Review: Plated Vegan Meal Selection

Plated Box

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Different diets and food intolerances are now very much a normal part of the American diet. The meal kit industry is one that is very good at keeping up with modern trends, and as a result, there are companies that now cater to almost every dietary and lifestyle requirement.

If you have a specific diet such as a vegan diet, it can, however, be a little difficult to know where to start.  For example, Plated is a long-established meal kit delivery company, and while it offers a good range of vegetarian meals, some of which can be vegan, they do not have a specific vegan plan. This can be a little disconcerting if you are following a strict vegan diet and would like to have a plan that has been tailormade for you. Rest assured, that there are a pleasing amount of choices out there for those of you who follow the vegan diet and would like help incorporating this diet into your lifestyle.  

Like Plated, there are some companies that offer meals that are vegan without offering a dedicated plan. However, we have done the research for you and found the best companies with appealing options for the vegan diet.

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Sun Basket Vegan Dish

When you follow a relatively strict diet, it can be a challenge incorporating this into your daily lifestyle. With a vegan diet, you want to ensure that you avoid all animal products entirely while also ensuring that you are eating well-balanced meals that provide all your nutritional needs. This can seem quite daunting and often leads to people giving up certain diets because it is all too hard. The beauty of using a meal kit service is that they make following a specific diet easy!

They take care of the menu planning, the recipe creation, the grocery shopping, the portion control and even, in some instances, the meal preparation. A meal kit service can be your best friend when it comes to successfully embracing a new dietary lifestyle.

Another thing to consider is that by using a meal kit service, you will know that your body is receiving the nutrients it needs with healthy and well-balanced meal kits that have been designed by experts. Getting enough nutrients can be a real challenge, especially when following a vegan diet and by using a meal kit service you will know that you are eating as well as can possibly be.

At the Meal Kit Comparison, our team is dedicated professionals who take our testing process very seriously.  Every company that we review has been tried and vetted by at least one of our team so we can honestly report back to you on every element of the service. This includes registration, managing your account, ease of ordering and how easy the meals are to prepare, and most importantly how they taste! When we were looking for the best meal kits for vegans we really focussed on the menu and how many choices it offered, the style of meals, the quality of ingredients, where the ingredients are sourced from and how good the meal kits taste.