients are sent in portions that are perfect and prepared for the meal to be cooked or heated – so no grocery shopping and no food waste!.

Today, we focus our review on carnivores, as we aim to provide all the information on the best meal kits or meal delivery services for them. So, prepare your kitchen, and ensure your appetite is rearing to go, as we dig in.

Home Chef Review

#1 Home Chef – the best carnivore meal kits

The first service we’re looking at is Home Chef, which is an amazing provider of meal kits for meat lovers. Home chef is one of the subscription-based alternatives that offers its customers a chance to stay healthy and become better in the kitchen consistently. 

The way a Home Chef membership works is quite simple, you subscribe to get a weekly meal box right to your doorstep. They don’t want you to ever get stale, so you can count on up to 26 unique meal offerings on a weekly basis. Many of these meals foster the preparation of carnivore delights, which include meat, steaks, pork, and chicken 

Once your selection is complete, a box with the ingredients that you need is prepared and delivered to you Note that the box is insulated and contains ice packs. All you need to do after that is get cooking!

The main thing that stands out about Home Chef is its “Customize It” feature, which allows you to have all the say you want in the arrangement of your ingredients. You could have a meal with pork only, or you could choose a meal with up to four meat options. The ingredients in each meal aren’t set in stone either, as you can swap ingredients as needed.  If the carnivore in you isn’t satisfied with the amount of meat that comes with a meal, then feel free to add even more protein by doubling the quantity. Home Chef also offers convenient protein packs with assorted items, such as chicken breasts and antibiotic-free burgers.

Some of the best dishes you can find on the tempting Home Chef menu are:

  • Steak and garlic-thyme Butter.
  • Argentinean steak flautas with avocado crema
  • Parisian bistro bone-In chicken with dauphinoise potatoes and Vichy carrots
  • Bruschetta pork chops
Sun Basket Meal Kit Review

#2 Sun Basket – organic meal kits for carnivores

Sun Basket is another great option where meal kit delivery for carnivores is concerned. The Sun basket service is committed to ensuring that your dinners are as delicious as they are easy to make.

Not only does Sun Basket opt for organic ingredients 100% of the time, but it is also a certified organic handler, which is great news, as there’s an obvious consideration for what you’re putting in your body.

While the site is filled with many meal plans – like keto, Paleo, the Mediterranean as so on –  that have been compiled by an award-winning chef, you can also customize your meal pick out of the 18 meals offered per week, with many of them appealing to carnivores. That way you can put it together on your own terms. Among the Sun basket weekly meals you can find quick meals, lean meat meals, and even a special “Chef’s Choice”.

Apart from the meal customization, the time customization is another great advantage of going with Sun Basket. The site has a no-commitment rule that doesn’t impose restrictions. Not only can you skip the deliveries that you don’t want, but you can cancel them altogether once you manage to do so prior to cut off time on Wednesdays.

Sun Basket knows how to excite the carnivore in you with the delectable meal options that it offers. You can choose up to three meat dishes when you make your order, plus you’re allowed to add protein packs full of high-quality meats if you need them.

Here are the most popular carnivores meals from sun basket:

  • Steaks and roasted sweet potato with scallion-ginger relish 
  • Pork chops with fig agrodolce and caraway cabbage
  • Italian sausage and vegetables in marinara with soft-cooked eggs
  • Turkey Bolognese with penne rigate, zucchini, and peas.
green chef delivery

#3 Green Chef – a USDA meal plan for carnivores

A meal kit for carnivores is never far away with Green Chef. The idea here is to offer you the opportunity to create your own restaurant-quality meals in no time. It’s nice to not need to put much planning into your meals. After all, the fun part is when the cooking begins, right?

Once you sign up to become a member, you receive meals weekly by default. However, you can customize the timeframe, as there are bi-weekly and monthly options available. You may not want to deal with meal kits every week, and that’s perfectly understandable.

The meal plans that you can access on Green Chef are amazing, and they cater to specific lifestyles. This means that you don’t have to worry too much about what you’re eating when you select a certain plan. The one for carnivores to keep their eyes on is the keto-plan or the paleo plan. The carb content may be low, but the protein is all there. These plans offer you at least five meals per week perfect for carnivores, and you’d best believe that pork options, as well as options for other meats, are present too.

