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Little Spoon at a glance

Little Spoon is a service that delivers super healthy, organic baby food with a 100% plant-based menu. Little Spoon is a USDA approved organic company and creates healthy and nutritious blends that your baby will love. Little Spoon delivers every two weeks, and you have the flexibility to choose the number of meals you would like to receive each delivery. 

Little Spoon Review: a Meal Delivery for Babies

The founder of Little Spoon is Michelle Muller, who created the concept after she struggled to find any healthy prepared food options for her baby in New York City. She was shocked to discover that there were better food options for pets than there were for young children. 

Little Spoon is available on a subscription basis, and their baby food menu is delicious. Their menu appeals to even the fussiest of eaters is all-organic and 100% plant-based. The Little Spoon blends come in 4 oz sized meals and are delivered to your door every fortnight. Little Spoon has three different plans available; you simply choose the plan with the preferred number of meals that you would like to receive in each delivery. 

Something that shocked Michelle Muller was the realization that most supermarket baby food had long expiry dates, were highly processed and filled with preservatives. By creating Little Spoon, Michelle was determined to provide healthier, fresher and more natural alternatives for your baby. 

The main benefits of the Little Spoon service

  • Convenience: healthy, fully prepared food for your baby delivered straight to your door means that you can save time on meal preparation. 
  • Variety: The Little Spoon baby food range includes over 80 different blends. 
  • 100% plant-based. 
  • 100% organic.
  • Free of preservatives.
  • Boost your baby food with four different supplements that include powders, vitamins, and probiotics. 
  • Personalization process: answer a short quiz about your baby’s preferences to take advantage of Little Spoon’s personalized service. 
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Little Spoon subscription plans

As a Little Spoon customer, you have a choice of three different meal plans. All meal plans are delivered every fortnight:

  • 14 meal delivery – one meal per day
  • 28 meal delivery – two meals per day
  • 42 meal delivery – three meals per day

To find out how much Little Spoon will cost, you need to advise your preferred plan and location. Simply head to the ‘get started’ button on their home page.

Popular blends from Little Spoon

  • Broccoli, spinach
  • Spinach, banana, mango, hemp
  • Carrot, mango, banana, chia
  • Sweet potato, carrot
  • Kale, avocado, apple chia
  • Carrot, apple, buckwheat, cinnamon, pumpkin seed, flax oil

Little Spoon Blend Boosters:

  • The Wiz Kid booster contains iron, omega 3, vitamin E, and spinach for healthy brain development.
  • The Sniffle Shield booster contains zinc, prebiotic, vitamin C and E for help with maintaining a robust immune system.
  • The Gut Feeling booster contains probiotics for baby’s gut health.
  • The Poopie Power booster contains probiotics, prebiotics and prune powder to get things moving when your baby is constipated.

The Little Spoon ingredients

By using Little Spoon, you can rest assured that the ingredients contained in their blends are of the highest standards possible. Their ingredients are 100% USDA organic and plant-based. Not only does Little Spoon use the healthiest and most nutritious ingredients available, but they maintain the integrity of their ingredients with the way they prepare their blends. Little Spoon creates their blends using a high-pressure processing technique which is like cold press juicing. This way, the nutrients of the ingredients are not destroyed during processing, and the process also neutralizes any bad bacteria. This system of preparation results in blends without any additives or preservatives.

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Nutrition values of Little Spoon

Little Spoon worked with a team of experts in the creation of their brand and their blends. They consulted with nutrition experts, leading pediatricians, nutritionists, and culinary experts. The Little Spoon blends deliver optimal nutrition values for a growing baby. Their blends are well-balanced, nutritious and freshly prepared, delivering baby all the nutrients it needs for health and development. 

What is the difference between the Little Spoon blends and grocery bought baby food?

When you don’t have time to prepare baby food at home, you can often resort to buying prepared baby food from the supermarket. Supermarket bought baby food may be convenient, but it is not the healthiest choice. It is filled with preservatives so that it can sit on the shelf for extended periods. Quite often, the manufacturing process uses extra heat which results in inferior nutritional values. Ultimately,  supermarket-bought baby food is not the best choice for your baby.

Little Spoon food blends, on the other hand, use fresh, all-organic, 100% plant-based ingredients which means no hidden nasties. A process similar to cold-press juicing is the key to the creation of the Little Spoon blends.  This process locks in the nutritional values and means no preservatives or additives in the Little Spoon blends.  

You will find that the Little Spoon blends cost more than buying prepared baby food at the supermarket. But it is well worth the additional cost when you consider that it is a much healthier and nutritious option for your baby. 

Managing your Little Spoon account

Managing your Little Spoon account is a child’s play with the Little Spoon website! The menu is easily accessible, and it is easy to find out about the ingredients, the texture, and other key features of each blend. Little Spoon advises you that blends are better for the brain, bones, eyes, and immunity. We also loved the fact that each subscription is personalized, and it feels like Little Spoon really wants to get to know your baby. You can specify how many babies are in your household, the baby’s age, and if your baby is a picky eater or a little more willing to try new flavors.   

Your Little Spoon account comes with a pleasing amount of flexibility. You can change your meals before they are shipped or add boosters to your selections. You can pause your account at any time and to cancel you simply need to contact their customer service team via website chat or email.  

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Where does Little Spoon deliver?

Little Spoon now delivers to all 48 contiguous United States. 

The Little Spoon delivery

Little Spoon cares about your baby and the environment. All packaging, including the box, insulation, ice packs, blend containers, spoons, and lids are 100% recyclable. Your Little Spoon blends arrive every fortnight in a medium-sized insulated cardboard box. Your 4 oz containers are beautifully packed with an ice pack to ensure they maintain the correct temperature during delivery. There is no sorting required, and you simply need to keep the blends in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them. 

Little Spoon Support

If you have any questions about the Little Spoon service, you will find the most commonly asked questions in their FAQ section

If you can’t find the information you were looking for you can contact the team via website chat or their online form

Little Spoon – do we recommend?

We understand that many parents are busy and looking for the most convenient solutions. But often, that is not always the best choice, especially when it comes to baby food. After trying Little Spoon, we feel that they offer an excellent solution for time-poor mums and dads who want to give their baby the most nutritious food options but simply do not have enough time for baby food preparation. 

The Little Spoon blends are made with all-organic ingredients and are free of additives and preservations. Little Spoon offers an impressive amount of variety with flavor combinations ranging from quite simple, classic flavors to more complex blends. Your baby will love the tastes and the textures, and you will enjoy the convenience of Little Spoon.

You will also know that the Little Spoon blends are providing a healthy and nutritious option for your baby.