Plated Vs Home Chef: Vegetarian Plans

Home Chef Vegetarian Menu

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Meal kits are tough to navigate because, in addition to pricing, the freshness of the ingredients, and diet suitability, you also have to wonder about taste and ease of preparation. Fortunately, we’ve tested nearly every meal kit on the market to find out what’s great about each one, so that we can recommend them to you.

Part of our research involves trying out dishes from each delivery kit, which is what we’ve done here. We compared vegetarian meal kits from Plated Vs. Home Chef to see how the two stack up. Plated delivers gourmet dishes with plenty of menu choices every week. Home Chef concentrates on providing farm-to-table quality ingredients and sustainably sourced menu components.

Read on to see how the two compare and which option we recommend for veggie dishes!

Plated Meal Kits

Plated often uses international inspiration for their menu items, which feature everything from fresh meat and veggies to seafood. There are also desserts often featured on their menus, along with diet options like vegetarian and low-calorie plates.

Plated Mushroom Burger
Mashroom Burger by Plated

Home Chef Meal Kits

Home Chef concentrates on easy recipes that offer a fun and sometimes unexpected twist on old classics. In addition to traditional dinner plates, Home Chef also has lunch options that don’t require cooking and other choices like vegetarian selections.

Corn and black beans burritos by Home Chef
Corn and black beans burritos by Home Chef

Plated Vs. Home Chef Vegetarian Dishes

Here we’ll look at a vegetarian dish from each company. Plated’s vegetarian sampling is a sweet potato bowl, while Home Chef’s is a lentil salad.

Plated’s Southwestern Sweet Potato Bowl

Combination bowls are a great way to get in veggies, a protein source, and plenty of flavors, and that’s what Plated’s southwestern sweet potato bowl offered. However, preparing the dish was somewhat labor-intensive. We had to cook the quinoa, chop and sauté the veggies, roast the sweet potatoes, and mix the avocado dressing.

Overall, however, the flavor and balance of ingredients were satisfying. It wasn’t an elaborate meal by any means, but the preparation took a bit of extra time (and dishes). Of course, the beans and quinoa gave lots of protein, and the spices were unexpected and tasty. One drawback, though, was the relatively small amount of avocado provided for the dressing.

Home Chef’s Mediterranean Lentil Salad

Home Chef called this dish a lentil salad, but it’s heartier than your traditional vegetable dish. It involved beluga lentils, a high-protein ingredient that’s open to the flavoring of the spices you add. Cooking the lentils and vegetables and mixing the prepared dressing was reasonably simple, so this was a meal that delivered flavor and energy in a relatively short amount of time.

In addition to the lentils, the dish included zucchini and tomatoes, plus a topping of Burrata cheese, which tied the whole meal together. The honey-mustard-basil vinaigrette dressing was flavorful and somewhat unexpected—which made the dish even more enticing.

Mediterranean Lentil Salad by Home Chef
Mediterranean Lentil Salad by Home Chef
Southwestern Sweet Potato Bowl Plated
Southwestern Sweet Potato Bowl

The Winner Is…

Both veggie dishes took an unconventional approach to high-protein menu items that are still meat-free. We liked Plated’s meal for its simplicity, although preparation took longer than you might expect for such a straightforward lunch or dinner. And since we love our avocados, we thought the dressing could have used more—one avocado isn’t usually enough for two servings!

With Home Chef, the lentil salad took our idea of a salad and turned it on its head. Sure, it had a dressing, but apart from that, this unconventional dish really won our vote with its high-protein and high-veggie content. The recipe came out creamy and flavorful, and the cheese was a nice touch—good luck finding Burrata cheese at your local supermarket!

The unexpected addition of cheese on top of this “salad” was another reason we picked Home Chef as our winner this round: Home Chef has high-quality ingredients with fun twists that are flavorful, and the variety of dishes available is simply astounding.

Home Chef is our winner!

  • Tasty meals that are classic and home-style, yet with a slight twist
  • Only takes 30 minutes to cook
  • Good value for money
  • Quality of ingredients is a cut above
  • Free Shipping!

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