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The reasons for going vegetarian are abundant. So are the benefits of that lifestyle. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it for health reasons, weight-loss, or just because you want to become more eco-friendly. It is an excellent way to improve your health, appearance, and overall quality of life.

And yet, many people worry that switching to a vegetarian diet will lead to a lack of nutrients. Of course, you won’t be eating just raw fruit and vegetables, or cheese and bakery products. There are ways to maintain well-balanced, meat-free nutrition. The Plated vegetarian plan provides a secure, convenient way to do so.

The Plated Vegetarian Plan

Plated is a meal kit delivery service. They aim to supply their customers with everything needed to cook homemade, delicious meals themselves. The offer consists of a wide array of meals every week, varying in complexity and preparation time. Alongside the dish materials, you get easy-to-follow recipes. There is no way not to get the perfect meal, as long as you follow them.

Like any reputable company, Plated also offers a vegetarian alternative. It means that they haven’t left the non-meat eaters out of this fantastic benefit.

You may fear that Plated veggie plan will lack a variety of options. On the contrary, there are many of our favorite foods – even pizza and burgers – changed up a bit to meet the needs of this group. Particularly for vegetarians who eat seafood, the choice of meals is excellent.

They labeled all the meals meticulously on their well-organized website. Look for ‘vegetarian’ or ‘seafood’ labels, depending on your preference. No more wasting money on the food you don’t want to eat.

Plated Box

Benefits of Using the Plated Vegetarian Plan

Deciding what to cook and how to cook it may be a bother even for omnivores. That goes double for anyone restricted to certain food groups. Plated Veggie Meals will decrease the brain work required to a significant degree. They might also inspire you to try something new in the process.

The meal kits are pleasing to the eye— beautiful packaging with clear labels. No more sorting ingredients from the store; the entire package goes in the fridge in one piece.

Some people decide to go vegetarian to get rid of processed foods in their diets. But our busy lives sometimes lead to turning to store-bought meals. Here, the meal kits demonstrate their superiority once again. Plated supplies with fresh, organic ingredients to their clients. You will be making every meal with real food, real spices and without any chemicals.

Plated Veggie Meals

We decided to give three meals a shot. We must say, they were all simple, nutritious and filling. We were delighted to see the vegetarian versions of traditional ‘cheat foods.’


This pizza is easy to prepare, and it makes its way to the table in no time. The cheese mix they chose for this dish is top-notch. You will find mozzarella, provolone, fontina, and parmesan for your pizza.

Besides that, you get fresh tomatoes to top the pizza. That and some basil sprinkled with olive oil add freshness to this flavorful, delicious meal. This vegetarian pizza feels like a delicacy from an expensive restaurant in Italy, made in your kitchen.

four cheese pizza plated


Burgers are a tricky food to make; veggie burgers even more so. And yet, this meal is a quick, natural delight.

The mushrooms themselves provide the base flavor— fleshy and earthy. Adding the parmesan gives it an edge and makes it more interesting. The buns in the kit come entirely fresh and soft. A little piece of advice: toast them for a few minutes to get some extra crisp.

In any case, the cherry on the top comes in the form of all foodies’ best friend: avocado. The mash of pesto and avocado for the topping makes this burger stand out.

As a bonus, there is a salad on the side. The leaves arrive fresh and tasty enough to make any dressing redundant. Just add some basic condiments, and it’s good to go.

Plated Mushroom Burger


This dish proves that you don’t need meat to make a rich, filling meal. It does take a bit longer to cook than the previous two recipes we mentioned. Still, the directions are straightforward, so the process ends up being simple and easy. And it’s worth it.

The first thing you need to do is slice and roast the main ingredients – zucchini, potatoes, and eggplants. Then make two types of sauce. Tomato sauce adds flavor, and Greek yogurt sauce makes it fresh.

The kit comes with tin as well, in which you layer and bake the moussaka. The portions are generous, so there may even be some leftovers for next day’s lunch! This meal is nutritious and loaded with vitamins. It is also delicious enough that we are sure you will find yourself indulging in it.


Bottom Line

Any meal needs a base of fresh ingredients to be of high quality. With vegetarian meals, this is even more paramount. Plated understands this and makes a point of providing the best ingredients for their dishes.

It is also apparent how much they focus on ease and convenience for two reasons. First, their straightforward and easy recipes accommodate the needs of a variety of customers. And second, the quick to make, filling meals to make the purchase worthwhile. They seem to understand their target audience.


If you happen to be toying with the idea of going vegetarian – be sure to give it a try. Plated veggie meals will make your life easier. But this doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for veterans, either. Maybe your usual set of recipes got a bit monotonous. This will bring diversity and new joy into your nutrition.

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