Are you wondering what kind of meals the menu holds? Well, some of those that stand out at the Green chef menu are:

  • Shaved steak with chimichurri sauce
  • Pork meatballs with piccata sauce
  • Balsamic-herb chicken, 
  • Beef picadillo with fried eggs, kale salad with cilantro-lime crema
  • Lemon-basil caper pork 
Factor75 review

#4 Factor – meal delivery for carnivores

The final stop on our list is Factor75, which is all about delivering tasty prepared meals to busy people. Being busy doesn’t mean that you can’t make healthy and regular nutrition a part of your life, and Factor75 strives to help you make such healthy habits a routine. Factor takes the hassle of handling the tedious stuff away from you. There are no shortcuts taken as the chefs do it all from scratch with the freshest ingredients available. Once cooking is done, the meal is then delivered to your door in all its freshness. 

Each week, the menu is updated, and it is loaded with many carmines amazing delights for you to sink your teeth into. While you can simply allow Factor to choose your meals based on factors such as tastes and history, you can also exercise your freedom of choice, and customize your requirements.

One of the great things about the process is that the meal is never frozen. We all know how reheating frozen food can alter the taste. All you may ever need to do with Factor meals is heat them. This can be done in either your oven or your microwave, and you’re ready to go.

Factor75 has several diets that are great for any carnivore. These include the keto diet, the paleo diet, and the high protein diet. These are all great as they allow you to adjust your portions and ingredients, while you still get your fill of protein.

Some of the meat lovers meal options from factor are:

  • Jalapeno popper burger
  • Beef and green pepper casserole
  • BBQ brisket pot roast
  • Garlic parmesan chicken breast
  • Pork tenderloin with garlic cauliflower mash

What Is the Carnivore diet?

Carnivores could be meal delivery service people who love meat, random people on the street, or even people like you? What makes someone a carnivore? Well, it’s an affinity for meat, and other animal provided foods above all things.

There are some carnivores who are exclusively meat-eaters, while others switch things up a bit. However, once you’re not a vegetarian, you fall under the umbrella of a carnivore. Protein is one of the essential nutrients to human survival, and carnivores have a weakness to it in its meatiest of forms.

Main Benefits of a Carnivore Diet

Many people believe that meat is unhealthy regardless of the portions, while others think that only an all-meat diet is unhealthy. The consensus is that carnivore diets aren’t good, but that’s not the case.

The first benefit of the diet is weight loss. Most carnivores take in low amounts of carbs, which means that insulin is very well regulated. With that in place, calories are unlikely to be stored as body fat. Also, there is a calorie limitation, which means that the body is almost always in a caloric deficit. Such a situation is perfect for weight loss.

Second, there is less inflammation. Studies have shown that cardiovascular health is improved by meat consumption, which results in lower inflammation and less achy joints. This can be measured by the amount of C-reactive proteins in the blood, which are high when inflammation is high. Carnivores tend to have a lower concentration of such proteins.

Heart health is next, which is the source of the cardiovascular improvements mentioned above. This is because while HDL (good cholesterol) levels increase, LDL (bad cholesterol) levels decline.

Why Use a Meal Kit for a Carnivore Diet?

Using a meal kit for a carnivore diet is all about health and convenience. While the diet has its benefits, it’s easy for people to overdo things and use the wrong ingredients. This can reduce the effect of the benefits or neutralize them completely.

With the expertise of chefs at play, the proportions are perfectly measured, even if you think they’re not. This results in the ability to derive all the benefits that are possible.

Additionally, you don’t need to go through the hassle of sourcing or preparing these ingredients yourself. This is very helpful, especially since fresh, organic ingredients can be so hard for individuals to come by. Meal kit service providers, however, have access to a greater network and can get them.

What to Look at When Choosing a Meal Delivery Service When on Carnivore Diet?

There are several things you should consider as you aim to satisfy your meaty desires with a meal kit delivery service.

The delivery schedule is one of the most important because you need to get your stuff to make your meals. Most places where you can get a meal kit for meat lovers have designated days and times that they do deliveries. Check these and ensure that they fit your timetable.

The next important consideration is the meal plans. Are there plans that suit your needs? Can you customize the individual meals on the menu?

Ingredients are also an important concern, and you should always validate that they are organic. You also need to verify that the persons preparing them to have the credentials to do so.

Why Use Our ‘Best Meal Kit for Carnivores’ Review?

What makes our review so special? Well, we at the meal kit comparison website specializing in reviews of meal delivery services that are centered around both the companies and individual dietary needs. We can do this because of the extensive library of information we have collected during our tenure of operation. We hands-on order, cook and eat from all meal delivery companies we review, and we are doing so constantly for years now. Our aim is to ensure that each service is factually reviewed and that you get all the information that you need in order to make an informed decision.

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