Dinnerly Meal Kits Review

Dinnerly Burgers

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What is Dinnerly Meal Kits Service?

Dinnerly provides one of the cheapest options in America when it comes to meal kit services. You will find them a delicious, affordable and convenient alternative to traditional meal planning and preparation. 

The Dinnerly Meal Kit Service:

When it comes to meal kit services, the bottom line is that Dinnerly provides the cheapest option in America. Dinnerly is a new kid on the block, and their meal kit offerings are all about simple, delicious meals that are cheaper than any other! Despite their low prices, they include a range of high-quality, deliciously fresh ingredients that are far superior to take-outs and junk food.

They keep their prices low with less packaging, digital recipe cards, and no excessive advertising campaigns. Dinnerly allows you to eat well while spending less time on meal preparation and grocery shopping. They will also ultimately save you money on groceries. The average price of a Dinnerly meal for two people is approximately $10, which would be hard to replicate if you were buying the ingredients from scratch. 

The Dinnerly ideal customer:

Dinnerly has been designed for those who are budget conscious, but who still wish to eat healthy and delicious meals in the comfort of their own home. Dinnerly is also well-suited to those who are time-poor and who are sick of wasting time on meal preparation and grocery shopping. 

Dinnerly Available plans:

As a Dinnerly customer, you will have access to two different subscriptions: 

  • Two-person box caters for two people with three meals a week. 
  • Family box caters for four people with three meals a week. 

Dinnerly Menu variety:

Dinnerly provides six tasty choices that are updated on a weekly basis. Their meals are generally simple to prepare, taking no longer than 30 minutes. Within the six weekly choices, you will find vegetarian, meat, and child-friendly options. 

How do Dinnerly meals taste?

Before we provide a review on any meal kit company, our team at the Meal Kit Comparison tries a range of meals from the company menu. We have to say that we were impressed with all the Dinnerly meals that we tried. We did not have overly high expectations due to the low pricing, so we are delighted to report that the quality of ingredients used was excellent, and the meals tasted delicious. 

Some of the meal kits that we enjoyed were tender Southwest Turkey Burgers that were accompanied by some delicious green beans.

We also loved the Roasted Red Pepper Panini that was filled with an amazing cheesy vegetable filling. Lastly, we had the Stir-fry Beef Lettuce Wraps that included tasty, fresh ingredients and a delicious teriyaki-ginger seasoning. 

Dinnerly Burgers
Dinnerly Burgers
dinnerly products
Dinnerly products

Managing your Dinnerly account: 

Subscribing to Dinnerly is straight-forward and stress-free. You simply subscribe via their website to set up your account. Then you select your preferred plan, input your location, specify a delivery time and then select your meals!  As a Dinnerly customer, you can change plans, look at future menus, update your payment method and choose to skip any weeks when you don’t require delivery. For added convenience, you can select your meals as far as a month in advance. 

The Dinnerly delivery:

Your Dinnerly meal kits arrive in a labeled food delivery box that includes ice packed with the proteins to keep everything at the right temperature. Part of the way Dinnerly keeps their costs down is by simplifying the whole meal kit delivery process and using less packaging. Because of this, your ingredients will not be sorted or labeled, but sorting them according to their respective meals does not take long to do. Then you simply store them until you are ready to make your Dinnerly meal kits. 

Dinnerly ingredients:

As we said above, due to the low pricing, we did not have overly high expectations when it came to the quality of the Dinnerly meal kits. So, we were super pleased with the ingredients that we received. The vegetables were fresh and crispy, the meats were grass-fed, and the buns were soft and delicious. Dinnerly appears to provide the same standard of ingredients as higher-priced meal kit companies at much lower prices. They do this by keeping things simple, using less ingredients, minimal packaging and having digital recipe cards rather than physical ones.  They certainly don’t keep their prices low by skimping on the quality of ingredients.  

Our conclusions:

Dinnerly is a great option if you are looking for the ease of a meal-kit service, but don’t want to pay too much for this service. Dinnerly provides a weekly menu filled with delicious, meal kits that allow you to have a simple and enjoyable at-home dining experience. Dinnerly uses top-quality, fresh and healthy ingredients. Even though they have low prices, the result is an enjoyable, delicious meal. 

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