Plated Gluten-Free Plan Review

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Preparing a weekly assortment of meals for yourself or your family can be a daunting challenge for any person. The problem seems more difficult when you’re trying to create a meal plan that is gluten-free and delicious. Meal kit delivery services like Plated have made it simple to have a gluten-free, tasty plate ready in no time.

This meal kit review is checking out one of the most prominent companies in this article: the Plated Gluten-Free Plan. Our staff was eager to find out if the Plated Gluten-Free Plan was as good as advertised.

The Plated No Gluten Ingredient Plan

Each week, Plated will update their online menu with loads of new cuisine options. Customers can choose from the following menus: family-friendly, meat, seafood, vegetarian, dessert, weekly recipe, popular recipe, low-calorie, low-carb, no-gluten ingredients, stovetop-only, and spicy. They offer a variety of options including Plated no gluten ingredients meals that will provide you with a nutritional lifestyle and tasty food.

This Plated gluten-free plan offers diverse choices that will surely provide an exquisite meal. As an added benefit, each week the Plated chefs add new options to the menu so that customers never get bored.

The Plated no gluten plan consists of four easy steps:

  • Get a Plated subscription
  • Choose from the best Plated no gluten ingredients meals
  • Receive your weekly Plated gluten-free plan delivery
  • Follow the instructions to prepare and cook your delicious dish

Important Note:

The Plated no gluten plan is suitable for a gluten-free lifestyle choice, but the Plated ingredients are packaged in facilities that process wheat; we recommend that you use your best judgment, especially if you have a severe allergy or intolerance.

Benefits of Using Plated Gluten-Free Plan

Customers find that the most essential benefits of joining the Plated gluten-free plan are the outstanding food that fits their dietary needs. There are many extra benefits that customers tend to discover once they’ve subscribed to the meal kit delivery service.  

Plated provides customers with a simple solution to prepare and cook gluten-free, tasty meal options based on all the unique recipes. The weekly menu offers many choices. Thus, customers have no need to be concerned about a lack of variety in the Plated no gluten plan.

Like most meal kit delivery services, the Plated gluten-free plan will save a considerable amount of time in your daily schedule. A subscription to the Plated gluten-free plan allows the customer to forget about recurrent trips to the supermarket. When the delivery arrives at your door, customers frequently note the delicate effort and dedication that has been put into the product.

When the timely delivery comes to your door, you’ll just need to follow the easy-to-use recipe before your tasty dish is ready to eat. The prep times for these amazing meals are usually between 25 and 45 minutes.

As an added benefit, Plated offers customers the ability to feel confident in the quality of ingredients in their meals. Some of these fantastic benefits include:

  • Animals that are raised without added antibiotics, hormones, and are caught in a sustainable manner
  • Ingredients that are always fresh and in-season
  • Ingredients are always sourced from organic producers
  • Unique, creative ingredients that offer variety to all dishes

Plated No Gluten Meals

The Meal Kit Review staff placed the order for our Plated no gluten ingredient meals and were so eager for the ingredients to be delivered. True to what the Plated website states, the delivery arrived as scheduled with a pre-portioned, well-organized, neatly-packed box.

As we took out the contents of the box, the Meal Kit Review staff were surprised by Plated’s attention to detail, organization, and packaging. Also, each recipe was easy to follow for even the most novice of cooks. After a short amount of time for each Plated no gluten ingredients meal, all items were laid out and ready to be turned into a delicious and nutritious meal.


The first dish that we tried was the Steak Frites with creamy shallot sauce and sauteed spinach. Our staff was thrilled to try this meal because a lot of our reviewers love steak frites. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this dish was that putting it all together wasn’t very difficult.

We pulled out our baking sheet, medium pan, and large pan with a lid to prepare to cook the meal. Then, we put threw together the baby spinach, potatoes, shallot onion, garlic cloves, steak meat, white wine, mustard, horseradish, sour cream, and sea salt. After about 35 minutes, the dish was ready to be consumed!

The flavor of the steak frites was exceptional. The creamy shallot sauce and sauteed spinach compliment the steak meat perfectly. The mustard, horseradish, sour cream, and sea salt added a zesty hint to the dish. One of the most impressive aspects of this menu option is that it is only comprised of 610 calories.


The next dish that we selected was the roasted chicken thighs with potatoes and buttermilk ranch. The online picture of this Plated, no gluten plan dish, made it impossible for us not to try.

This dish was simple to prepare as the online menu listing suggests. In roughly 30 minutes, our staff mixed together the chicken, potatoes, dill, scallions, radishes, baby spinach, sour cream, onion powder, buttermilk, and everything bagel spice to create this exceptional food item.

Following the short preparation and cooking time, this gluten-free dish was ready to be eaten. The chicken thighs and potatoes were fresh and bursting with flavor. The vegetables were seared and mixed-in in a simple manner. This dish was impressive and was made of only 820 calories. That was a remarkable fact given the amount of food in the dish.


The final dish that the Meal Kit Review staff chose was the succulent-looking pan-roasted pork chop with butter sauce, kale, and bleu cheese. Our team couldn’t wait to taste this Plated gluten-free plan menu option. It presented us with a unique variation of a classic dish: the roasted pork chop.

This delectable meal was ready to eat in almost no-time. The dish was prepped and on the table within about 25 minutes. We had no trouble following the simple recipe. Finally, this delicious menu option only carries 640 calories.

Bottom Line

Companies like Plated make it simple to prepare and cook restaurant-quality meals in very little time. Also, this meal kit delivery service offers customers diverse choices for a gluten-free diet plan.

The meals that we tried were all tasty and come highly recommended by our staff of reviewers. We can’t wait for our next box of food from the Plated gluten-free plan to arrive.

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